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Three Kings ~ Chapter 9

Bakura walked the busy streets of Cairo, the King had to be around here somewhere… maybe the quartet had got lost? Or left already. Bakura exhaled deeply. This was bullshit. How was he supposed to help the King and Seto keep tabs on that moron of an adversary (Zorc) if they didn't let him know where they were going?

Sure, Bakura could use a cell phone, but he didn't trust the blasted things as far as he could throw them, which was pretty far… so that expression didn't help much. Technology and the white haired "Thief" just didn't seem to go well together.

In the sea of dark hair, Bakura saw a flash of color. Thinking it could be Atemu's blonde bangs or the mutt's mop that had caught his eye, he gave chase. As he turned the corner, the hair he saw turned out to be a longer main of white, similar to his own… this intrigued Bakura. He rarely found someone with such different looking locks, and for them to be in Egypt? Bakura decided to hang back and follow the boy.

As Bakura watched, he noticed that the boy had fair skin, and by fair, he really meant snow white kind of skin, and wore a traveler's backpack, obviously a tourist. The boy seemed intrigued by the things set out on display at the shops. Bakura slipped back to keep hidden, starting to wonder if he'd seen this boy before… Thinking on it now… The Pharaoh had sent Bakura to the look-a-like midget King's high school to set up the whole "internship" bologna… that was it! This kid looked like Bakura so much when he had seen him at Domino High School. But what was he doing all the way out in Egypt?

Bakura kept to the sides of buildings and followed the more innocent looking one into a back alley where the kid met up with a hooded figure, who unfortunately had his face not only hooded, but turned away from Bakura so that he couldn't get identification.

"They're staying at the Nile Hotel. Can I go now?" The white hair kid said in a huff.

"So impatient, Ryou!" Said the hooded figure, "Don't you care about payment?"

"You said she'd be safe if I did this."

"Oh she is! Don't worry your pretty little head about that! But I'm afraid you aren't exactly out of this yet…"

"I did what you asked… you didn't say I'd have to do more."

"You'll do as you're told, or she dies, and you'll be to blame." The voice came out like venom.

Bakura watched as the hooded figured grabbed the boy's arm and pulled him in close, whispering further instructions into the boy's ear. The boy's face twisted in displeasure as he listened to the instructions he was given, clearly put off by the idea that this guy had something on him.

Bakura wasn't able to hear any more of what the hooded figured said and couldn't go down the alley without exposing himself to the two. So he hung back at a shop right next to the exit of the alley way. The two had been talking about the same Hotel that the Pharaoh was staying in… he smelt something funny about the whole thing. It's not every day that some nobody is being blackmailed into trailing someone to a hotel on the same day that a Boss comes into town.

When Ryou emerged from the alley, an obvious annoyed look on his face, Bakura peaked back down to see if the other man would follow, but when he looked down the alley, the man was gone. Ryou seemed so irritated by his new instructions that he didn't seem to be paying attention to his surroundings, an amateur mistake. Satisfied that the hooded man was gone, he began to track the pawn. Surely this young boy would tell Bakura everything he knew with a little… persuasion.


The two men sat in their cramped closet.

"Are you sure it's going to work this time?" Asked the first.

"How should I know? But the boss said it would. Said this time we'd have even more warning if they're tracking us."

"Well I don't like it."

"Well then you can miss out on the cash we're gonna rake in if we do this job right. Now are you gonna help me out or are you just gonna keep bitching?"

"Look, all I'm saying is we're putting our necks out. Gebelk never came back from their little meeting with that douche-bag the King… I think things went south, and they know who's behind it."

"So what." Said the darker of the two, "That just means they're going to go after the boss and not us."

"Well I still don't like it…"


Marik and Malik approached the hotel warily. It'd been a long time since they'd come back to this place. Both boys had been born and raised here, but didn't call this home. This land brought back not-so-fond distant memories for the twin Egyptians. But that was a long time ago… now they were just here to inform their sister of the current events… although she was probably already well aware.

Stepping through the automatic glass doors of the hotel, the two were blasted by cool air. They observed the lobby full of the upper crest population of downtown Cairo. Lavish indoor fountains lined the middle of the expansive room. Bright orange tile with blue carpet mixed with gold details. There were women dressed in very professional business skirts and long sleeve collared shirts behind the counter and men in suits and ties helping guests with their luggage and assisting them to find their rooms. One man stood different from the others dressed in dark robes. His head was half covered with ancient markings, a tattoo that ran across his eyes and cheeks. The only hair on the man's head came from a low ponytail just above his neck. He watched as the two twins entered with a stoic expression on his face.

"Welcome back Master Marik, Master Malik." Said the man.

"Hey Rashid." Greeted Malik.

Marik smiled, "It's been too long, huh?"

"She's been expecting you," said the man called Rashid.

"Figures," Malik said, rolling his eyes.

Rashid let a smile through, "It just goes to show that some things never change."


Atemu and Yugi sat in the back of the limo. Atemu hadn't said much, and Yugi was started to fidget. What had he done? Maybe… maybe Atemu was just realizing that Yugi was a nobody, a kid, who hadn't seen the world or done anything all that great…


Hearing his name slip from those lips made him shudder.

"Yeah?" Yugi responded, not sure if Atemu was about to tell him that he'd have to go back to Japan.

Maybe he was going to let him know that Jou was just pulling his leg. That there was no way a guy like the King would like a guy like Yugi. But the next words didn't come. They reached the hotel and Atemu got out first, holding the door open for Yugi.

Yugi let out a "thanks," and followed the Pharaoh in through glass doors. Through the main doors, the lobby was large and filled with running fountains, women and men dressed in suits, brilliant oranges, blues and golds. Real palm trees lined paths through the lobby and towards the elevators. Atemu moved towards the women standing behind the desk. The one he chose to talk to obviously seemed pleased, who wouldn't with such a handsome man talking to you? Yugi looked around a little more. Along the bottom of the fountain in golden letters spelled out "Nile Hotel." It fit nicely. Yugi could get the feeling of being by a river in this serene hotel. He hoped Atemu wasn't going to ship him back to Japan just for the fact that he hadn't gotten to see any of Egypt yet.

Looking around the room, Yugi started to wonder if he really would get to at least see a pyramid… a hand on his shoulder jumped him out of his little day-dream.

"I've got our room key." Atemu said gently, realizing he had startled Yugi.

"OK," Yugi said trying his best to give Atemu a genuine smile.

They walked to the elevators, and without having to press any buttons, the doors opened. A man in a suit stood inside, Atemu gave him the floor number. When they reached floor 6, the elevator stopped and Atemu walked out, Yugi followed in toe. Atemu stopped in front of room 614. Opening the room, Yugi suddenly came to a stop. Yugi's belongings were on the floor in the living room area of the suite… next to them were Atemu's things… and then it hit him… he had their room key.

They were going to be in a room… together. No, no way, couldn't be. Maybe he just hadn't seen the other luggage… or at least maybe the beds were separate…

"Um," Yugi walked a little more into the room after Atemu, trying not to give away his growing excitement, "Who else is staying with us?"

Atemu seemed to notice the slight change in Yugi's voice. His crimson eyes looked over to Yugi; the door to their room had swung shut and clicked in a suggestive manner. Atemu smirked slightly; the innocence in Yugi's face was shining through.

"Well, I had thought it'd be OK for just the two of us to share a room… but if you'd rather have your own I could certainly make arrangements."

"No!" Yugi realized how quickly he responded, "I mean… just don't go through so much trouble for me, it's really f-fine if we're in here alone, ugh, I mean, you know. I don't feel threatened o-or anything."

Atemu smiled and looked away, "Let me know if you change your mind."

Yugi hadn't realized that in the back of Atemu's mind, he was hoping Yugi would choose to stay away from him, to save himself from getting any more tangled in this sticky dangerous web, but he wasn't displeased when Yugi seemed flustered and wanted to stay in the room with him…

Yugi had a chance to fully look around the room now, they stood in a living room area which smoothly transitioned into a dining and kitchen area. Two rooms (separate, Yugi was slightly bummed) had two large beds in them. Both had canopy sheer sheets hanging down over down pillows and comforters. Pure white. The floor was marble patterned in a very rigid Egyptian flair. A bathroom was near the bedrooms, with a Jacuzzi tub and large stand up shower inside. Tan tiles and light blue walls with a sky light made the bathroom light up. It looked relaxing. Yugi wondered if he'd get a nice bath in later. Atemu seemed to notice where Yugi's eyes lingered.

"Would you like to take a bath?" Atemu asked.

Yugi gulped.


Bakura had followed Ryou down a few streets, the boy wasn't even bothering looking around. It didn't take long for Bakura to realize the direction he was headed. The boy was going towards the hotel, there was no doubt about it. The Thief King worried that perhaps the boy's backpack held something more sinister—a bomb maybe? No, most likely not. The boy didn't seem too shaken and certainly wouldn't just be peeved over having to plant a bomb… or maybe he'd been given the backpack without knowing what was in it…

Bakura sped up to get closer to the boy, he had a plan but wasn't sure if he could be certain the boy wasn't being tailed. As he reached the boy he looked around, no one seemed to be watching him. Those fools probably thought that the King wouldn't have men like him on patrol in the city streets. They thought wrong… however, Bakura wanted to make sure no one saw him interact with the boy. Bakura quickly pulled out an old receipt and a pen from his jean pockets, scribbling down a few words:

I know what they want from you. I can help. Meet me here.

An address was sprawled along the bottom of the torn paper.

Bakura caught up easily to Ryou, his strides were much longer though both boys had long graceful legs. As Bakura passed, his hand found its way into Ryou's, successfully slipping the paper into his palm. Ryou jumped only slightly, looking at the side of the Thief King's face.

To Ryou, he saw the side of Bakura's face: handsome, tan, scarred, dangerous looking. He shuddered. He'd already gotten into a situation with dangerous men… but this one…

Before Ryou could say anything or react further, the man darted down an alley as they passed by it. Ryou stopped and watched him walk away. Looking down into his hand, he saw a folded note. Reading the words, his eyes widened.

'How does he know?' Ryou thought, now seriously concerned.

What if the men blackmailing him found out that someone else knew.

'But his note says he can help… I don't know… he looked just as dangerous…'

Ryou decided he had no choice… she was in danger… he might as well find a different way, after all, he didn't want to get involved in this silly mafia business. But little did the boy know…

He followed Bakura down the same Alley, unsure of where the address on the bottom of the paper really was. He got to the next street and saw the name written on the side of the road, thank God the signs were in multiple languages or he'd have no idea where he was going. The men who brought him here didn't exactly equip him with an 'Arabic for Dummies' book on the way over. He looked around at the numbers above the doorways and headed south down the street. As he approached the address he looked around. It seemed like a regular enough shop… just a little trinket store?

He stepped through the open door. Little talismans, daggers, boxes, incenses, and jars surrounded him. Carpets of all sorts and shapes lined the floors. Colorful sheets were draped down off the sides of the walls, swaying gently in the wind. No sign of the white haired man who had given him the note though. Moving slightly around the corner, he spotted an old lady standing behind the counters. She motioned for him to go through a back door, and Ryou obliged, after all he had come this far.

Through the doorway, he found himself in a small court yard. A tree grew in the middle, he wasn't sure what kind, certainly one he'd never seen in Domino City before…

There was another door on the other side, so he continued through.

Passing through the doorway, he stepped through into a dark room.

"Hello?" He called out, unable to see much in front of him.

The door shut behind him, and Ryou's world went pitch black.


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