Burt found himself at a loss about how to start. He had so many things that he wanted to say and they were all currently fighting their way out of his mouth. Sighing, he plopped unceremoniously on his son's bedspread, which was slightly mussed from other activities.

His eyes narrowed dangerously at the thought.

"Kurt, sit down. We need to talk about this, son." Burt tried to keep his voice calm and even as he addressed his silent and apparently brooding child.

Kurt gingerly sat on the edge of the bed, looking as if he wished the floor would swallow him up. Finally, he lifted his eyes to meet his father's. "Dad, I-" he shifted uncomfortably-"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that you saw that, but-"

"But nothing, Kurt! You had a boy in your bedroom while you were home alone. Doing that. I don't even know where to begin. Don't you see how wrong you were?" He was rapidly growing exasperated and was still fighting the urge to go after that Blaine kid with some heavy artillery.

"I-yes, I know that I shouldn't have had him over while you were at work. But I never actually planned to do the other"-he cleared his throat awkwardly-"um, stuff."

"Who is that kid, Kurt? I've never even seen him before." Burt began to massage his throbbing temples, awaiting his son's response. Not for the first time he wished his wife was still alive. She would know exactly what to do in a situation like this, while he was at a loss.

Kurt's pale cheeks flushed faintly. "His name is Blaine Anderson." He swallowed deeply, "He's my boyfriend."

Well, Burt had suspected as much what with the very hands on approach the two had with each other. But hearing his son verify his suspicion out loud made him falter. Why hadn't Kurt told him about this Blaine fellow before now, when he didn't have a choice?

"And when exactly were you planning on telling me that you're dating?" He folded his hands in his lap and inhaled deeply. "How long has this been going on? Because it doesn't really seem like a new development."

"No," Kurt admitted hesitantly, "it's not a new development. We've officially been dating for approximately a month." He had ghosted over the first question, but Burt wasn't about to let him off easy.

"And..." he prompted.

Kurt fiddled with his already smooth shirt, attempting to remove nonexistent wrinkles. "I was going to tell you. It wasn't a secret or anything and I wasn't trying to keep him from you. I suppose..." he trailed off.

"You suppose what, son?" Kurt was avoiding his eyes again. He reached over and grasped his son's smaller hand firmly. "You can talk to me, Kurt. No matter what. I'll always be here to listen.'

Squeezing his hand back, Kurt glanced up and nodded. "I know. I was just very uncharacteristically nervous about introducing you to Blaine. Dad, you've been so great about"- he paused, -"about the whole me being gay thing. But there's this stupid voice in my head that kept whispering what if this is too much? What if actually being confronted with a flesh and blood boy instead of just the idea that I like boys was too much for you?"

"Oh, Kurt, I-"

"Wait, Dad. I know it's illogical. And I know that you'll always accept me." He smiled gratefully at Burt. "You've been more accepting than I could ever hope for. But I guess that voice got to me, so I kept putting off introducing him. Blaine didn't seem to mind, though, he acted like he was scared of meeting you."

"Well, it's good to know that I can inspire fear in him without ever meeting him," Burt said, grinning slyly. His expression became solemn. "I get that you were nervous about introducing him to me, Kurt, but I'd really like an explanation for what I just walked in on."

Kurt blush returned full-force. He cleared his throat and shrugged slightly. "I don't really have an excuse for that, dad. I know that we shouldn't have been doing anything-ahem- like that. He was just over here to watch a movie with me, but we got sort of distracted while debating what to watch." He offered him a crooked grin in apology.

Burt cocked an eyebrow. "He shouldn't have been over here at alll, not alone with you. I don't want that to ever happen again. You're too young for"- he grimaced, the word he was trying to say leaving a bad taste in his mouth-"sex."

Eyes widening, Kurt shook his head quickly from side to side. "No! Dad, Blaine and I haven't done that. We're not planning to!" He insisted vehemently.

This was the last subject Burt wanted to think about, let alone discuss. The though of his litte boy participating in that gave him a sinking feeling in his stomach. Unfortunately, since Kurt was now in a relationship, it was all too necessary for him to discuss it. He gave Kurt a pointed look. "These types of things are rarely planned, son. And from the looks of things you and this kid were getting pretty"-wince- "heated."

Horror blossomed on Kurt's face. "We wouldn't have let it go that far. I swear, Dad! I'm not ready to take that step, and Blaine's a great guy, he would never pressure me." Kurt swallowed as he shot a furtive glance at him. "But I get what you're saying, I shouldn't have had a boy in my room with no one else home. I am sorry, you know." He shook his head. "You shouldn't have had to see that."

Burt smiled. "I know you're sorry, buddy. Just know that if I ever walk in on anything like that again, my shotgun will have that boy's name on it. And you could say goodbye to those fancy clothes you love so much for months.

Kurt returned his smile with a teasing one. "You don't have to worry about walking in on it again, Dad, I promise. I suppose I should have you meet Blaine officially now." His smile faded. "That is, if he hasn't run for the hills in fear by now."

Burt barked out a laugh. "Surely I didn't frighten him that badly," he teased, with a twinkle in his eye.

Rolling his eyes, Kurt sighed lightly. "So are we okay, Dad?"

Burt slung his arm around his son's slender shoulders. "Yeah, kid, we're just fine. Say, before I was traumatized, I actually came home early with the intention of taking you out for dinner. You up for spending some time with your old man?"

Kurt grinned widely at his father and jumped to his feet. "Of course! So where are we going?"

"Anywhere you want to." Burt stood to his feetm smiling at his son's contagious excitement.


"Yes, Kurt, even at one of those overly healthy weird organic places you love so much."

"Great! Thanks, Dad. And, uh, thanks for the talk, however awkward it was. I love you, Dad."

Burt couldn't fight the smile that bloomed on his face at his son's admission. He followed Kurt up he stairs and said, "I love you too, kiddo." That wasn't so bad, he thought, and he felt closer to his son after their talk. His earlier worry diminished; they were going to be just fine.