Crossover fic, with Raven/Aqualad, because they are my CRACK

Summary: When Fixit modifies a time machine to cross into alternate dimensions, the Teen Titans find themselves on Earth-16, home of Young Justice, where they become embroiled in an Atlantean-sized problem. And what is Garth's deal with Kaldur, anyway?

Deep in the recesses of the Fixit's lair, the android was bent deeply over a complicated machine, as if deeply frustrated at the unresponsiveness of the unit.

Above him, Cyborg, his armor glowing a metallic sheen, held a small, high powered pocket light, peering down into the convoluted wiring as well.

"This. is….irritating."

The low timbre of the half-human's chuckle resounded across the large cavern.

"Yeah, this kind of thing'll do that, man- you need any help?"

His companion made a mechanical shrug in response.

"I…do. not. know- Warp's design. is. difficult. to. alter."

Cyborg raised a curious brow and bent over to take a closer look at the wiring, before settling into a satisfied smile.

He gestured towards the machine.

"I can fix it, if you want- I've got some tools at home that can get at the problem- though, God knows why you need an alternate universe generator."

Fixit nodded his consent.

"It. is. a… pet. project."

"Something. that. humans. do. in. their. spare. time."

Cyborg bobbed his head, picking the time machine up with a Herculean grunt, and nestling it into the back of his car.

"Whatever, man- just don't, like, bring on the apocalypse or anything."


"I. do. not. know. what. you. mean."

Back in the heart of the tower, Cyborg crouched studiously in the dim light of his room, outfitted with a jeweler's loup and wielding a tweezer and a soldering iron.

With Beast Boy away visiting the Doom Patrol, he had been incredibly bored for the past week- yes, Garth was here, but it wasn't quite the same, given the excessive fawning from both his female teammates- something kind of distracting when they were in the middle of beating the crap out of their digital avatars.

He mumbled softly to himself as he worked.

"That wire…no….Jeez…alright, steady…"

The metallic man gave a wide smile and set down the soldering iron.

"It's done."

His stomach gurgled suddenly, and he looked in surprise at the time, before heading upstairs to forage for food. He would bring the machine over to Fixit's later.

…Unbeknownst to him, the wires were warping under the heat of the iron.

I think I may finish this one.