Yes, I know I am a bad person and I killed Itachi, but my trilogy is almost finished. Nearly done, and if you know what happens in the manga *smiles* Itachi comes back and Madara get evil. So please, don't make be beg, I won't beg, I refuse, but all I'm saying is that my plot twist are far from over and there's so much going on I need a freakin' timeline.

Anyway, here is a sneak peek at the first chapter. Enjoy~

A cool chill blew through me and I pulled my cape tighter around me –my black and red Akatsuki cape, I'd cut off the sleeves too. I ran my fingers through my bangs –the rest of it was pulled into two neat and orderly braids and then a bun. Konan had shown me how to do it once.

I don't want to say good-bye either…and you died before I could ask you something I needed to know. Why didn't you tell me? I pressed my palm to the cooling stone and watched one of the lilies tumble away in the wind.

"In all my years I've seen may try speaking to their loved ones through their resting places, but you seem to understand that he won't answer your call no matter how hard to plea." I looked behind me to see Tobi –no, ahem- Madara standing in the shade of the trees languidly, his mask rest on the side of his head as his eternally youthful face stared back at me with passive amusement.

"You know I liked you a lot better when you were a ditz that talked in third person all the time."

"And I liked you better when you didn't act so naïve, but I guess we both have our pet peeves, Hime." I waved my hand dismissively.

"Go away. There are a million people I'd rather talk to right now than you."

"A lovely personality as always. Now, can we be serious?"

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