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As the train slows to a stop, I get another look at the Capitol. The place is a constant in my life, something that withstands the test of time, that never seems to change. Its morbid to think about, that a constant in so many peoples life is the murder of innocent children for the enjoyment of those that have more control then us. I turn away from the compartment window, disgusted with the sight.

I am then thrust off the train by some Capitol people, who have obviously learned over the years that the only way I will listen is by brute force. Well tht changes this year. This is the first time I have something worth the fight to the finish line. As I walk into the Training Center, I don't need to be directed, I know this lace better than anybody. Before I can get to the elevator that will take me up to the floor which I will be staying on for the next few days I am tackled to the ground.

I am about to begin my counter, when I realize that my attacker is non other than my closest friend in this place right now, Chaff.

"Happy Hunger Games," he says as we both work our way to our feet

"The best as always," I say as I shove him over.

Just as we finally get to our feet, Four Capitol workers come up to us and shove us apart. Oh right that damn unspoken no contact rule, that all of us mentors always follow. Yeah right! Just what I would be doing, planning the next rebellion in the middle of the Training Center of The Capitols Hunger Games. Nonetheless, the workers shove us apart and to our separate elevators, but not before Chaff and I can share a laugh over this whole incident. Yes the Hunger Games truly have begun.

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