Chapter 1-

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Haymitch's POV-

I wake up. Ok wake up might not be the best the best use of words how about this I regained consciousness. It was well seeing as the all the clocks in my home were either broken, unplugged or thrown into various places in the garden, i wasn't really sure of the time but by the looks of the sun maybe it was eh, 11 o'clock. My head hurt, wow i was really hungover. On that note I went over to the kitchen table, sat down and opened up a bottle of alcohol, which was the only was of getting thought the pain that plagued my world caused by the death of over 40 children who I was responsible for and for the torturous images that still haunt me from my own experiences in the sick concept which we call the Hunger Games.

I was halfway though my bottle when three PeaceKeepers entered my house and pulled me out the door.

"Hey" I said "Whats going on."

"Oh Haymitch you Moron", said the one I recognized as Cray " Don't you know what day it is?"

I tried to rack my brain, what was the date, I had no idea

"Well anyway", said Cray "Try to sober up on your way there, don't want everyone seeing you in this state"

His advice did nothing for me because about five minutes after we said this I passed out again. I was then jarred awake just in time to hear my names said by the mayor and be pushed onto a stage that looked like it was in front of the justice building. Then I saw the crowds of children. "Oh Great", i said very loudly in my head oh wait those words actually came out of my mouth oops. Oh well it looks like no one heard anyway, I can't believe i forgot it was the day of the Reaping, and me being the only surving victor its my job to send two of these children to their deaths along with my parter, the puffball Effie Trinket.

And with that I can no longer stand and fall into a chair hey its even the right one this time. Effie rises and goes to the center stage and does her generic I love you all speech, then makes her way over to the girl tribute ball. And calls the first name Primrose Everdeen. Wow, I must be sobering up because I start to notice these things. Anyway, I see a small girl walking to the stage, must be a 12 year old, those are the worst to mentor, knowing that there is no way they will win. Then I saw another girl a couple years older coming to the stage screaming

"Prim! Prim!" then before the small one can make it to the stage the big one says " I volunteer."

Effie then proceeds to make a big deal about the procedure and order, but the Mayor luckily interrupts her and intros the girl as Katnip? Katter? Everdeen the other girls sister, the first name well I wasn't really sure I was sinking back down into my own drunken world. Then the entire district as a whole puts there three fingers together and kisses her goodbye. Then i become my normal drunk self again and walk over to her and say

" Look at her. Look at this one!" I put my arm around her" I Like her!" "Lots of..." hmm what that word I want oh I know "Spunk!" then I lose it completely and start screaming at everyone the capitol the districts the audience the girl everyone "More than you! More than you!" Then I get to close to the edge of the stage and plummet off and onto the ground, and I'm passed out again and gone from the drunken horrors of the Reaping.

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