And this, my dear readers, is the last chapter of Spinner's End! I have really enjoyed writing this story and hope you have enjoyed reading it! This also means that this is the hapter where I explain the meaning of the title! YAY! That will be at the end! Enjoy!

"And every tear that had to fall from my eyes, And everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night. Every change, life has thrown me, I'm thankful, for every break in my heart, I'm grateful, for every scar. Some pages turned, Some bridges burned, But there were lessons learned."

-"Lessons Learned" -Carrie Underwood

It had been one week, and in that amount of time neither Kendall nor Logan could ever remember being so happy. It was like a dream, being together. They spent every waking moment in the others presence, and were taking full advantage of doing all the things they never got to do when they were just friends.

Hardly a minute passed were they didn't have some kind of physical contact. It was as innocent as holding hands, or Kendall slinging his arm around Logan's shoulders or waist. Of coarse there were also times were the innocent touches turned heated and passionate, but they reserved those for the privacy of their room, away from prying eyes.

But the moment wasn't perfect, because James was always somewhere in the back of their minds.

As much as they wanted to talk to the pretty boy and straighten everything out, they kept their distance, not knowing when would be the right time, if there ever could be a right time. They figured James would come to them when he was ready. They didn't want to push him.

At the moment though, they were trying to not focus on the negative. It was sunny out, and both agreed that they would like nothing more than to sit down at the pool and just hang out. They weren't expecting anything to hold them up, but the moment they stepped up of their room, laughing, smiling, and their hands grasped together tightly, they were met with a figure they hadn't seen properly in days.

"Hey," James said, looking strangely normal. He didn't look heartbroken or sad. He looked like the normal always confident James Diamond. It made Logan feel better, seeing James doing so good. Maybe he didn't really like him that much after all. "Kendall, can I talk to you for a second?"

That was another thing they weren't expecting. It was assumed that James would want to talk to Logan, if anyone, so the request to talk to the blonde took them both by surprise. But, regardless, Kendall nodded, giving Logan's hand a small squeeze, signaling that it was ok.

Logan also nodded and looked back and forth from the two boys for a moment before telling Kendall to hurry and exiting the apartment, looking back a final time before the door shut.

The change was almost instantaneous. James' smile dropped, his eyes seemed to dull in appearance, and his whole form practically deflated. Kendall felt a horrible pain in his stomach for his friend.

"Why are you hiding it?" Kendall asked, concern laced into his voice. "We don't expect you to be ok with this."

James sighed, and ran a hand lazily through his hair. The movement showed just how much of a mess the pretty boy was. James would NEVER risk messing up his hair like that. "I just . . . don't want to make it any harder for him. I know he already feels guilty, and I don't want that. Despite my feelings I want you guys to be happy."

"God James . . ." Kendall trailed off, never knowing James to be so self-sacrificing. "I'm sor-"

But before he could finish James cut him off. "Please don't apologize." Kendall snapped his mouth shut hurriedly, and James almost laughed. Almost. "You didn't know. It's not like you purposely tried to hurt me."

"But I still hurt you. It doesn't really matter if I meant to or not."

"It doesn't matter at all. I don't want you to feel guilty either." James was looking straight at him, trying to show Kendall he really meant it. No one should have to suffer anymore from the consequences of him falling for a boy who was totally unattainable. "I just wanted to tell you something."


James swallow hard before continuing, wondering if he would lose his nerve. "I know I should probably move on from this whole experience. Try to put it behind me ya know? But the thing is, I don't know if I can do that. I don't know if I could ever stop loving him. I'm gonna try but there's not promises. So Kendall , , ," He gained a sudden determination, stepping forward slightly, standing taller and more confidently than he had in days "if you EVER do anything to him, if you ever break his heart, then I'm going to be right there to pick up what you left behind. And if that happens you better believe I'll never let him go."

The words hung in the air for a moment, sinking into both of their minds. Kendall slowly nodded, and James let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in. "I hope this won't make things weird around us."

"I could never be weird around you James, I've known you to long." The pretty boy chuckled. 'Can I ask you something?" James nodded and Kendall took a deep breath. "I understand completely that you want Logan, and if I ever mess up and lose him there is probably no one better for him that you, but you're not gonna, like, try and sabotage us are you? Because that might make me hate you, and I really don't want to do that."

"I wouldn't do that to you guys." James said. "You make Logan happy, and more than anything I want Logan to be happy. These last few days have taught me that. Losing you would probably kill him just as much as it's killing me right now. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, especially you two." He smiled weakly, it didn't quite reach his eyes, but Kendall figured it was a start.

"You're something else James." Kendall observed, and that caused James to smile a little more. "You'll find somebody great someday, I know it."

James chuckled, then turned serious again. "Can you , uh, not tell Logan about this stuff?" Kendall nodded, knowing James would want to tell Logan all of this at a later date, or maybe he never wanted Logan to know. Whichever happened it was James' decision, not his.

They shared a silent look for a moment before James turned around, clearly signifying the end of the conversation. He was trying to keep the emotion at bay, as much as he wanted all the problems to go away now, he knew it would be awhile until he could look at Kendall or Logan without experiencing that insane hollow feeling in his chest.

Kendall turned around, a thought chewing on his mind, and as he walked to the door he debated whether or not to speak it out loud, not knowing if it would help or hurt the pretty boy. Not knowing if he had already made the conclusion on his own.

"James . . ." he said, decided to go ahead a speak the thought. James turned around, confusion in his eyes. "You know how you said you just wanted Logan to be happy?"

James nodded and Kendall hesitantly continued. "You could have made him happy too ya know?"

James bit his bottom lips, and turned back around, not wanting Kendall to see the pained expression on his face. "Yeah . . ." he chocked out, voice think with emotion. "I know."

"There you are!" Logan said, moving up on his lounge chair, giving Kendall room to sit on the end. "So what did James want?" he asked, trying not to sound to eager for an answer, but truth was he REALLY wanted to know what the two were talking about.

"Nothing much." Kendall answered, trying to keep it vague, but knowing Logan saw right through that.

"You're not gonna tell me are you?"

Kendall laughed at Logan's imitation of Katie's puppy dog face. He reached his hand out to cup Logan's cheek and felt that normal jolt of energy as Logan leaned into the touch. "It's not really mine to tell."



Logan looked down for a moment, thinking before bringing his back up to meet Kendall's green ones, which were shining with concern at seeing Logan looking so conflicted. "Is he ok?"

Kendall wasn't sure if he should answer, but figured Logan needed some of his questions answered. "He's hanging in there." Logan looked down again, and Kendall could tell he was blaming himself. "Hey, look at me."

Logan's eyes shot up again, and he couldn't help but get lost in Kendall's gaze as he let the blonde's words wash over him. "It's not your fault. Trust me the last thing James wants you to do is blame yourself.

"You sure?'

"I'm positive."

"If you say so." They both smiled, and Kendall leaned in slowly and gently brought his lips to meet Logan's. It was soft and sweet, but still held so much feeling that Logan thought he might suffocate from the overwhelming bliss.

When they pulled apart there were quite a few people staring at them, but they brushed it off. Everyone was just gonna have to get used to the newest Palm Woods couple, and if they had a problem with it, Logan was sure Kendall would not hesitate to give them a piece of his mind.

He felt safe with Kendall. Like no one could ever hurt him. It was exhilarating. It made him feel like he could do anything. That he could do things he never felt possible. "How'd I get so lucky?" he said, causing the blonde to chuckled and press their lips together again.

"How did you get so lucky?" Kendall joked as he pulled away, causing Logan to playfully smack his arm.

"And you ruined the moment." He fell back onto the chair and Kendall pouted cutely. Logan rolled his eyes and pulled the blonde forward, scooting over so there was enough room for them so lay next to each other.

Kendall immediately brought his arms to wrap around Logan's waist, nuzzling into the smart boy's neck and breathing in his intoxicating scent. "I can't believe I never noticed this before. How much I need you."

Logan felt like his heart might burst at the overwhelming happiness he was experiencing. It was too goo to be true. He felt like any moment he would wake up from some crazy dream and be left with nothing again. But then his heart sped up as Kendall pressed a small kiss to his cheek and knew this had to be real. That Kendall was real, that somehow everything would work out for the better.

There were still unnumberable mountains they had to pass, still things that needed to be worked through. Logan didn't know how the press or fans would react to his and Kendall's relationship. He didn't know how long it would take for James to be ok with seeing them together, or seeing them at all. He didn't know how long he would still feel guilty for putting James through so much, wondering if he ever lead him on, over analyzing every moment they were together.

The truth was, even though Logan Mitchell acted like he knew all the answers, he was just a clueless as any other kid trying to figure out life and love. He was bound to make some wrong turns and do things he would regret.

The thing about love was it was so unpredictable. You never know if you're the one that's going to get hurt, or if you'll be the one hurting someone else. It was a risk, a huge risk at that. Logan had friendships teetering on the edge of destruction because of love.

But it was worth it. Love is the closest thing humans have to magic. He was as good as under a spell when he was with Kendall. Magic could fix anything. It could mend bonds and repair cracks. But it could also cause destruction. It all depended on the hands of the holder. A person could spread happiness or despair with just a few words.

So they had to guard the power carefully, keep it safe and try not to release too much at one time. And despite all that had gone wrong and all that would inevitably go wrong in the future, Logan knew it would all work out somehow. It might not be the perfect Hollywood ending everyone expected, but it would work.

They would make it work. Together.

And that's it my peoples! And once I give a shout out to the lovely MethuselahHoneysuckle2013 (HI SAM!) then we will proceed with the title explination! Here we go:

WANRNING! The following contains spoilers from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows! If You have not read the book (SHAME ON YOU!) and don't want to know what happens at the end, please skip the following paragraph!

From the beginning I knew I was writing a story about unrequited love, and to me the greatest story that amplifies just that is that is the story of Serevus Snape and Lily Potter (nee Evans). The actually story had nothing to do with them. I didn't take elements from their story and work it into this, but they (in my opinion) are the greatest unrequited love couple of all time. So I named it after the street where Snape grew up in honore of them! =D

Explination done! And know I must leave you, but be on the lookout for more stuff coming soon! BYE!