Quinn clenched her teeth as she finished the last one hundred push ups, standing up she took a breath only to have the coach yell for them to start the new routine that none of them had a real chance to learn though Quinn did spend several hours on her Saturday practicing. The music started and it was as if everything from Saturday came back, she was flawless though she knew the coach would figure out something she did wrong but she has self confidence, at least now after having her baby, and nothing Sue Sylvester could say would change that. At least she hoped.

"Your girlfriend's watching," a freshman cheerio snickered with a few others once coach called practice off.

The head cheerleader frowned and glanced behind her to see none other than resident school loser Rachel Berry staring at her, at least from this far away it seemed that way.

"She's been watching me?" Quinn furrowed her brow kind of creeped out by the knowledge.

"Hey, short fry…you spying for your coach?" Sue Sylvester got wind of the conversation going on as she locked onto Rachel, beckoning her down with her cruel words.

"No Coach Sylvester," Rachel whimpered out while the whole squad got behind their coach to hear what was going on, this action alone must have frightened the small diva.

"Than why are you here?" she glared at the young girl who seemed frightened and yet undeterred by the situation, it was quite perplexing.

Rachel licked her lips a few times as if she was extremely thirsty before her eyes flickered to Quinn than back to the tall blonde lady in front of her, "I was listening to Quinn."

A simple statement that baffled the entire cheerleading squad, including Coach Sylvester who had been listening to Brittany Pierces' idiotic rambles for years now, furrowed her brow and tilted her head in confusion, "You were listening to Fabray?"

Rachel nodded emphatically, "Indeed. Her music is quite good, better than my singing."

Gasps echoed. Did Rachel Berry just say someone else was better than her singing? Some of the cheerios felt chills for the world must be ending.

Sue closed her eyes trying to understand.

"In the music room she sang with such colors it was glorious, you know Quinn," Rachel began leaning around the coach to stare at the young blonde teenager, "If you can combine your colors and music the world will surely part for you even after school."

Quinn Fabray did not blush, only she did. Her whole face heated up, her hand quickly hiding the smile that graced her lips without her permission. She turned away so the brunette could not see but luckily the girl's attention was brought back to the coach.

"Are you on drugs?"

Rachel's eyes widened and she leaned closer but her whisper was more of a stage whisper because everyone could hear, "You know."

"Ohhhhh, Fabray take your girlfriend to the principals office. I'll be there in a minute."

Quinn let the blush lessen as she watched the entire squad giggle off after the coach before what was said registered in her mind, "She's not my girlfriend!" she screamed but it was no use everyone was down field and probably didn't hear her.

"Can I be?" Rachel asked standing next to her watching the same scene. Jumping back the blonde scowled.

"No. We're both straight. Besides your… weird." Quinn turned on her heel unsure why she said those stupid things and walked off toward the principal's office with the brunette right behind her.

"If I was less weird?" Rachel asked with a bright smile, her eyes watching the way notes flowed out of each swish of Quinn's hips.

The blonde stopped and turned around, "Oh my god Berry, stop staring at my ass." She growled attaching her hand around the girl's arm and yanking her to stand next to her, "And no…not even if you were less weird."

"Oh," she pouted but continued to walk along next to Quinn who had yet to let go off her upper arm until they were at the principal's office, "Well go in!" she said tapping her foot only to have brown eyes watching that foot intensely, "For crying out loud!" Quinn yanked the door open ignoring the protest of Principal Figgins, pushing the brunette inside, "Coach Sylvester wants to have a talk with you and her."

Quinn having done her job stormed out of the office quickly while yelling at Rachel to stop staring at her ass. This comment caused Rachel to glance away and blush making the whole meeting with the principal a little awkward seeing as he was staring at her with his mouth a bit open.

"I didn't know you were gay Miss. Berry," he titled his head as if putting pieces together of her personality and clothing choices, though none of that really fit because Rachel Berry did not fall under normal categories.

"I'm not," she assured sitting down tired off standing in front of the man. Just as she sat down Coach Sylvester stormed in glaring the Principal Figgins down.

"She's on drugs," she spoke pointing at the small diva who just blinked in a daze.

"I'm aware," the principal stated unsure where this was going.

Sue furrowed her brows, her air of confidence fading a bit, "You knew?"

"Yes. Her fathers talked to me earlier about her being on medication to control her ADHD. Why did something happen I need to know about?"

Sue shook her head, "Stay away from my field." She stormed out without looking back leaving two very baffled people.

"Can she do that?" Rachel asked she really liked watching the cheerios practice, the structure, the pacing; it was something interesting to watch while waiting for her fathers, at least more interesting than football practice.

"No…but I do advise you to stay away." was all he said before waving her out of his office which she quickly walked out of.

Once outside she found her father waiting for her, she hoped in and they drove home without too much talking seeing as neither knew what to say. Rachel was still a bit miffed at her parents for putting her on the stupid medication while her fathers didn't know what to say to not upset her further.

"What do you want for dinner?" her father Marcos asked quietly as she stopped on the stairs shrugging.

"I don't care," and she really didn't which made her frown again, never in her life did she not care about things. Even the smallest details she nitpicked at for hours.

"Okay, I'll call you when dinner is down."

She nodded and headed upstairs to do homework. As she lay on her bed, books strewn about her mind wondered back to Quinn and the events of today. She hated the girl, she knew this but the way she sang was so colorful and the way she moved was music to her ears and she knew that what she was saying was odd, she sighed falling back onto her pillows looking up at the ceiling. Today was just an off day, she thought closing her eyes for a moment but soon fell into a deep sleep.

Quinn got home and ran to her room to avoid her mother, living at home was great but her mom was on a parenting kick. Trying to be her best friend while punishing her when she 'needed it' though Quinn thought she did an excellent job at staying out of trouble, she did not want to get kicked off the squad again. It was all she had left now. Sighing she dropped her bag on the floor before collapsing on her bed staring up at the ceiling.

Rachel had seemed off today, she thought with furrowed brows and the whole staring things was just plain creepy but the way she said that comment to coach, something in her voice made heat rush through the cheerleader's body. Biting her lip she groaned, now Berry was even invading her thoughts at home, did the diva have no decency of staying at school like every other student that crossed Quinn's path. She laid there for an hour thinking off the differences of today compared to any other day and vowed to find out what the diva was on and to make her stop staring at her. Even if it made her feel appreciated in a creepy stalker way.