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It was a bittersweet day for John Winchester. Today, Sam was being released after two weeks in the hospital. In the past week and a half, his temperture had returned to normal, his headaches had stopped, and he was back to being the energenic kid he had been before everything had started.

Dean, however, needed a couple more days. He hadn't slept for more than a couple hours aa night, and his fever was holding at 102. He spent half of his time trying to convince John that he was alright, and the other half grimacing in pain because of his headache. On the bright side, his neck pain had subsided, and he had felt good enough to eat his breakfast and complain about the hospital food.

"Dad, why isn't Dean coming with us?" Sam asked, looking up at his brother and clutching his teddy bear, Goober. Dean had got it for him when he was still a baby, and it went everywhere with him.

"Dean's gonna stay here and rest up for a couple more days, kiddo," John told his youngest, picking him up in a rare display of affection. This entire situation had shaken him to the core, and he was going to coddle his kids for a few days whether they liked it or not.

"But I want him to come home with us," tears welled up in the toddlers eyes-he hadn't spent a day away from Dean in forever, and he hated leaving his brother behind.

"I'm okay, Sammy," Dean told his brother, forcing his voice to be cheerful. "I'll be back home before you know it."

"But you'll be lonely," Sam said. "Here, take Goober. He'll take care of you."

"Sammy, I can't take Goober. He's yours," Dean shook his head. "I don't want you to miss him."

"But I won't miss him, because I know I'll see him when I visit you, and you'll protect him," Sam insisted, placing his teddy bear by Dean's side. "I'll see you tomorrow.

John smiled and held his youngest even tighter. His sons would always take care of each other, and for that he was grateful.


Sammy was excited.

Dean had been gone for almost forever, but today they were going to pick him up. Dad hadn't let him go visit, because Dean had to rest, but today he was allowed to go while Dad and Bobby did boring grown-up things. He had helped Bobby make Dean a cake and put up balloons and he even got to pick out a gift for Dean. He'd chosen a new baseball glove and a ball, 'cause Dean said that he liked baseball.

"Sammy? Ready to go get Dean?" John asked, sticking his head into the boys' room. Dean's gifts laid on the bed, and streamers hung from the ceiling. It had been Sam's idea to have this welcome back party, and John had been happy to oblige. After all that his kids had been through, they deserved to have a little fun.

"Yeah, Dad!" Sam exclaimed, running toward the Impala. John chuckled and began to drive toward the hospital.

It was amazing how different this ride felt; when he had first driven to this same hospital less than three weeks ago, he had been anxious and upset. Now, he was relaxed and excited-both of his boys were going to be home.

The second he pulled into the parking lot, Sam had jumped out of the car and took off towards the doors. John followed, gleefully anticipating the moment that they would all walk out together.


Dean was sitting on his bed, dressed in his own clothes, watching Bobby pack. He'd tried to help him, but Bobby had told him to relax. It annoyed him, but at the same time he appreciated the fact that Bobby was trying to help.

He was also totally psyched to be going back to Bobby's. Going back to Bobby's place meant he could wear actual clothes, eat real food, and start living again. It was going to be great.

Suddenly, Sammy burst into the room. "Dean! Dean, we're going home!"

"That's right, Sammy," Dean laughed. "We're going to have a great time, right?"

"Yeah! We can play tag and hide-and-go-seek and read books-" Sam started.

"Not so much so fast, tiger," John Winchester walked into the room and looked his oldest over with a wary eye. "How're you feeling, Dean?"

"Better than ever, sir," Dean grinned.

"Good to hear," John gifted his eldest with a rare smile. "I've already finished the paperwork-we can leave when you're ready."

"Got everything packed up over here," Bobby said. "Let's go."

A nurse entered the room with a wheelchair.

"Sorry, it's hospital procedure," she said sheepishly.

Dean sighed and sat down. When they got to the Impala, he leaped up and ran to the shot gun side; John couldn't help but laugh. His happy, healthy kids were back.

And he would do anything to keep it that way.