The months went by and Neytiri got bigger and bigger.

She was so big now in fact, you could probably fit an average size human inside her belly.

Anyway she was getting close to her due date now, and not only did this mean that Jake and her were going to parents soon. It meant that Mo'at had to perform a special ceremony.

It was kinda like what happened to Jake when got accepted as a member of the tribe. Mo'at covered her daughter with that white paint (mostly on her belly) then chanted some freaky Na'vi chant to pray that her children live long healthy lives.

Then the other Na'vi of the tribe put their hands on her.

"Talk about a freaky baby shower," Jake thought to himself.

A few days after that, Jake had just come back from hunting. Yet before he could even get off his ikran a Na'vi ran over to him and said the Neytiri had gone into labor.

"What?" Jake said shocked as he ran to where his mate was, only to find her lying on the ground in excruciating pain.

Mo'at was also there helping to deliver her children

"Push my daughter push," she said

Neytiri screamed in pain some more

Jake rushed over and held Neytiris hand in his own.

"Don't worry Neytiri I'm here," Jake said

A brief look of thankfulness came on to Neytiris face, but was gone just as fast as the pain of giving birth regestured back to her brian.

"AH!" she screamed again

Yet this time her scream was followed by the crying of a new little Na'vi baby (or alien kitten as I like to call it) it was the boy.

"Your son is here," Mo'at said handing Jake his child which her then swabbed in a some fabric. Soon enough Neytiri then gave birth to her daughter as well.

Mo'at and Jake then took the children to give them there first baths (since their still covered in blood and everything.

"Relax now my child," Mo'at said to her very exasted daughter.

And thus a new chapter in Jake and Neytiris life was opened, a new joyus chapter.

Or at least it will be that way until the humans come back to Pandora for revenge. Hey it's possible

The End