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Dead Inside.

Sokka remembered when they'd started; it seemed like forever ago. He was sure that to her it was a game, a little experimentation of what seemed forbidden. He knew his family warned her (she's crazy, don't bother), he could only imagine what hers said. Ozai even refused to meet him, he though that'd be their end, but still they went on. He joined her in the sick twisted game, visiting her during her lunch and sleeping by her side at night. Every night; they were barely together two months when he moved in.

Of course fights were frequent, more arguments if anything. Sokka knew he wouldn't win her pointless instigations so he chose to ignore most of them. Then the day came he couldn't bear it anymore, her knocking him down; mocking him. She even went as far as to attack his family and place in society. He didn't hit her, though he was tempted. He walked out the front door; 'Goodbye, Azula'. That was all he said and he felt her tight grip on the sleeve of his jacket. He looked over and for the first time in his life, Sokka saw worry in the stubborn monster's eyes. He arched a brow in frustration, as though giving her a chance to explain herself.

"I want it the way it was." She mumbled with a shaky breath and he let his muscles relax. She looked terrified, so Sokka took on the role he naturally seemed to with her. He pulled her close to him and ran his fingers through her silky hair. He did so until her body stopped shaking.


It was a peaceful day, the kind the young couple seemed to favor. The sunny weather was the only kind Azula seemed to agree to go out in, so he sat with her on a blanket in the park. With her head rested back on his lap he stroked her hair and she stared above. He lazily yawned. She was working so much for that extra promotion now he hardly got to see her.

"Azula?" Sokka looked down to her and, in response, she tilted her head up. She made a 'hm' sound through pursed lips, giving him a signal that showed he had her full attention. Then again, when didn't he? He was the first person she saw when she woke up before him (sometimes even left the house before he was awake) and the last person she saw before she drifted off to sleep. He always made sure of it. "Why are you so…distant with people?" It was like the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. The thin tension laced with that question gave him that feeling. He regretted it, but he couldn't remember the last time Mai or Ty Lee had stopped by to visit her.

"What do you mean?" She asked sharply and he could tell she was getting defensive by her tone. It was negative. As he opened his mouth, a drop of water landed on her forehead, causing her to sit up quickly and wipe it away. They looked up in unison at the grey sky and he pulled her to her feet while scooping up the blanket to lead her back to the car. The rain poured as they sat in the seats, passengers and drivers, panting from the sprint. It was a good interruption, he supposed, so instead of reminding her he merely drove in silence. He was sure she was grateful for it, too.

"That was close." He smiled and took cold of her petite hand, only she slid it from his. He looked over to her with worry written across his face.

"Everyone left me, Sokka, I didn't leave them. Everyone I ever thought would be there is gone, now. My hope's run dry." She whispered as she stared out the window and he gave a faint nod, though she didn't see it. The rest of the ride went silent, aside from the rain beating against the window.


Sokka let out a grunt as he gave one last thrust, her gasp as a response was enough for him to pull out and lean down from his propped up elbows to kiss her nape. His lips brushed away the small beads of sweat and her nails eased their way out of the skin on his back. His muscled eased in relief and her legs slid down, having been wrapped around his waist. Her hair was messily under her head; he pushed it aside to roll beside her.

What happened before this? Now he remembered; there had been a fight. She was the one accusing, the one saying he was screwing around on her. Wasn't she the one that came home late every Tuesday and Thursday? Yeah, he noticed, but he didn't want to press the issue. 'Those are the days I take up extra hours' she'd excuse her self. He wasn't sure if the fight wasn't worth it or if he just didn't want to know if it was true or not. He wasn't ready to face that his girlfriend might be cheating on him; she had always been a lot more jealous of Mai since she got with Azula's ex, Jet. Rumor had it he was single for the time being.

Azula sat up and leaned her back against the headboard as she lit her Marlboro Light cigarette and broke his thoughts with a heavy cloud of smoke. She glanced at him through the corner of her eye and smirked, she knew her smoking disgusted him. Some days, she just liked to piss him off; just for the hell of it. That was Sokka's conclusion.

"Come hold me, Sokka. Isn't that what you're supposed to do after sex?" Injury to insult; she always mocked him for being affectionate. He wasn't sure if it'd bother her if he treated like shit, but then he remembered of course it would. Azula never had a guy that was actually nice to her, so he was breaking her in. Still, the mocking got under his skin. So did the smoking. Did she fake the orgasm, too? He rolled over on the bed and faced his back to her. It was a cycle.

Fight, angry sex, aggravate angry sex. The past month that was all that happened between them. Oh, that was in between her tight work schedule. He heard her snicker, she was amused. Of course she was; he was bothered again. He felt the bed shift under her weight as she crawled over to him and stroked his shoulder slyly with his hand. He wanted to shrug it off but instead he ignored it.

"What's the matter, you know I'm only teasing you." She whispered in his ear. He could feel the end of her bangs drag on his cheek; it gave him the urge to scratch but he didn't. He moved his head a little more so his face was in the pillow and felt her crawl on top of him, her legs at both his sides while she sat on his hip. She leaned forward. "I'm sorry, Sokka." She never was. "I'll be quiet now." No she wouldn't.

"There's got to be more to you and me." He said, for the first time openly doubting their relationship to her. Azula lifted herself so she was sitting straight and remained silent, for the first time thinking over what he just said.

How Could You?

"I don't even know why I come home anymore!" She shrieked. He was always this way lately, no more coming home to a well-cooked dinner (one his pathetic sister instructed him on how to make) or even a sweet welcome home. Now he jumped down her throat when she walked in the door, asking her why she was so late. She was exactly sixteen minutes later than usual, that wasn't so unbelievable considering the traffic outside. Still, he was accusing her. Azula hated being accused.

"Me either! You seem to love your precious 'work' more than anything around here, including me!" He retorted. It wasn't even like him to yell at her, she wasn't sure Sokka ever raised his voice to her. She wanted to slap that angry look off his face; she wanted him to cool off and try to brush off the whole argument. Was he sexually frustrated, was that what he was implying right now? Sex, she had been working long hours, maybe this was just a build up.

"You know that isn't true!" While she tried to figure it out, she couldn't help but yell back. She had to defend her case somehow. "You know I love you, love you enough to put up with this shit every day!" She couldn't read him like she usually could. His eyes always showed how he felt, right now it was rage. But over what? Sixteen fucking minutes?

"This shit? Want me to work all day every day so I can avoid you, too? If you want, I can come home and pretend nothing is going on, too! Let me put on my perfect face like Azula!" He got to his feet, having been sitting on the couch and whipped the remote to his side at the wall. It fell apart to pieces, she noticed he wasn't angry enough to harm her; he threw it the opposite direction.

"Oh, and just what are you implying, Sokka?" She asked in a calm tone, the one that she was sure to win this fight in. She had to keep her calm, anyway. Someone had to be more even-headed than him.

"Everybody knows about you and fucking Jet." He waited for her to shout at him. For her to say he was an idiot for believing what anyone said; of course they'd tell him that, they hated her. He waited for her to justify herself, to tell him she really was working. She took up extra hours, she was sorry for running late. Tell him he was an idiot, again, for even considering that. He waited for her to say she was loyal to him.

She didn't; instead Azula stared at him with her lips parted slightly. She was ready to say something, so he continued to stand before her with furrowed brows that slowly loosened as she approached him. She wasn't angry, she was scared again. Why would she be so worried? Once she promised him nothing happened, he'd believe her. He wouldn't question or doubt her; he'd even apologize for accusing her of such things. They would put this behind him and he'd never question it again. Ever.

She looped her arms around his neck as she stared him in the eyes. It was like a different person, this girl with a fragile expression on her face. No smirk, no words of justification to herself. Instead, she mouthed 'I'm sorry'. He continued to stare at her, waiting for her to slap him, 'I'm sorry you'd think something like that', or one of her more clever comebacks.

"It was…one time…S…" Her voice trailed off and she averted her gaze. It stung, him being so faithful and now she couldn't even speak his name. He wanted to wring her delicate neck; he thought maybe it'd snap. He didn't care. He knew his girlfriend was a liar; she was practically famous for it. Still, he at least trusted her to be faithful.

"How could you cheat on me?" He whispered anger and hurt dominating everything his body possessed. She started to stammer words, she was always so strong until she realized how wrong she was, wrong about everything. Azula watched as he roughly grabbed her arms and shoved her aside, carelessly with a force that caused her body to fall against the couch. It shouldn't have hurt, but it did, her body landing on her hip and side. She sat up but it wasn't quick enough.

He was already out the door.