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Dear Zelos,

I almost decided not to write this. And then I almost wasn't going to say "dear." It's so, you know, friendly. And I still hate you. A lot. What do you expect? You completely betrayed us. You betrayed me. After everything I gave to you. I trusted you, Zelos. You know how much that means. How could you just take that and throw it away? And ask me to just give it back to you? It took me so long to even let myself trust you the first time. Let alone a second time. I just can't do that.

But I'm not writing this to tell you I'm angry. You already knew that. I'm actually writing for a completely different reason. The opposite reason. I'm writing because I'm trying to forgive you, Zelos. I understand how much your life sucked. (But guess what? So did everyone else's. Look at the life I lived. Look at Lloyd. Colette. Look at freaking Genis and Raine, you've seen how much they had to deal with! And... Never mind. I'm trying not to be angry.) I know that you were just looking for a way out. I did the same thing, taking the assassination job with the Renegades and everything. So I'd be a hypocrite to yell at you for that. Maybe I'm a hypocrite anyway. I'm a traitor, too, to the Renegades. To Mizuho. To Kuchinawa. Maybe even to you.

So basically, Zelos, I want to visit you. I want to hang out with you again, like we used to, back before the journey. Before you started hanging out with your stupid stalkers. Back when we could sit and talk for hours and laugh at the researchers and the nobles and the obsessive freaks following you around. When you used to give me foot rubs and I would braid your hair. God, I miss those days. You have no idea how much I miss them. You saved me from myself, Zelos, when you befriended me. I was just a lonely girl, the freak in a village of outcasts. You were this handsome, brave noble who didn't care where I was from.

Wow, listen to me, trying to sound all poetic. Just ignore that last bit. Other than the hanging out part. Cause I do want to see you again. It's been about two years...

Who am I kidding. I know exactly how long it's been. Two years, four months, and nineteen days. Call me a stalker, call me creepy. I don't care right now. I've been wanting to see you for a long time. Not right away - I was really, really mad at you for a while. But not now. Now, I just miss you. Sorry, but it's true.

And maybe you really didn't care about me. Maybe you just wanted to come out on the winning side, I don't know. But it really seemed like you wanted to... like you cared about me. Like something about me was special to you the way you were special to me. Like we could exist, you know? And I need to know.

Zelos, you know me better than anyone. I've never been the kind of girl who takes a leap of faith. I've never been the one to say how I feel. I don't write letters to the man of my dreams to convince him to let me into his life. But with you... I can be that girl. I have to be that girl, because I lost you once, dammit, and I can't do that again. I need you back. I can't live without you. Because I am in love with you, Zelos Wilder. I hate you, I argue with you, I get angry at you, I punch you. But the truth, the honest, deep-down truth, is that I love you. So I'm not going to let you go anymore. Let me come home. That's all I can say. That's all that's left to say.

From, Sheena.

He stares at the letter for a long time after he finishes reading it. The small, neat handwriting, so unexpected from the volatile girl. She's dangerous. The whole idea is dangerous. But he's been resisting for so long.

Come home.

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