Pein sat at his desk, looking over papers. Konan eyed him wearily. He had been at this for two whole hours, looking over the papers about each member, meticulously sifting through the information. Was there a traitor in their midst?

Pein stood up and through the files at the wall. Konan looked at him, startled. "What's wrong? What did you find?"

He turned his head towards her slowly. Through gritted teeth he said,

"Our members are gay."

The blue lady looked at him with confusion. "So?"

"The anime is gay."

"Yeah, so what?" Konan asked.

Pein began to pace. "According to , we are the only acceptable straight couple in the Naruto world. The male ninjas are gay for each other and the females are bitches."

Konan watched Pein with fear. Is his head going to explode next? "What's wrong with yaoi?" she asked.

"Well, I'm not against yaoi," he said sheepishly. "I mean, now I have fan girls on the side of the Akatsuki as well as I am the leader of the most deadly homosexual group of all time."

Konan smiled. "Even more powerful than France?"

He grinned. "A lot more powerful than France."

"So what's wrong then?"

He sighed. "The problem is that, well-" A thought occured to him and he changed his sentence. "We need to recruit two girl partners," he demands.


His grin became wide. "Just imagine, if we can get fanboys on our side, we will conquer the world with no problem."

Konan looked at him blankly. "You just want to see the yuri, don't you?" she said bluntly.

Pein looked taken aback. "Of course not, dear Konan. You know I only have eyes for you!"

Konan gave him a glare. "You can sleep on the couch tonight, Mr. I-Am-Leader-Of-The-World's-Most-Deadliest-Homosexual-Assassins." She shuts the door and left Pein to his thoughts about yuri.