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Author Note: This first chapter was written in response to a request at kinkmemelisting for Junjou Romantica. I wrote it exactly as the requester had wished.

Warning: Non-con (M/A = NC/17).

Accosted by His Students

Kamijou sighed as he heard the bell go off, placing down the chalk in his hand, closing the book in the other as he said, "That's it for today's lesson."

He pointed to a stack of papers, spread out over one of the desks, "You may pick up your tests as you leave."

As he prepared his briefcase, filling it with the books and notes he had out for that days lesson, several students grumbled upon picking up their tests and noticing their grades. It wasn't his fault if they didn't pay attention or if they didn't study, their pathetic disregard for the sanctity that was literature was not his problem. Although he had no qualms about throwing chalk or erasers at them when they weren't paying attention in his class.

It was proving to be yet another long and agonizing day to get through and because his thoughts were preoccupied with the sad reality of returning home back to a cold empty bed he was oblivious to the scheming of a group of his students, five young men whose grades reflected how poorly they'd been paying attention or studying.

One of Kamijou the Devil's students glared at the mark on his paper, for which he had studied, but as usual the newest assistant professor's tests were ridiculously difficult and the man himself was horrendously strict. If one were to fall asleep during class they'd be hit with a bunch of chalk or other things that the associate professor of the literature department threw at them.

Nearby, four of his classmates too glowered at the big red marks on their own tests, their scores were unlike any they had ever received before.

Ochi Gorou, the tallest of the five approached the so called Devil and asked, "Do you have a bug up your ass that you find it necessary to hand out such difficult tests without taking into account that no one can take in so much information at once?"

The cinnamon brown eyes of Kamijou Hiroki bore into the student as he adjusted his reading spectacles, "It's not my problem if the students in this class choose to party instead of dedicating extra time to studying. Perhaps if you and," he gazed in the direction of the other four young men, "your fellow classmates took that into consideration I'm certain your grades would improve."

Ochi frowned as he watched Professor Kamijou, as they knew him, finish packing his briefcase for his lunch break. Watching the man leave, once he was gone he turned to the other four who remained in the class dumbfounded by their abhorrent grades, which would please none of their families.

Watanabe Shun shook his head, "What am I going to do? My father is going to kill me."

Satou Riku snorted, "You think that's bad? If I get one more mark like this, I'll be pulled out of University and forced to work at a Ramen Shop for the rest of my life, a Ramen Shop!"

Maruyama Itsuki sighed, shaking his head, "That stupid professor, its like he doesn't have a life at all outside this class!"

Fujiwara Katashi smirked, "You know, we could always pay him back for giving us such wonderful grades."

All except Ochi looked at Fujiwara as though he were crazy, not realizing as Ochi did that Fujiwara was only being sarcastic.

Ochi asked, "And what sort of pay back would that entail Fujiwara?"

The glint in Fujiwara's eyes sent chills down the others back as one corner of his mouth continued to lift, "Oh, well tonight when he leaves, since he's often the last to leave the University grounds, practically living here, we can all of us jump him."

Watanabe blinked, not quite comprehending, "What do you mean?"

Satou, "Beat him up? Are you crazy?"

Maruyama, "Fujiwara what the hell is going through that mind of yours, wouldn't that just make the situation worse?"

That sinister smile remained of Fujiwara, shaking his head, "Not beat him up, something a bit more traumatizing that shouldn't leave too much of a mark and with his apparent prideprobably not something he would even mention to anyone."

Ochi arched a brow, arms crossed over his chest, "You mean to rape him, don't you?"

"Oh yes," Fujiwara snickered, "that's exactly what I had in mind. The five of us gang-banging Kamijou the Devil, after that he'll be too afraidto give us anything less than a perfect score."

Moments later they were all in agreement.

Professor Miyagi waved goodbye to his assistant, Kamijou, as he himself left the University. He didn't notice the five students lying in wait for the other man as he drove away in the direction of his own apartment.

Hiroki sighed, removing his reading glasses to rub one of his eyes, before deciding that it was time that he too, headed home. Back home to his cold empty bed, his all too quiet dull abode.

Standing up, having collected his briefcase and coat he headed out the doors of Mitsuhashi University, locking up his and Miyagi's office door behind him before finally exiting the building out into the now empty parking lot. He gazed down at his watch, frowning at the lateness of the hour for he would have missed the last of the public transport. Still he lived close enough to walk home, though he thought to himself that perhaps he should have taken the Professor's offer of a ride home.

He'd simply wanted to prolong his time away from his apartment, where there were too many memories that plagued him, making it difficult to sleep unless he was too exhausted to even keep his eyes open.

Preoccupied by his thoughts, he didn't hear the slightest sound of the rustling of bushes as he went to pass them. However he did feel something wrap around his leg, another on his arm, and someones grip in his hair as he was pulled back and down onto the ground.

"What the fuck!?" he growled out as he tried to kick out at whomever was playing a stupid prank on him, not yet realizing that it were something far more sinister than a simple prank.

One voice spoke out, low and deep, with an edge to it that made it feel as though his blood had froze in his veins as he paled, "Oh, don't worry professor, we're certainly going to fuck you."

Hearing that Hiroki struggled, trying to free his arms, but they were trapped in the grip of two different young men. He recognized their voices, they didn't even seem as though they cared that they were easily recognizable even in the dim lighting that the lights from the parking lot gave off.

His brows furrowed, his frown deepening, "You idiots! Let me go before you seriously tick me off with your little game!"

All five men laughed, Hiroki realized that he was outnumbered and even his years of training as a kendo champion might not even be able to help him get free of the dire situation he found himself in as another of them whispered, "Oh, this is more than a little game. You need to be taught a lesson."

The beat of his heart started to accelerate as he opened his mouth to yell, only to have one of the youths hands cover it before he could make another sound. His brick colored eyes rounded as he felt a tug on his belt, heard the fly of his pants, someone ripping his shirt open. As he took all that in he used his teeth to bite into the hand that was clasped over his mouth.

With his free leg, he brought his knee up into one of the younger mens groin, feeling a sense of satisfaction as that idiot cried out.

"Shush!" One of the others glared at the man clutching himself, while the hand that Hiroki had bitten flew away from him.

"You'll pay for that too you son of a bitch," four of them helping to pin his limbs to the ground, using his tie to gag him.

The fifth one, whom he'd given a swift knee to the groin to, smirked down at him, "Well-well sensei who should have paid more attention?" As that student spoke, Hiroki could feel two cool fingers prodding his entrance. It had been a long time since anyone had touched him so it was rather uncomfortable.

Glaring daggers at the student whose fingers were up his ass he tried to pull one of his arms out of one of the other students grasp, but they held on tight with both hands, even going so far as to put further pressure on with their knees if need be.

However, when those fingers slid across his prostate he had to keep himself from shuddering in pleasure, although unable to the other males snickered thinking he had shuddered in disgust.

Before he could once more try to pull away, to escape his current situation, Hiroki found himself flipped over and propped up on his hands and knees, one of the students tugging on his tie, using it to hold his head up. As he went to stand up however, he was pushed back down to the ground, positioned like a bitch in heat.

Curling his fingers into the grass beneath him, his eyes watered as one of his students who were unappreciative of his teaching style and grading; found him far to be too harsh; tugged his hair so hard it felt as though his scalp were being torn from him. His teeth bit into the tie and then he heard a number of zippers being undone.

They really intended to fuck him, he thought, trying to shake his head, but wincing as the hold on his hair only tightened. Lifting one arm up he gripped the wrist of that hand, twisting it for all he was worth hearing a hiss and he was released.

As Hiroki got up to run however a couple of them piled atop of him growling in his hear, "There's no escape, even for the Devil." He tried to turn around and swing a fist at them, but all of them together held him in place.

Had that stupid material not have been stuffed into his mouth he would have hollered a number of obscenities that were muffled as he tried to kick them off, but all his struggles were in vain as he felt two fingers shoved past the ring of muscles of his ass. He cried out, but even that couldn't be heard in full.

One of them spoke, almost as though they were purring with sinister intent, "We'll be nice enough to stretch you a bit, but only because you're going to get more than you ever bargained for."

"It'll be nice to watch you shatter and break, to see your tear-stained face."

Hiroki scowled, there was no way he'd let these brats see him cry, he was stronger than that, even if what they were doing was some heinous act.

His eyes rounded as he felt those fingers removed from him and something else shoved into him, his body shoved forward as he gasped around the cloth of the tie that they'd gagged him with. He could hear them all chuckling as though they were winning.

Once more he tried to work himself free, kicking back, only to have his leg stilled by someone stepping on it, enough pressure to cause him to wince, though not enough pressure to break a bone.

As that student thrust into him, he could feel how hard he was, 'It's been sometime since I've had a good fuck, but this is ridiculous.' But when that students angle hit against his prostate gland his eyes rolled back as he moaned, though the other men, five of his students seemed to take it as though he were crying. Crying not in pleasure, but in pain and humiliation, not having the slightest inkling that Associate Professor Kamijou was a hundred percent gay as well as repressed.

Although Hiroki could hear them snickering, he wanted so badly to wrap his hands around their throats and throttle them. However when he felt a second cock stuffing inside of him along side the other he groaned in discomfort at first.

Beneath him, one of the other students tongues licked up the length of his cock, taking one of his balls into their mouth and sucking on it till it felt like it were swollen. He could feel himself hardening and quickly. Moaning through the gag, it was soon lost as the remaining two students tugged on the hair of the back of his head, holding their cocks to his lips, "Suck!" They commanded.

If he hadn't begun to find this pleasurable, he would surely have sank his teeth into their dicks so hard that they might have been rendered useless for the rest of those two students lives. But instead he took them both into his mouth sucking on them, running his tongue along their lengths.

The teacher had really forgotten how pleasurable it could be to have so much man stuffed inside his orifices.

Even as he worked his mouth around two of his students cocks, he lifted one hand to one of their thighs, feeling heat pool in his loins as another two continued to thrust into him, together, hitting or sliding against his prostate over and over. The tongue that had been dancing along his cock suddenly stopped, only to feel the lips encircle him. 'How many years has it been, since I was thoroughly fucked all night long by more than just one man?'

He was hungry, starved of affection and while that wasn't exactly what his students were offering, it had been too long a time since he'd been satisfied and doing it oneself didn't completely abate the need, the desire for more, more more!

It only proved that there was only one man capable of keeping up with his constant need for sexual gratification, even though busy schedules had often put a damper on it all.

Every-time the men behind him thrust their cocks inside his ass his body would move forward, so that he'd take the cocks of the two men in his mouth deeper, almost pressing against the back of his throat, not that he didn't keep bobbing his head up and down from those engorged members. He could taste the precome on his tongue. 'Mingled flavors, I didn't know it, but I've kind of missed this too.'

His brows furrowed as he felt the four students coming inside him, his ass milking the two behind him for all they were worth while he gulped down every last bit that the two in his mouth released. His tongue caught everything, although saliva and come mixed and dribbled down his chin, from the corners of his mouth.

'And look at that, they're already tired,'he shook his head in disappointment as four of the five men sat back, pulling out of him. When he felt the two men popping out from his hole the muscles of his abdomen quivered, tensing. A shudder went through him, biting down onto his own lip, after licking them clean, breaking skin.

The student who'd been sucking him off, making those slurping sounds wrenched his head away, turning as he coughing and choking slightly, spit out the teachers cum. Hiroki himself, not yet completely satisfied straddled the young mans hips, and finding that the students cock was hard, he impaled himself down on him.

The other four stared in abject horror and amazement. Their professor, Kamijou the Devil was unfazed by their rape of him. Could it even be considered out right rape if the person being violated enjoyed it enough to continue even after the fact?

The teacher took the students hands, wrapping them around his flaccid penis, forcing the other to stroke him until he was hard again. It didn't take all that long as too much had been built up. The student beneath him just gazed at him in shocked awe.

He grunted, rolling his eyes as the student came all too quickly for his liking, but at least the brat still had his hands, which ten minutes later he'd released his seed onto before standing up.

Gazing down at the five students, he smirked victoriously, he was still standing, satiated enough that he thought he'd be able to sleep well that night. Picking up his clothes, although they were in shambles he said, "If you want a good fuck, you'd best start getting decent grades and paying attention in class. This is a one time sample for idiots like you," and with that he made his way toward home, leaving the five speechless students behind.

'I shouldn't deny myself the pleasure of company at night, or whenever I'm not working, as long as its not at my apartment,' was his last thought as he slept on his bed that night, his lips curled into a smile for once in the many long months he'd been celibate since Nowaki's disappearance.

Author Note: Again this initial chapter was not my idea, nor do I condone what was done. I challenged myself by writing to exact specifications. However due to my own queasiness of the subject matter I continued on with the story and if you do read further you'll see just what Hiroki's mental state really was albeit here more subconsciously.