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I was inspired by Kenny Loggins' song, 'Your Heart Will Lead You Home'. Kind of drably. ;) ~markaleen

Christine had just found out she was pregnant. Tony had left for South America and she wasn't positive when he was coming back or if he was coming back at all. She was terrified. New York City was no place to bring up a child, in her mind at least. She had never felt so alone in her life. She panicked and told everybody that she was moving back to her hometown of Buffalo. Her friends had just left her apartment. They were trying to convince her to stay. She was sitting on the couch opening the gifts everyone had given her. The last gift she opened was a picture of her an all her friends from work from Mac and Quon Le. She sat for a bit looking at everyone in the picture. There were so many memories there. She couldn't help but reminisce. She kept trying to push thoughts of staying out of her head but it was no use. Her family was everyone at work. She just couldn't leave. She would never find friends quite like them ever again. New York City was her home and she was there to stay.

"If you feel lost and on your own
and far from home
you're never alone, you know

just think of your friends
the ones who care
they all will be waiting there
with love to share
and your heart will lead you home

funny how a photograph can take you back in time
to places and embraces
that you thought you left behind

they're trying to remind you
that you're not the only oneā€¦" Kenny Loggins, Your Heart Will Lead You Home.