Harry was reading 'Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump' to his sons when he heard Ginny's shriek.

"Lily Luna, you get back in the tub this instant!" He told James to hold his place in the book and moved Albus off his lap. He caught the squealing 2 year old on her mad dash from the bathroom, grinning at his wife rounding the corner to the sitting room.

"Daddy, no baff, don't wanna."

"Trade?" Ginny panted.

"Sure." He pecked her cheek as they passed.

"Daddy! No baff! Don't wanna!" Lily repeated, adamant.

"Not even if Daddy makes the bubbles pretty colours?"

"Yes!" She cried gleefully. "Daddy make pretty bubbles!"

"Ok." He walked her back to the bathroom and set her gently in the warm water. "What colour bubbles?"

"Pink! No, blue! No, pink!"

"How about purple?"

"Yes! Purpur bubbles!" She clapped as he waved his wand and the soapy water turned lilac. He knelt by the tub and washed his daughter, getting completely soaked in the process. He put her in a new diaper and her nightgown, and dried his clothes as she tried to brush her hair (I do it). He removed the colour changing charm before draining the tub.

"Lily, can Daddy have a turn playing with your hair?"

"Okay." She happily handed over the brush, and Harry was glad Ginny had taught him that detangling charm. Once she was finally done, Harry carried her out to the sitting room.

"Say goodnight to Mummy."

"G'night, Mummy."

"Night-night, sweetie." Ginny kissed Lily's forehead. Harry gently laid her in her bed.

"Night, Lily."

"G'night, Daddy." He stroked her hair and left the door open a crack.

"…then greeted Death as an old friend, and together they departed this world as equals." Harry grinned as he heard Ginny finish the boys' favourite story. He leaned against the sitting room wall.

"Please read it again, Mummy?" James asked.

"Please?" Albus echoed.

"Tomorrow night." Ginny told them, smiling. "Now, go get your pajamas, it's bathtime."

"Daddy, can you turn the water green?" James asked.

"How about brown?" Albus added.

"Ooh, please turn the water brown, Daddy!"


"I will if you get your bums in the bathroom." He chuckled. Grinning, they dashed up the stairs to get their pajamas. He gave Ginny a hand up from her seat on the floor, and she rested her head against his chest.

"I love that we can bribe our children with coloured bathwater."

"I love that 'The Three Brothers' is their favourite story. We'll tell them eventually." He chuckled. "I think Hermione still has Dumbledore's copy."

"She does. I saw the Hallows mark. Only a matter of time until Rose starts asking what it means." They heard rushing feet overhead and Ginny sighed and went to yell at them for rough-housing on the stairs.