AUTHORS NOTE: So this is my first attempt at writing Supernatural fanfiction and this story has probably been written before but I just needed something small and safe to wean me into the archive.

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"You're not going to die, Dean." Sam growled angrily for what seemed the millionth time since he'd learnt about Dean's stupid deal with the crossroad's devil. "I won't let it happen." He said it with such determination that even Dean couldn't help but smile and find himself wanting to believe that his little brother would find a way out of this mess for him but he knew it wasn't possible.

"It's not going to happen, Sammy. I'm done for. In a couple of weeks, I'll be gone." He whispered knowing that this wasn't something Sam needed to hear. He could see the guilt in Sam's eyes every time the conversation was brought up and he could almost hear the unsaid sentence of how Dean would have been better off leaving Sam dead but if it was ever uttered, Dean would get angry and that wasn't a situation Sam liked seeing. "And I need to know that you'll be okay."

Sam looked over at his brother, his eyes filling with tears as he thought of something to say. Could he survive without Dean? He just had to think back to how he'd survived after the whole trickster situation and the way he'd gone crazy after watching Dean die hundreds of different ways until one morning there was a final shot. He could see the way the trickster wanted Sam to embrace the fact he was going to be okay without Dean and that he would survive no matter what but he didn't want to. Even when he'd left for Stanford, Sam had always wondered what his big brother was getting up to and if Dean missed him as much as Sam missed Dean. Dean was the father figure to him. Dean had become the role model that every young boy needed and now he had to face the fact that Dean was going to be stolen away from him, indefinitely this time.

"Dean, I don't want you to go," he finally admitted. He'd never really told Dean what had happened on that Wednesday morning or the six months that followed and he knew that he never would. "You were so angry when dad did it for you so why would you do it for me? What happened to the "what's dead should stay dead" motto you had going on for months?" He demanded to know angrily and Dean could see that Sam was letting the anger emotion win. He didn't need his older brother seeing him cry after all due to his hatred of chick flick moments.

"I didn't want to lose you, Sam. I..." he stopped talking as he looked at his brother. "I need you to promise me that you'll be okay and that you'll take care of yourself seeing as we both know it's me that saves your hide out there," he joked lamely causing Sam to glare at him for a moment.

"Dean, you're not going to..." but he was cut off by Dean growling at him.

"Sam, just promise me that and we can go back to arguing about if I'm going to die or not later." He sighed and Sam could hear the falter in his voice, the threat of tears about to fall made Sam relent in his argument and nod.

"Dean, I promise I'll be fine. I've been trained by two of the best, right?" The smile that embraced his older brother's face made Sam smile as Dean moved over to him and pulled him into a hug, their eyes closing as they both accepted the fact that Dean wasn't going to make it and that Sam would need to stick to his promise.

Dean felt the tears welling as he held onto Sam longer than he needed to because he knew that he'd broken his own promise that he made to their dad by leaving Sam alone in the world and that was more terrifying than the idea of going to hell.

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