Passing Notes

The Marauders are in their O. (fith) year bored of all the teachers lecturing them about the "importance" of passing their O. in all of their classes and decide to pass notes to pass the time.

DISCLAMER: I do not own Harry Potter. All rights for Harry Potter go to Warner Bros. and JK Rowling. Any characters that you no not recognize from the books/films belong to me.


James: Hey Padfoot!

Sirius: Yes Prongs?

James: Want to see if we can get Moony into a conversation with us? It's kinda boring with just the two of us.

Sirius: Sure thing.

Sirius: *transfigures a paper clip left on the desk by a student into an ice cube and slips it down the back of Remus's shirt*

Remus: What do you want Padfoot?

Sirius: Prongs and I want to talk to you. We're both sure that if you listen to Trelawney anymore you might drop dead and die of sheer boredom. Plus we can't have just two Marauders. We have to have all three.

Remus: What about Wormtail?

James: Wormtail has a note excusing him from Divination for life because the stupid perfume Trelawney puts in the fire makes him want to vomit.

Remus: Didn't he actually vomit one time?

Sirius: Yes he did. Trelawney actually saw something that time.

Remus: What?

James: Yah Padfoot. What?

Sirius: Wormtail's vomit.

Remus: *lunch bell rings* There's the bell.

James: Let's do the same thing in our classes after lunch

Remus: What thing?

James: Passing Notes.