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Pairings: Atemu(Yami)/Yugi, Seto/Jou (more to be determined?)

Rated M for further chapters (violence, gang related topics, possibly sexual themes, language)

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Three Kings - Chapter One

A man with brown hair sat at a large executive desk. His ice blue eyes were locked onto nothing in particular, his thoughts wandering as his hands folded in front of him. Glancing up at the clock, he let his eyes relax. Thinking about the daily hustle he had gone through was tough, just seeing one more figure might make his head burst, but he had to have everything in order for tonight. It was bad enough to be a CEO of Kaiba Corporation, now he had to meet with the King, his cousin, and his boss, along with the underboss. It had been an hour since he sent out his informant. He glanced back up at the clock… where was that mutt?

As if on cue, a knock came from the door.

"Come in." The brunette said.

The door clicked open gently and another man with blonde hair and brown eyes walked through.

"Hey Seto…" He greeted walking towards the desk.

The brunette, Seto, grumbled, "How many times have I told you not to be so informal with me around here?"

"What's the big deal, like anyone's gonna be 'round… it's only 6 anyway… thought you might wanna know somethin' but if you're just gonna be a big jerk ta' me I might as well leave." Said the blonde moving back towards the door. 1 (A/N: See corresponding notes at the end)

The brunette stood up and his hand flashed out with lightening speed, catching the blonde's wrist before yanking him backwards. The two locked opposing gazes before Seto sighed in defeat.

"Just let me know what's going on, Jou."

"Fine." Smiled the blonde, Jou, in victory, "Well, 'ta King is gonna be in town tonight. He wants to meet wit' ya. 1 am sharp he says. Are ya gonna go, Seto?"

Seto Kaiba mumbled something, "Like I have a choice. We need to make this deal so he'll fix my problem and get out of this city as soon as possible."

Jounouchi (Jou) Katsuya smirked, "Yeah right, a handsome guy like 'ta King don't come around very often. Ya can't expect me 'ta believe a horn-ball like you ain't lookin' forward ta seeing him for an hour?"

Seto growled sending shivers down Jou's back as the brunette pulled the blonde close, "One, he's my cousin, perv. Second, you know there's only ever been you, mutt."


Yugi Motou sighed as he carried a box out into the shop. Working at the game shop was fun and all, but his grandpa could kind of be a Nazi. Just thinking that made Yugi sigh again… if his grandpa had heard that he would make a comment about having fought real Nazi's and how he was nothing like those "belligerent drones". But Yugi would still beg to differ…

"Yugi! Once you're done unloading that box, don't forget to count the register one more time and lock the front door. You wouldn't happen to need help would you? Of course not. Oh, there's also one more box back here you should get out tonight. Can you start dinner as soon as you're done? Or better yet at least start it by 7. Is the closed sign flipped yet?" His grandpa called from the back of the shop. 2

Yugi bit back a nasty retort and sighed, "Yes, ojii-san." 3

"Good, good…"

Yugi rubbed his temples. Why didn't he just put that man in a retirement home already? It wasn't that he hated his grandpa, truthfully he loved his grandpa very much… just… sometimes he couldn't stand doing all the work around the shop. He begged his grandpa to at least hire a new employee for help, especially with the elder Motou's health starting to decline, but he had refused. Said that Yugi was perfectly capable of handling the shop on his own and that his health was just as good as it was 40 years ago! Ha! What a joke. It wasn't as good as it was 40 days ago, let alone 40 years...

The boy started carefully unpacking the contents of the box he had brought out and putting things into the display case. Trying to think about something other than the massive amount of homework he had to do tonight, Yugi looked out the glass windows to the street and started to daydream. The girl he liked at school, Anzu, actually seemed interested in the game shop and he had invited her to stop by sometime. Of course, just as friends. He hated just being friends but he was lucky to have one he supposed. Getting beat up at school sucked. Not being able to defend him self sucked.

Yugi had to physically stop himself from just dropping his head through the glass display glass in frustration. He was 17, damn it. He wanted a girl friend or at least… at least the potential to get a girl friend, but he felt like at this rate, things weren't ever going to go well for him.

'At least this is my senior year.' Yugi thought, 'I can be whoever I want to be in college, no body has to know I was ruthlessly beaten up and a loser at my old school.'

Or so he had hoped.

With another inward groan, he went back to stocking the display case when his cell phone went off on the counter next to him.


Atemu Kaji 4 sat in the back of a black Mercedes-Benz S600 Sedan with his shades still on despite the creeping darkness coming around outside. He rested his head against the leather interior, resting his crimson eyes, which were the main reason he was so successful at striking fear into his enemies hearts. His spiked blonde, and black and red hair went off in every direction, looking as wild as usual. He wasn't necessarily looking forward to his meeting with the young CEO of Kaiba Corporation, but he knew he had to. Meeting with Seto, along with the underboss, had to happen in order to keep the whole operation afloat. His work wasn't exactly easy to do.

Most people knew him as a feared mafia boss, the King. He knew at any minute a rival gang could be out there looking for him, wanting him dead. Atemu had worked in bid rigging, vote buying, and handled several loan sharks, as a result, he'd grown incredibly powerful over the years. Money was never an issue, but he had the constant nagging about the loyalty being over-thrown by greed in his men.

'So what?' He thought flippantly and let his mind drop the thought immediately. 'Seto is at least loyal. Even if it is only out of our blood relation.'

Looking back out the window, Atemu grumbled. It had been quite a while since he had gone to Domino City. Hopefully the sleepy town would live up to its reputation and keep any incidences out of his hair for the evening. Just a normal meeting with his consigliere and underboss, and he'd be done in this town for a while.

One could only hope at least.


Yugi reached for his buzzing phone, looking at the number on the front he recognized it immediately and practically ripped the phone open.

"H-Hello?" He stuttered.

"Hey Yugi!" Answered a feminine voice from the other end.

"Oh hey, Anzu!" Yugi said like he didn't know it was her calling, "What's up?"

"Well I was just wondering… I know you aren't big on parties or anything but there's supposed to be a really good one going on down on Anchor Street tonight."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, I just thought maybe you'd wanna come along, ya know? As friends… I mean. It's find if you don't want to, Ryou was totally against the idea of course but I thought it wouldn't hurt to call you too."

Yugi bit his lip; he really wasn't fond of parties. In his opinion there was too much drinking, too much noise, and too much idiocy.

"Yeah, for sure! Sounds great, Anzu! I'll try and be there." He hoped his enthusiasm didn't sound too faked.

"Awesome! See you there!" The line clicked dead and Yugi sighed setting down his phone.

On one hand, he was totally stoked to get an invite from Anzu, on the other hand… he really didn't want to go to a party with a chance of running into any bullies from school. But, for a chance with Anzu, who knew what Yugi was willing to do. He decided he would go, but couldn't tell his grandpa. The old man would freak if he knew Yugi was going to leave the house that late. And without a car, he'd obviously have to walk all the way there.

"Darn it. Why didn't I ask Anzu for a ride?" Yugi dragged.

"A ride for what?" Came a voice from behind him.

"Ah! Oh! Grandpa! Ha… um… I should have asked her—er… for a ride to school on Monday…?" He said skittishly.

"Oh I see! That's nice. In my day, we didn't have any of those fancy cars that always started the first time at our beck and call and had to walk up hill both ways from and to school, you know. You kids should be darn lucky it's not like it used to be." His grandpa started to ramble on but Yugi tuned him out.

At least he could go to the party without fear of his grandpa waking up during the night to catch him sneaking out.


12:30 rolled around and Seto carried a plain black brief case out to his BMW 760Li Sedan. Honestly, he wouldn't admit it to a soul, but the thing that sold this car was the blue color it came in. It was a little darker than he usually liked, but something about the shade caught his interest. That, and it was fast. Throwing the brief case into the back he sat in the drivers seat and started the engine, waiting for Jou to climb into the passenger's side door. He waited until the blonde had just shut the door and stomped on the gas sending the engine roaring with life towards their destination.

"Ya think I'll just have ta wait with the car again?" Jou teased.

"Probably." Seto said bluntly.

Jou pouted, "Ya know, I do a lot for yous guys—" 5

"Don't complain to me," Seto cut him off, "I'm his adviser, not the boss, and you just try telling him that you want to sit in on some boring meeting. We'll probably just be going over numbers as usual. Besides… isn't an uncle of yours a police officer?"

Snorting, Jou answered, "Yeah but I don't ever talk ta the guy!"

"Doesn't matter. You know the rules." Seto said still with the same stoic attitude.

Jou sighed, "I guess. Still don't seem fair."

Seto glanced over at the blonde and took a moment to reach for his hand.

"Look," Seto began, "You don't want to be involved with this sort of thing. Trust me. I know you think that it's all fun and games, and roughing people up, but it's not."

The blonde huffed once more before focusing on something out the window.


Yugi was not happy.

At midnight, he began to sneak out, and as predicted, without a problem, made his way to the party. Anchor Street was pretty easy to find on a Friday night since it was where most kids went to hang out.

However, upon arrival, he found Anzu and while everything started off peaches and cream, it ended up Anzu must have taken one too many shots at the bar and started treating Yugi like a freakin' baby panda and then making out with some guy in a booth. 6

Yugi was marching back home, and didn't even notice when he started to take the short cut back home… forgetting that it was right through dangerous territory—mafia territory.


Atemu's car pulled into the abandoned warehouse district and parked against one of the looming buildings. Atemu stepped out, removing his glasses for the first time, leaving his crimson eyes fully exposed. It was 20 minutes until midnight. He hoped the others would show early… he hated waiting.

10 minutes until midnight he heard the sound of an approaching car, signaling his two men to have guns at the ready, he instantly gave them the OK when he saw the car. An old 1968 Mustang GT rounded the corner and when the rumbling engine came to a halt, a figured began to step out.

"It's been a while Atemu."

The woman who stepped out from the classic car had a figure that could kill with long blonde hair spilling down to her lower back. Her eyes were a strange violet color with a stare to rival Atemu's. She wore a white corset covered with a black leather jacket, wearing white arm warmers, and had a black leather mini skirt with knee high matching boots. A gun was holstered to the exposed portion of her thigh. 7

"So it would seem," Atemu replied.

"Any word from Kaiba?" the woman asked.

"Not yet. He said he'd come, so I'm sure he'll show."

The underboss sighed, "Such confidence in your right hand man. It's good to hear."

Atemu cocked an eyebrow, "Having trouble with any Capodecina?" 8

Her gaze hardened, "You could say that."

As she spoke the blue BMW sounded in the distance, the four stood steady until seeing the car round the same corner as the Mustang had taken and let they relaxed. Seto stepped out and Jou drove the car back a few warehouses so he wasn't interfering.

"Seto." The girl greeted.

"Mai Kujaku," Seto let out a sort of laugh-cough, "Glad to see you're some how still alive."

"Can it chump." Mai defended.

Atemu rolled his eyes, "Alright you two. Down to business."


THANKS FOR READING! Let me know what you thought (liked it? hated it?) and here are some notes I thought I'd add.

~I'm using wikipedia for my layout of the basic Sicilian mafia

1 Should I keep Jou talking like this? I think it's appropriate since it's a gangster-themed fanfiction to have him with his American dub Brooklyn accent... but it can get kind of annoying to type xD

2 I love using Yugi's grandpa as that awkward perverted old character... it's out of love... honestly...

3 Ojii-san = Grandpa (Japanese)

4 Kaji = Fire (Japanese) I thought this was interesting because it's actually more of the word for an "out-of-control" fire... c: I thought it was fitting with Atemu's crimson eyes -swoon-

5 xD... "yous guys" ... hahah I love it x3

6 I didn't want to have to make Anzu a b*tch... it just happened T_T sorry, needed something to get Yugi flustered and walking around late at night xD

7 This took me the longest to write... to decide and make the under-boss Mai was something I really wasn't sure how readers would take it. But thinking about it, she's kind of got that "ruler" attitude that I think could make her a pretty darn good gangster.

8 again, for any terms that you don't quite get, please just google search Sicilian mafia and look at the graph on the wikipedia page ;) I'm trying to keep my research pretty factual, but I'm not making any promises

^ Sorry for all the notes! I promise the later chapters won't have so many ;)