Lemony: I don't where the heck this idea crawled from out my little mind but here it is.

Wicked: Why do I get the feeling this is going to get…is there even a word?

Awesome: I doubt it. But lets watch.

Lemony: Hey, I'm in this fanfic!

Synopsis(Written by Nin-Ni Chan): What would happen if Lemony had her own talk show. Well, your about to find out!

*Disclaimer* Anything mentioned in this fanfic is NOT mine.

On a stage, somewhere in Hollywood a star is born. She will get to the bottom of every story and reveal the truth. She'll give the hard facts and not hesitate to bring her journalistic duty to the public. Somewhere on a Hollywood filming set sits a desk and two armchairs where here she will get to the core of the matter. She will ask the tough questions, answer them, and dance the night away…LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

Lemony: Hi-Hi everyone! Welcome back to Live with Lemony! *sits behind desk*

Audience: YAY! Lemony! Lemony! Lemony!

Lemony: Oh stop it! You're embarrassing me!


Lemony: I love you guys too! *blows kisses* Alright but enough of that, since its our fist segment, I'd like to bring out our first guest!

Audience: Ooohhh…

Lemony: Ladies and gentle man, may I introduce the one, the only, Byakuya Kuchiki!

Audience: YAY!

Byakuya: *runs from backstage* *sits in arm chair*

Lemony: Welcome Byakuya to Live With Lemony!

Byakuya: It's good to be here.

Lemony: Now let's get down to business, Mr. Noble. My first question is, are you a natural blonde?

Byakuya: What? No.

Lemony: Ok, just testing you to make sure your paying attention. My first real question is, in the fanfic titled 'Horribly Wrong' is it true your where really under the influence of the evil cloud of horniness, or where you just using that as an excuse to act like an idiot?

Byakuya: I was under the influence of the cloud.

Lemony: Hmmm…good answer. Now is your yard sprinkler secretly plotting your downfall?

Byakuya: What no?

Lemony: LIAR!

Byakuya: I don't know wha-

Lemony: YOU LIE!

Byakuya: …

Lemony: Is it also true that Toshiro Hitsugaya smacked you on the butt?

Byakuya: Absolutely no-

Lemony: LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! *bangs fists on desk*

Byakuya: It only happened once alright!

Lemony: Now we get to the truth. *hands Byakuya a tissue*

Byakuya: *cries hysterically*

Lemony: Its ok, let it all out. My next question is, Do you remember when your where attacked by a rabid squirrel?

Byakuya: Rabid squirrel?

Lemony: *pulls squirrel from under desk* His name is Yum-Yum and he wants to hug you!

Yum-Yum: Attack! *jumps on Byakuya*


Lemony: Well, it seems we're out of time for now, join us next week for Live With Lemony!

Lemony&Wicked&Awesome: *rotflol* REVIEW