Golden Globes Aftermath

Pairings: Heya

Rating: K+ for now

A/N: This is for the gals at the Naya Rivera and Heather Morris Forum! :-)

Naya and Heather make their way into Heather's house, Heather shutting the door behind them. The ride home had been silent, and they hadn't even hung out at the after parties together really. Naya wasn't sure what was wrong, but ever since they had left the press stage giving their award winning interview, Heather had been distant.

Naya turns around and sees Heather following behind her a few steps, and she stops waiting on the blonde to catch up to her. "Can you believe we won?" Naya asks excitingly as she links her arm with Heather's. Heather just gives her a small smile, before turning her gaze back forward. A smile Naya knew wasn't real. Something was wrong with her. She had known the blonde long enough to tell that. "What's wrong?" She asks, stopping, making the blonde stop also.

"Nothing." Heather replies with a shrug, looking at her best friend. "I'm going to go to the restroom before we have more interviews." Heather says quickly, pulling away from Naya. Naya just simply nods her head, confused by the blonde's actions.

She watches her walk away, disappearing down the hallway, then she feels someone come up behind her. "Hey." Kevin greets with a big smile. She smiles back at him and he wraps an arm around her shoulders. "How awesome is this night?" He asks, making her nod.

"It's amazing. I'm completely beside myself right now. We won a freakin Golden Globe." She replies with a small laugh as he nods in agreement.

"Come on Access Hollywood wants to interview us." Kevin says, leading her down the hallway. She turns her head to look at the bathroom door, but sees no Heather appearing yet. She just walks with Kevin figuring Heather would find her way to the interview with no problem.

Naya makes her way over to the couch, and sits down as she looks over at the blonde, who was now fiddling with things in the kitchen. She wasn't really sure what Heather was doing, but she seemed to just be trying to keep herself busy. "Are you going to tell me what is wrong?" She asks, crossing her right leg over her left. She looks over her shoulder to see the blonde let out a sigh, as she continues fiddling with random objects. "You didn't even want to hang out with me at the parties and that's all you could talk about before we left earlier today." Naya adds, watching her friend who kept her gaze down on the counter.

They finally get down with all of their interviews and Naya catches up to Heather who was a few feet in front of her, not even looking back for her best friend. "Hey." Naya says, grabbing the blonde's arm. "We're going to the instyle party right?" Naya asks as the blonde turns towards her.

"Um i think i'm just going to go to the Fox party. i'll meet up with you there." She says with a shrug, moving her gaze all around the room, being sure to keep her eyes off of Naya.

Naya looks at her for a moment, and was about to protest but decided against it. The blonde was being moody, and she didn't want to deal with it tonight. She had asked her what was wrong, but Heather wouldn't tell her; she didn't feel she needed to beat it out of her. Heather should just tell her things. She wasn't going to let this ruin her night. They had just won a freakin' Golden Globe for godsake, nothing was putting a damper on this night. "Fine." Naya says shrugging her shoulders. "I'll see you there." She says, brushing past the blonde to catch up with Kevin who was walking with Lea. "You guys going to the instyle party?" She asks as they nod their head yes. "Cool." She replies, linking her arm with Kevin. She glances over her shoulder and sees Heather walking away with her head down. As much as she wanted to forget about it and not feel bad, she couldn't help it.

They get into the limo and Naya heads straight for the mini fridge and pours herself a drink. "Damn Naya." Kevin says, smirking at her eager friend. Naya just smiles and rolls her eyes as she downs her drink, before getting another one. She wanted to have fun tonight, and she wasn't going to let Heather ruin this for her. It was technically her fault anyways. She hadn't even done anything and the blonde was mad at her, and the worse part is she wouldn't even tell her why.

Naya lets out a frustrated sigh and walks over to her best friend. She leans up against the counter directly beside Heather, and folds her arms over her chest, giving the blonde a stern stare."Heather." Naya states firmly, making the blonde look back up at her. They stare at each other for a minute before Heather shakes her head, quickly breaks their gaze and looks back down at the dishes she had found herself washing.

Naya lets out yet another sigh and grabs the cup out of Heather's hand, putting it down on the cabinet. She takes the blonde's hand in her own so she couldn't busy herself with anything else, and looks at her, sternly, yet gently."You were flirting with Dianna tonight." Heather says so softly Naya almost didn't hear her.

Naya looks at her best friend and lets out a laugh, before quickly shutting her mouth after taking in the serious face her best friend held. "Wait, what?" She asks, shaking her head confused.

"When we were on stage during the interview after we had won. You were standing behind her and you guys were whispering and giggling." Heather says, looking down at the ground; a pout held firmly on her face.

Naya studies Heather for a moment taking in her features as she tried to figure things out in her head. Okay so maybe she was flirting with Dianna tonight, but what did she care? It was known by everyone that Naya was bisexual, but Heather wasn't. Right now she was showing all the signs of a jealous girlfriend, but she had a boyfriend. "Why do you care?" Naya says, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Heather just shrugs her shoulders and walks out of the kitchen. "Wait hold up! Do not walk away." Naya says, following after the blonde.

"I just didn't like it." Heather says, fiddling with her hands nervously. "It made me feel…sad." She finally says, meeting her friends gaze. Naya studies the blonde for a few more moments as she tries to process what Heather was saying to her. Heather, getting uncomfortable tries once again to walk away.

Naya wasn't having this though, and quickly grabbed her arm, pulling her back to her. "Why did it make you feel sad?" She asks curiously as she gets yet another shrug out of her best friend. "Okay fine." Naya sighs, folding her arms over her chest. She obviously was getting no answers out of the girl. "But you were flirting with Matt." She says, making Heather snap her head up, looking at her confused. "I saw you laughing with him during and interview and then he kissed you on the cheek." Naya says, giving Heather a challenging look.

"That was him. He snuck up behind me! I pushed him away but he just kept on, and then he kissed me! What was I supposed to do?" She asks, flailing her arms in the air, frustrated, as Naya just smirks at her.

"Yeah because it didn't look like you enjoyed it at all!" Naya retorts sarcastically, brushing past the blonde, making her way into the living room.

"Yeah and your one to talk! You were practically drooling over Dianna all night! I saw you guys taking the photos with the award. You were like all over her." She says, folding her arms over her chest, mirroring Naya, as they stood facing one another, staring each other down challengingly.

"Who cares? I'm single! I can do whatever the hell I want!" Naya shouts, bobbing her head as she spoke; much like Santana.

"Oh! So you admit it!" Heather says narrowing her eyes at her best friend, who just laughs bitterly as she rolls her eyes.

"What is there to admit? I did nothing wrong! Yeah I flirted with her so what?" She asks, throwing her hands up in the air in frustration. "Why are we even arguing about this?" she asks, furrowing her eyebrows at Heather who still stood a few feet away from her, glaring at her. The blonde's demeanor quickly changes from fierce to unsure as she moves her gaze down to the floor, shrugging her shoulders.

Naya watches her for a moment taking in her features. She quickly walks over to the blonde and grabs her by the neck, pulling her into a kiss. Heather stands there stunned for a moment, but quickly relaxes, kissing the smaller girl back with just as much passion as she wraps her arms around the brunette's waist.

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