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Rachel rubbed her eyes, trying to shake the other day's news out of her head. She had been absolutely stunned when Sue had announced her arrival as the glee club's co-director. Not that she didn't think the club needed a co-director, she just thought that someone else would be more suited for the position. Someone with a sense of authority. Someone with passion and determination. Someone like herself.

Rachel hit the OFF button on her alarm clock and jumped out of bed to hop on her elliptical machine. As she worked up a sweat, she ran through her list of possible reasons for Sue's position in the glee club. So far, she had only come up with three reasons.

One reason was obviously the whole vitamin D debacle. It had been Terri's fault for supplying the students with the drugs, and it had also been Principal Figgins' fault for hiring a nurse with no experience. This is why Rachel thought it was completely unfair that Mr. Schuester should be punished for their actions. Yes, it was his club and his responsibility, but he couldn't have known what was going on behind the scenes. Besides, it wasn't like they were buying marijuana from Mr. Ryerson…they were simply trying to add more energy to their performance. Rachel had to admit—there could've been a better way to liven their number, but the boys had cheated hadn't they? Either way, the competition was canceled and nobody's number was performed at sectionals. But, getting back to the point, maybe Figgins thought Mr. Schue could use some supervision from another teacher.

Another reason was what Sue had been set out to do all along; destroy the glee club. Rachel didn't know where her hatred for the club of misfits stemmed from, but she did know that ever since the club had been initiated, Sue had been out to obliterate it. This was a perfect way to do so. Being on the inside, Sue could do almost anything to the club and get away with it. Rachel had already figured it out; Sue would create some sort of crisis that would send glee into a downward tailspin and ruin their chances for winning at Regionals. Then, she would walk away and make it look as if they had hit the "self-destruct" button and she had nothing to do with it. Rachel was ready to take on the glee club if at all necessary…or not necessary. Either way, Rachel was preparing for the worst.

The last reason Rachel could think up was that Sue was in the club to keep an eye on her cheerleaders. Quinn, Santana, and Brittany were at the top of the squad and their reputation was in danger by being in glee. Glee wasn't exactly the best boost for popularity. Maybe Sue wanted to make sure they didn't turn into one of those "scab eating mouth breathers". Rachel cared about her reputation just as much as they did; she wanted to be known as the talented, friendly girl whom everyone looked up to and respected. But instead, she was known as the bossy, loud girl who dressed like a 3 year old. Although she didn't let it show, the way she was viewed bruised her self-esteem. She wished she could have a coach who cared enough about her to join the club she was in just to protect her. She had Mr. Schue but he didn't exactly guard her from the torrent of degrading names and flying slushies.

Rachel hopped off of her elliptical and walked to the kitchen to make her fruit breakfast smoothie. While the blender mixed the fruit and yogurt together, she ran over her theories. Her first idea mixed with her second guess was probably the reason Sue was now part of the club. However, she couldn't see how Figgins would have let HER be the co-director of glee. Mr. Schue and Sue working together in the same school was a train wreck…put them both in glee club and you might as well start preparing for the apocalypse.

Rachel poured her fruity drink into a glass and made her way upstairs to get ready for the school day.


Rachel bounced into the choir room, hardly noticing the tired faces of her fellow glee club members. It may have been 8:30 in the morning but Rachel was wide awake.

"Good morning everyone," she greeted the club. No one even glanced her way. Rachel was used to salutations such as these.

The brunette surveyed the people in front of her. Kurt and Mercedes were deep in conversation, probably discussing the latest trends in fashion. Santana and Brittany were sitting next to each other, Brittany sleeping on Santana's shoulder. For once, Santana didn't look as irritable as she usually was. Mike was drumming a beat only he could hear on his knee, looking over his friends. Rachel saw Artie and Tina smiling at each other and jealousy shot through her heart as her gaze snapped up to Finn and Quinn sitting together. Quinn was leaning on Finn's knee and Finn didn't exactly look disappointed at Quinn's close proximity. Quinn caught her staring and sent a glare her way, almost to say, 'He's mine. Deal with it.' The little green monster inside of her reared its head and she looked away.

"Hey guys," Mr. Schuester said tiredly as he entered the choir room. Rachel scurried to sit in the empty chair behind Mercedes.

"Please tell me Coach Sylvester isn't still the co-director," Tina remarked.

Mr. Schue sighed and pulled out a chair to sit on. "Sorry guys," he began. "But Principal Figgins thought I needed some help running the club after the whole vitamin D fiasco."

Rachel mentally prided herself for figuring out the reason for Sue's sudden entrance.

"Anyway," Mr. Schue went on. "Is there any music in particular you guys want to do?"

"Can we try something a little more black?" Mercedes asked. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"I agree," Kurt acquiesced. "We do an awful lot of show tunes." Rachel scoffed.

"It's called glee club, not crunk club," Rachel cuttingly replied. Kurt should know better than to affront show tunes in her presence.

Mercedes abruptly turned in her seat and glared at Rachel with daggers in her eyes. "Don't make me take you to the carpet," she threatened. Rachel leaned a little farther back in her chair.

"Fantastic," Mr. Schue interjected. "Thank you Mercedes, Kurt. Duly noted. Anything else?"

"I can pop and lock," Mike said tentatively.

"Not really what we're going for, Mike. But noted. Noted…yes," Mr. Schue replied. Rachel fought the smile that was creeping its way onto her face.

The bell rang and all the glee kids slowly stood up and walked into the slowly crowding hallway. Mr. Schue also left, since he had a class to teach next period. Rachel picked her binder up off the floor, and all of her sheet music came pouring out the bottom of it. The only people left in the choir room were Finn, Quinn, and herself. As she scrambled around on the floor trying to pick up her stray papers, she saw Finn kneel down a little to the left of her and start to pick up her sheets.

"You don't have to do that," Rachel said quietly. She hid behind her long curtain of hair to hide from the fact that she was blushing profusely.

"It's alright; if it had been me, you would've done the same thing," Finn replied. Rachel looked up as he handed her the rest of her music. She took it and carelessly stuffed it back into her pink binder. She saw a hand in front of her face and she gently placed her fingers in Finn's palm, and let him help her up off the dirty floor. Rachel's breath caught in her throat, something that was a normal occurrence when she was with Finn.

Rachel found her voice by the time she was standing up, looking up into Finn's moony face. "Thank you, Finn," she said. "It's not every day that someone is as considerate to me as you are." When she spoke her last words, she pointedly looked at Quinn. Quinn uncrossed her arms and defiantly placed her hands on her hips. She narrowed her eyes and stared the brunette down until she uneasily looked away.

"You're welcome," Finn replied with that dopey grin on his face. "I gotta go; don't wanna be late for Spanish." Rachel was at a loss for words again, so she simply nodded as he untwined their fingers and turned to Quinn. "Come on, Quinn. Let's go." Rachel made herself busy collecting the rest of her books off her chair as the green monster inside of her, once again, reared its nasty head.

"No," Quinn firmly responded. "Go on without me. I'll be there soon enough." Rachel looked up just in time to catch Finn's confused expression. The brunette was just as confused as he was, and that's a difficult technique to master.

"Um…OK," Finn said reluctantly. He sounded as if he wanted to protest, but Quinn was in her Head Bitch in Charge mode, and didn't look as if she should be messed with. Finn walked out of the classroom, stumbling on his way out the door. Quinn then turned her steely gaze on the tiny diva in front of her.

"I'll leave," Rachel said quickly. She turned on her heel and marched toward the door.

"Hang on Man Hands; I didn't say you could go."

Rachel winced at her "nickname" and slowly turned back around. "Yes, Quinn?" she answered in a steady tone.

Quinn slowly stalked down the risers toward the brunette not shifting her gaze for a second. Just as Quinn opened her mouth to say something, her ankle caught on the leg of a chair and she tumbled to the floor her hands instinctively flying out to catch herself. She winced in pain as her stomach dropped onto the hard surface below her.

"Quinn!" Rachel dropped her books and ran towards the blonde. Quinn gasped at the pain in her middle. She tried to lift herself off the ground but the pain in her torso was too much. Rachel skidded to a stop in front of the cheerleader and, without a second thought, looped her arms under Quinn's armpits and hoisted her onto the nearest chair. Quinn enjoyed the pressure being lifted off of her and her arms immediately flew to clutch at her aching stomach.

"Quinn," Rachel repeated, but this time, in a much softer tone. Her eyes darted to the blonde's hands which were clenching her sides, her knuckles white. "Quinn, are you alright?" Quinn made an inaudible sound.

"Quinn," Rachel said again, only much firmer. She knelt next to the blonde and asked, "Was it the…the baby?" Rachel was still processing the fact that Quinn was pregnant, even though it'd been nearly two weeks since she found out.

"I…don't know." Quinn's voice was just above a whisper.

"I hope not," Rachel responded.

"I do," Quinn whispered. She turned to look at Rachel's shocked expression and she nearly laughed. "Why do you care?" Her voice was a little stronger now. "Why should you care?" Quinn sat back in her seat trying to look irritated.

"Because it's pretty obvious that you do," Rachel quietly replied. The brunette gestured to Quinn's pale hands clenching her stomach. Quinn was astonished. It was like Rachel had read her mind. No one—and she wasn't exaggerating here—had ever been able to tell her what she was feeling unless she had spit it in their face. And here was Rachel Berry, the girl most opposite of her, telling her exactly how she was feeling inside.

Quinn looked up, ready to shoot an insult at the diva, when she caught the eyes in front of her. Big, concerned, chocolate orbs looking into her mesmerizing hazel eyes. Quinn hadn't realized how close Rachel had been. The blonde could feel the brown eyes searching through her soul, sifting through her feelings, looking for an answer. Quinn would be doing the same, but her brain wasn't functioning and the only thing that filled her mind was the brown beauties staring deep into her.

Rachel wasn't expecting to be so captivated by the hazel eyes in front of her. But she couldn't tear her gaze away from the oculars that held her captive. They were hypnotizing, really. And much deeper than she thought they would be. Rachel attempted to look deep into Quinn's eyes. Your eyes are the window to your soul, aren't they? But as Rachel gazed, she realized that there was much more depth than was expected from the blonde cheerleader.

Without even thinking, Rachel let her tongue flick out to wet her lower lip. As she did this, she saw Quinn's eyes get noticeably darker. Rachel could feel her cheeks getting warm. Embarrassed, Rachel reluctantly tore her eyes from Quinn's, snapping them both out of their trance. Quinn slowly got to her feet and walked to the door, careful not to trip again.

Right before she walked through the doorway, Quinn turned around and took one last look at the brunette, hoping to catch a glimpse of her eyes one more time, if even from a distance. Instead, she saw Rachel collecting her books off the floor with her head bent towards the ground. She was even humming an unfamiliar tune, now, probably from one of the millions of Broadway shows she'd seen. Quinn smirked and shook her head. Why would Rachel feel even a fraction of the thing that Quinn was feeling right now? They'd been enemies since freshmen year when Quinn had ridiculed her wardrobe, which consisted of argyle, knee high socks, and Mary Janes; and it still does.

'Some things never change,' Quinn thought to herself. And this interaction between them wouldn't change anything either.

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