Pairings: Dean/Lucifer, other will appear in later chapters.

Warning: Rated M for mature

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Italic – thoughts

Bold – Speaking

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Chapter 3: My Hellish Angel


But Dean I'm not Sammy I'm Lucifer.

Dean froze at those words, he's joking right that not even funny! Sammy that's not friggin funny! Yanking at Sams grip Dean began to struggle to turn toward his brother and smack him upside the head. Hissing as his ass throbbed Dean reached around and rubbed at his sore acheing entrance.

Lucifer eyes followed Dean's hand, watching hungrily at the hunter attempt to soothe the furled muscle. Sighing Lucifer realized that things were gonna get complicated. Lovely little Dean I'm not joking would you like proof or are you content to be in denial that THE devil fucked your sweet ass all night long.

Dammit Sam this isn't a joke! Fear settled in Dean's stomach.He has to be trying a new role-playing scene. Just a very bad joke, please let it be a really bad joke.

Grabbing Deans hips Lucifer turned him around, shoving him against the shower wall. Looking Dean straight in the eye Lucifer let his wings flair out. The light in the dingy motel bathroom flickered, the mirror cracked and the room began to shake. He saw Deans eye widen in horror as the shadow of his wings uncurled. Unlike that pathetic angel Castiel Lucifer had three pair of wings. (Total of six) Preening under Dean stare Lucifer slowly rubbed his hands over Dean stomach. While Dean was still frozen in shock Lucifer leaned in quickly and kissed the hunter's plushed lips. He knows that it will be awhile before he can have a pliant Dean under him again. Brushing his lip over Deans chiseled jaw giving opened mouth kisses to Deans pulse point before saying Believe me now.

Like having a bucket of ice water dumped over his head. Dean reeled back even further into the shower wall. His arms darting forth to shove Sam . . . no Lucifer away from him. You bastard you crazy fucking bastard get off of me! What did you do to Sam you god damn freak!

Snarling low in his throat Lucifer quickly teleported them back to the bed. Snatching Dean's wrist in one hand he yanked them up to the headboard where Sams belt still resided locking them into place. Straddling the human thighs Lucifer leaning down how dareyou talk to me like that, how dare you take my father's name in vain. Grabbing Dean's balls in a punishing tight grip Lucifer pulled on them. Dean let out a choked cry wiggling his hips try to escape the pain.

S-stop please! Ahh! Dean cried out, tears falling from his eyes. Withering in pain Dean legs kicked out trying to buck Lucifer off.

Enough Dean quit struggling! Tugging on Dean's ball harder causing a louder cry to escape. Enough or you'll hurt the baby.

Yay I'm evil. . .

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