Hero's Darkness

Summary: Every hero has a dark side to them. Percy was always an honorable and noble friend, so Annabeth is disbelieving as she muses about his dark side. Post TLO. Drabble/Speculation fic.

Perseus Jackson.

The son of the Sea God, Poseidon, and son of Sally Jackson.

The first time Annabeth met him, she knew he was the one that would finally convince Chiron she could go on a quest. She never expected to be friends with him, much less best friends. But it happened, starting during their first quest, and then growing stronger along their second.

Annabeth knew Percy was fiercely loyal to his friends. It came as no surprise that he would try and rescue her when she was taken. And, as she struggled to hold up the sky, it wasn't the thought of Luke giving her motivation to keep on going.

No, all the way, it was Percy. That was when she knew she was in love with him. And that love only increased when he elected to stay behind in Mount St. Helens to allow her a chance to escape.

Then, when it came to the decisive war with the Titans…

Percy was always an honourable and noble friend, so Annabeth was in denial when she saw his dark side.

She heard from Nico of both situations where Percy was more violent than usual. First, when he grabbed Leneus by the shirt aggressively. She knew that most arguments Percy was in never turned physical, especially when it was with a near defenceless person and/or their ally.

She reasoned that Leneus was being a coward, and the fact that Percy was under pressure from his Great Prophecy. And she assumed that her calling him a coward played a part in it. She tensed up with shame as she recalled that moment. Percy hadn't deserved her accusations at all.

She recalled also how, with Nico telling her, Percy almost choking the kid to death. Sure, Nico betrayed him and all, but Percy didn't need to hurt a child that he had been protecting for the better part of a year. She expected, alternatively, some yelling, at the least, and maybe a punch in the shoulder or two, but never anything that would threaten his life.

Yet again, she chalked that up to the Great Prophecy, and the fact that Percy had to jump in the River Styx. He wouldn't have done that with a clearer head.

Annabeth however, was more wary about the display of power Percy had used with the Achilles Curse. Anyone would be drunk with power, and Percy was no exception.

But, it still gave her a sense of… something like despair. Because she knew even the most pure hearted hero could be corrupted by power.

For a moment, when Percy had laughed that insane laugh, and when he didn't retreat at once when their forces had spread out more than they could spare – she had thought she had lost him. Another one of her best friends eaten by power.

Sure, Percy was still on their side… but she was more worried about the fact that it might have changed him. Changed the only person that never let her down or truly loved. She didn't want her Seaweed Brain to disappear ever.

But Percy came back to her. He didn't succumb to it at all. Normal heroes would have had a big head, thinking they could take on anything, but Percy didn't. He kept a clear head, knew that he had to retreat when he saw Kronos enter the battlefield.

Yet another thing that made Percy special.

And when Percy looked as if he would accept immortality, her heart pounded harder than ever. And the wave of relief, when Percy had refused it, that swept over her heart made it thump even faster.

She knew why Percy had turned down immortality. He had done it for her. For her.

She didn't know what had sent her such a… an awesome boyfriend. Hades, that was an understatement.

But Annabeth was content that Percy would always be her Seaweed Brain. Even with the dark strings attached to him, she knew that the goodness in him would always outweigh the bad.

A/N: Probably the most CHEESIEST FIC I have ever done in my whole life... nope, wait, I can think of one cheesier. Meh, just some speculation on Percy's dark side. Also, I didn't copy this idea from ANYONE. I was just rereading TLO in my room, then thought - Hey! Percy gets kind of bad in this fic more than others.

I was concentrating more on Annabeth's reaction, though. Did anyone else think that she was kind of annoying in the last fic? But I'm only thinking about the part where she yelled at him, saying that Percy was a coward. That really irked me.

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