Xion the Author: It's about time I make a Buck fanfic. My prof pic is basically Buck himself. This is the most intriguing idea for me as well, and I cracked up an idea whether to give it a tragic ending or happy ending. I think you readers would prefer the 'happy' ending instead, even if it means making the story run longer. Oh, and to avoid any confusions, flashbacks and dreams will be running in Buck's POV while present conditions will go about in third-person.


Chp. 1: Ab Initio

I would be drawn breathless every time I see her. I would feel weightless. I would lose feel of my entire body, as if I was nothing but a soul capsizing in an empty vessel with a pumping chest and a heart growing ever warmer by her side. The cold within me drew away every time I was with her. Gravity began to disappear, and the only way for me to stay on earth was to hold on to her.

But I lost her. And now, here in this wretched space I wander. Only thoughts remained lingering and drifting through my fingers like a knife had been pierced into me. But I still felt every bit and amount of pain kept inside. Every bone in my body shaking and trembling in agony. Why was it that I still felt void in oblivion when I could only feel this way when I was with her, when she was alive?

Perhaps… when she was gone, she stayed. In my head. In my dreams, where waking up was never as worse as living a nightmare in my sleep. Cold, bitter, and alone, at least when I'm awake I felt everything was concrete.

Buck stood up, gasping for air as beads of sweat dropped under the branch he accidentally slept upon. "I must stay awake. I must stay awake," he chanted in his mind. He search aimlessly for his knife to find it pierced unto the trunk of the tree he slumbered. He jumped down, and back on his feet he grabbed the knife and looked around. Looking for something further away from his past.

The scenery was intense. The thick jungle around him never ceased to amaze him. Vines crept down as if beckoning him to climb up and swing. But he was too smart for that. Only a fool wouldn't notice the large mouth on top of the 'trees'. It's leaves nothing but a camouflage underneath when from above it cast a ghastly sight. Even the trees knew of him. For who wouldn't know of the great one-eyed weasel who could tame even the greatest of beasts?

Buck caught sight of a tiny plant in front of his path that he immediately jolted to a sprint and leaped up into the air to avoid its tendril jaws swallowing everything it saw. No amount of wire cutting could save him from that. Of all the places to fall asleep, the Jungle of Misery was one of the most undesirable. A few however had submitted their loyalty to him and would not harm him, but the others still found him temptingly delicious.

"Mangy buggers," Buck spat. He balanced the dull side of his knife on his right shoulder and trotted along the grassy trail.

"You have a fair sense of humor Buck," a fair weasel said. "Let's just hope you don't get hurt in every joke you crack"

"They started it!" I said as she wrapped the last amount of leaves around my arm. She pulled so tightly that I uttered a loud grunt.

"It doesn't matter who starts it. What matters is that you don't get into anymore fights," she said as she finished tying the bandage around them. Her fur was as brown as mine with a white trailing down her underbelly. The only difference was that she didn't have spots on them like I did. She also had short peppy hair that always seem kept, though she never really makes any attempt to do so.

"It doesn't matter as long as keep beating them," I said defiantly as I grasped my left arm. It hurt, but the pain was nonetheless just pain that I could always bear with.

"But if you keep getting hurt you'll always have people worrying about you," she said, cleaning up from the mess she made.

I scoffed. "I don't have anyone, remembah? Both our folks ah dead, and I don't any of mah relatives. I'm the only one with this weird accent in the entiah village."

"Well, you still have me to worrying about," she said, finally clearing up the mess she made from the table. The house was a small hut made out of twigs and branches. It was a house left behind by her parents. I had one of my own, but there was nothing there that could fill up the empty hole in my chest.

I rubbed my left arm, and I wondered. "Why ah you worried about me all the taime Amelia?" I asked.

She glanced towards me as I caught her eye. "You and I are the same, remember?" she answered politely. She was always like that. Never meaning to give any offense to anyone unless she wanted to.

"That can't be all ain't it?" I asked, lifting myself from my seat made of tough branches tied up together. Our humble abode was built mostly with makeshift furnitures and accessories.

"It's not like I have any other close friends, remember?" she said. In a blink of an eye I remembered that it was all my fault all the girls would avoid her. And I picked fights with almost every guy in the village, no matter what size or age.

"Raight…" I muttered. Who wouldn't avoid someone who could spell danger when your around with. "Mebbe yer better off without me then"

"Oh, don't be silly," she said immediately as she served me a twig full of berries. I picked one just to toy with until it would squish in all my squeezing.

"You could be happier without me hanging around you all the time," I said. "Won't you?"

She put the twig down seeing that I wasn't in any mood of eating. "Will that make you happy?" she asked.

"If… it makes you happy, then-"

"Well, it won't" she cut me off with a smile. I could feel my face blush. Whether it was her reply or her smile, it still got me adrift in red cheeks and feverish warmth.

"Why are you always so kind to me?" I asked.

"Why are you in a mood of always asking questions today?" she said. She smiled and I wanted to avert my eyes from her face, but I kept staring at her for an answer. "Well, I guess you're... really close to me"

My heart began to race. She drew upon me closer and closer. "You're…" Amelia said as she approached me with my chest exhausting itself and I suffocated myself from not breathing in nervousness. And finally, when she opened her lips, she said, "…like a brother to me."

And there went my hopes of having a girlfriend. I nearly collapsed on the floor from all that blushing and anxiety. She giggled and turned around to the door after grabbing a basket she weaved out of dried leaves from the side. "I'm gonna go outside to pick some other berries you might like," she said, taking a short glance at the branch of berries sitting idly on the table. "I won't be gone for long"

I watched her exit the house as she closed the door shut. I can't believe myself for having such feelings for her, and it was only now that I realized that I already had these feeling long ago.

Buck snapped out of his trance to find an already collapsed Rudy growling at him. "Oh, yer still not completely tied up yet bud?" Buck said as he cut a few vines and wrapped it around his mouth to make sure he wouldn't snap them shut when he least suspect it. He climbed unto the large behemoth's scaly body and rested near one of the plates sticking out on its back.

"You know anythin' about girls?" he asked. The monster just stayed growling at him, but he continued to talk to him as if having a normal conversation. "You know, hip swingin', eye catchin', slender lookin' ladies?"

Strangely, Rudy gave a simple grunt as if suddenly becoming interested in the topic.

"You don't? Well, that's not so bad. I don't eithah," he said as he patted him gently on his back. "Only relationship that evah worked for me was with an ugly pineapple. But somehow she rotted away ahead of me,"

Rudy leaned his head closer to the left, nearer towards where the weasel rested upon. He listened intently to the intriguing topic at hand.

"It's not that I don't want to chase girls around, its just that I still haven't gotten over… her…" Suddenly, his head started to ache and he squeezed his hands around his head trying to quell the pain. Thoughts and memories of her simply haunted him, and those were the only things that could devastate him as such.

Xion the Author: Chapters might run shorter than my usual standard for my previous stories, but that's only because I usually deal with multiple characters. Either way, hope you like it because I actually have no idea how long this story might go on.