Passing Notes Chapter 4

DISCLIAMER: do I really need to keep putting these things? YOU KNOW THE DRILL!

Ancient Runes

Remus: Hey Prongs!

James: What?

Sirius: Yeah Moony, what?

Remus: How did you get the paper Padfoot?

James: Don't you remember Moony? Padfoot has "mad ninja skills".

Sirius: That's right. *grins maniacally*

Remus: Again I'm going to say this. That's Really Creepy!

James: Ditto.

Sirius: What's really creepy? The mad ninja skills, the grinning, or is it just me?

Remus: All three.

James: Ditto.

Sirius: :"(

James: So anyway Moony, what were you going to say at the beginning of this conversation?

Sirius: Yeah Moony, what?

Remus: I was going to tell you I had an idea for a prank!

James: On who?

Sirius: Yeah Moony, on who?

James: Can you stop doing that Padfoot?

Sirius: Doing what Prongs?

James: Saying "Yeah Moony, what?" or "Yeah Moony, on who?"

Sirius: Why?

James: 'Cause it's really annoying!

Sirius: :"(

*bell rings*

Sirius: There's the bell.

Remus: You stole my line!

James: We will discuss Moony's prank in the next class. Agreed?

Remus and Sirius: Agreed!