Chapter 1

One day, Sam, Sydney, Vannie, and Nick were walking (well actually skipping) down the road. About five minutes later Sydney noticed a glowing rock on the ground. She reached down for it, but the second she touched it she pulled back as if it was boiling hot. Sam gave Sydney a weird look, and Nick and Vannie both asked "Watchya do that for?" Sydney was confused and said that the rock shocked her. No one believed her, so everyone tried to pick it up and they all would fell the same shock.

Everyone thought it was weird, but they went on with their lives, but they were smart enough to bag the rock as best as they could.

The next day everyone woke up form there house, all of a sudden Nick busted out laughing and he could not stop. When Sydney woke up she started running as fast as she could. When Sam woke up he walked down stairs, but everyone was ignoring her and she found out she was invisible. When Vannie woke up she was in her bedroom but then she was outside, that's when she found out she could teleport. We all meet up down town and decided that we had Super Powers and that was the start of their journey.