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Prologue: Good-byes

The foreign boat rocked on the waves, gently knocking against the dock. Half the village was glaring as the visitors loaded up their goods, concessions from Berk to stop the war before the ice set in. All but three.

A young woman with a long blond braid down her back held a six year old in her arms as he tried to hold in his tears. She squeezed him tightly as she knelt beside the chief, slowly pulling him away. Red-brown hair brushed her cheek as he shook his head, "Don't go."

"We already talked about this sweetheart," he pulled back, drawing her braid over her shoulder as he hung his head. "I have to go to keep the village safe. I'm so sorry Hiccup, I have to even though I don't want to." His eyes snapped up to hers, "I love you, so don't ever think I'm leaving you behind Hiccup. I promise I'll come back, so be good for your father until then, okay?"

She smiled as he sniffled, wiping his nose on his sleeve as he nodded. Nodding back as she stood, she stroked his cheek before turning to the big man beside him. "Take good care of him Stoic," deep cobalt eyes looked into steely green ones.

He took a deep breath, squaring his shoulders to hide his own pain. "You really don't have to do this Freyja."

She forced a smile, half-heartedly tugging his short red beard. "After four years with you two this should be easy." He put his right hand on her shoulder, making her sigh, "It's the only way to stop this war, the only way I can help. I'll be fine."

Pursing his lips as he stroked her hair, he tried to smile as much as she did. She took that hand as she stepped back, letting go as she stepped away, getting on board. Tears slid silently down her cheeks as she turned back to the dock, staring until she couldn't see them.

Hiccup was burying his face in his father's hand, while Stoic glared daggers at the Vikings around her.

yeah it's amazingly short, but i didn't want to give away too much yet.