Golden Globes Aftermath

Chapter 10

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"Hi." Naya says, shyly, looking down at her feet nervously. She figured Heather hated her now, and wasn't quite sure what she was going to say to do to her. But she had to do what Dianna said; she had to man up and deal with things instead of run or try and distract herself. "Can I come in?" She asks, after a few minutes of the two girls just gazing at each other.

Heather looks at Naya for a moment contemplating her request, "I should say no." She replies seriously, making Naya's face fall at her words, and just nod her head. Naya's eyes move back down to her feet as Heather just continues to stare at her. The blonde opens her door a little wider causing Naya's attention to move up from her converse and look at the blonde in front of her a small smile growing on her lips.

Naya walks in the door and turns around to look at Heather who was now shutting the front door behind her. "I am so sorry Heather." Naya starts quickly, taking a few steps closer to the blonde.

Heather just simply puts her hand up stopping the smaller girl from saying anymore. Naya quickly shuts her mouth and looks back down at the floor beneath her defeated. "You don't have to be sorry." Heather finally says with a sigh, making the brunette look up at her now clearly confused. "You were right. You were just doing the one thing nobody else could do. You were telling the truth." She says as she makes her way over to the sofa that Ashley had disappeared from in the last few minutes.

Naya stays glued to her spot as she watches Heather play with her hands in her lap, looking out in front of her in thought. Naya wasn't sure what to say to Heather right now, and she sensed the blonde wanted to say more, so she waited. She didn't want to screw anything else up.

"I was mad at you last night. I was furious with you." Heather states moving her gaze up to meet Naya's dark brown orbs. Naya just nods her head slowly at the blonde's statement as she swallows a lump in her throat. "But really I think I was just angry with myself for not being the one to tell him first. It should have been me." She says with a defeated sigh, moving her gaze down to her lap.

Naya takes in Heather's words and slowly makes her way towards the sofa where Heather sat quietly. She stops to the side of it debating on whether or not she should sit down next to her or not. She opts for the coffee table and sits across from the blonde. Again Naya opens her mouth up to speak, but closes it back not knowing what to say. She had a million questions in her mind right now, but wasn't sure what to ask. She wanted to know where Taylor was and if they were still together, what was going to happen to them now, but she just didn't want to upset Heather any more than she already was.

"Taylor left." Heather finally says after a few minutes of agonizing silence. Naya looks up at the blonde; her eyes searching her face, trying to read her emotions, trying to figure out if Heather was upset or not.

"I'm sorry." Naya finally says in a quiet voice, her eyes moving back down to the floor where they had been for most of the conversation. "I never wanted to mess things up between you guys." She says, her voice full of regret. She knew Heather wasn't angry with her and she had in a way done the right thing by telling him the truth, but that didn't mean she still didn't feel bad about it.

Heather gives the brunette a small smile, and reaches over grabbing a tanned hand in her own, "I'm not." She says softly making Naya's eyes look back up at her. Heather gives the girl a reassuring squeeze and a smile forms on the Latina's lips. "He told me I wasn't in love with him, and that he's been competing with you since we got back together." She says with a thoughtful look on her face, "And he was right." She confirms with a shrug. "I mean I love him, but I'm not in love with him anymore." She explains, making Naya nod her head in understanding.

Naya pulls her bottom lip between her teeth and chews on it as she contemplates on what to say next. She had a question she wanted to ask, but she was slightly afraid. She keeps replaying Dianna's words in her head, and she knew that she needed to just man up and ask her. She needed to stop being so afraid. "Heather..." She starts, getting the blonde's attention. "Do you love me?" She asks nervously. She swallows the lump in her throat as she feels Heather's grip on her hand tighten.

"I do." Heather confirms with a firm nod. "I love you so much." She adds with a smile. "I'm sorry that I was a coward, and wouldn't break up with Taylor for you. I really do love you Naya." She explains as guilt washes over her.

Naya just shakes her head and stands up moving over to sit next to Heather on the couch. "It's okay. I know it was hard and better late than never right?" she asks with a smirk, making Heather laugh, and nod her head in agreement.

Naya smiles and leans in slowly, looking deep into the blonde's eyes as she also begins moving in closer. Their lips finally meet in a soft, romantic kiss.

After a few minutes Naya pulls back, both girls beaming at one another. "I love you too by the way." Naya says making Heather smirk. She leans back in capturing the brunette's lips for a more eager kiss; hands quickly tangling in hair and gripping at clothing.


The next day, Heather and Naya walk on set hand in hand, and it didn't go unnoticed by their cast mates. They approach Dianna, Amber, Jenna and Kevin who were standing outside the trailers talking, and laughing about something. "Hey guys." Dianna says after spotting the two of them. Her eyes immediately moving down to their intertwined hands as her smile widens.

"Where is Taylor?" Jenna asks cautiously looking at the blonde in front of her. She of course didn't want to upset Heather, but she was curious about what had gone down after the party, and she knew everyone else was also. By the looks of the two of them it had been a good thing.

Heather glances over at Naya before turning her attention back to the others "He left. We aren't together anymore." She explains vaguely, with a firm head nod.

The others mirror her actions and nod their heads, waiting for her to continue, but she didn't. The three of them look at each other before turning their attention back to Naya and Heather, "So are you guys together now?" Kevin finally asks slowly as the other two look at them with hopeful looks.

"We are." Naya confirms making them all grin widely at the new couple. Kevin quickly pulls them into a hug followed by Dianna, Amber and Jenna joining in. Heather and Naya just giggle as they get smothered by all of their friends.

"You guys have to promise not to break up and make being on set awkward again." Amber says pulling away from the hug, giving them serious looks. "We don't need a Mark and Naya 2.0." She says pointing her finger in their faces.

Naya rolls her eyes at the statement and glares at the darker woman, as Heather just giggles, "Don't worry, I have no plans of ever being without her." Heather says, looking down at Naya lovingly. Naya smiles and wraps her arms around Heather's waist, nuzzling her nose into the blonde's neck. Heather wraps her arms around the smaller girl and places a kiss on the top of her head as their friends look at them in awe, except Kevin who was playfully making gagging noises.

A few minutes later the cast had been called to set, and they were all making their way there, when Naya noticed Dianna lagging behind them. "Hold on baby." The brunette says, placing a kiss on the blonde's cheek before letting go of her hand, to walk back to Dianna. "Hey." She says softly making Dianna look up at her and smile softly.

"Hey." She replies quietly. "I'm really happy things worked out for you." She says sincerely.

Naya nods her head in agreement and beams, "Thank you. I honestly can't think you enough. You've done so much for me." she says gratefully looking in front of her at Heather who was talking to Jenna. She moves her gaze back to Dianna who now had her eyes fixated on the ground. "What happened with you and Lea?" she asks carefully.

Dianna lets out a sigh, before speaking, "She kissed me after the party." She begins, making Naya's eyes widen in surprise. She had known the blonde was going to talk to Lea, but she didn't think that Lea would have been the first to ignite anything between the two. But she was still confused as to why Dianna seemed upset. This should be a good thing right?

"What happened after that?" Naya asks curiously.

Dianna wraps her arms tightly around Lea's small waist as she leads the brunette into one of Amber's guestrooms. She manages to get her inside after a few minutes; the smaller girl almost falling a couple of times. She leads Lea over to the bed and sits her down on it holding her arms on the smaller girls shoulder's for a moment making sure she was steady.

Dianna leans down in front of Lea and pulls her shoes off of her feet tossing them to the side before sitting up straight moving closer to the smaller girl. She lets her hands slide down to the hem of Lea's shirt and looks up into the brunette's dark eyes before hesitantly sliding it off; Lea raising her arms to assist without any hesitation.

Dianna tosses the shirt to the side and can't help but let her eyes flicker down to Lea's bra clad breasts. "You're soooo pretty." Lea slurs out with a giggle, making Dianna's eyes quickly move back up to Lea who was smiling down at her. "Like seriously. You're hot." Lea adds making a blush cover the blonde's cheeks as she averts her eyes away from Lea.

Dianna quickly shakes her head clearing any thoughts from her mind and slides her hands down to the brunette's pants before stopping once again, starting to feel uncomfortable with what she was doing. She lets her fingers drop from the button of Lea's jeans and she looks back up at the brunette who was staring down at her with a hungry look in her eyes, making Dianna swallow hard. "Lea…" Dianna whispers under the smaller girls intense gaze.

Lea responds by putting her hands on either side of Dianna's face, swiftly pulling her up to her level kissing her with hunger.

Dianna moans into the kiss as she immediately kisses back with just as much passion. She gets up off her knees and leans closer into Lea placing her down on the mattress by Lea's sides, slowly guiding her onto her back as the blonde crawls on top of her. But almost as soon as it had started Dianna pulls back, standing up off the bed, making Lea sit up and look at her confused. "Lea, I can't do this." Dianna whispers shaking her head as she tries to hold tears back. She wasn't sure why she was crying, but her emotions seemed to be on over lode right now and she couldn't contain them.

"Why?" Lea asks simply.

Dianna lets out a frustrated sigh and folds her arms over her chest insecurely. "You're drunk, and I'd be taking advantage of you." She informs the brunette trying her best to stand her ground. She had wanted Lea for as long as she could remember and now here she was right in front of her half naked and fully willing.

Lea lets a smile form on her lips and she leans forward reaching for Dianna's hand giving it a small squeeze before lacing her fingers with the blonde's. "I want you Dianna." Lea says, pulling the blonde closer to her. She manages to sit the blonde down on the edge of the bed next to her and she leans down and begins placing soft kisses on her neck.

Dianna felt a shiver go up and down her spine at those words and couldn't help the moan that slipped out her lips just at the sentence alone. She tilts her head to the side letting Lea continue her assault on her neck for a few more moments before a hand on her breasts snaps her out of her trance. She jumps back up off the bed causing Lea to fall back slightly and look up at her annoyed. "I can't Lea. I just can't." Dianna says averting her gaze to the ground. She couldn't look at Lea and see the disappointment in her eyes.

Lea lets out a pitiful laugh and shakes her head. "So you don't want me." She says more to herself than to Dianna as she lies back on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.

Dianna's head snaps up at this and she moves over to the bed kneeling back down in front of it in her previous position. "Lea, look at me." Dianna says, only to get no movement from the smaller girl. "I want you. Believe me I do but-

"You have a fantastic way of showing it." Lea spits out, interrupting Dianna, making her let out a defeated sigh. "Just go please." Lea says, her voice cracking.

"Lea…" Dianna tries, only to have Lea put her hand up silencing her. The brunette rolls over on the bed and curls up into a ball tightly holding a pillow close to her chest. Dianna watches the girl for a few moments before standing up from her place in defeat. She looks back at Lea one more time before walking out of the bedroom.

"She was completely wasted Di. I'm sure she understood when you talked to her the next day?" Naya says hopefully, only receiving a look from dianna. "No?" she asks confused.

Dianna shrugs her shoulders, "I haven't spoken to her since. She wouldn't answer my calls or her door." The blonde says with defeat as they once again start walking towards set after being yelled at by the director.

"Well, she has to be here. Talk to her. She has nowhere to go." Naya suggests placing a comforting hand on the blonde's shoulder. They approach set and Naya stands next to Heather who smiles lovingly at her and grabs her hand, lacing their fingers together.


Naya and Heather sat in their trailer lounging comfortably on the sofa. Naya was leaning back up against the arm of the couch with Heather rested comfortably in between her legs. Heather was flipping through a magazine and Naya was lazily playing with blonde hair as they sat in a comfortable silence. "Do you think Lea and Dianna will work things out?" Heather asks, breaking the silence.

She continues flipping the pages of the magazine and Naya looks up in thought, her hand pausing it's actions. "Yeah." She finally says with a firm nod. "They love each other, they just need to be on the same page. Their confused. They need to talk." She adds, making Heather nod in agreement.

"That whole talking thing." Heather says with a laugh shaking her head slightly. "Seems to mess everyone up." She adds making Naya let out a small chuckle, but nod her head in agreement.

"More like a lack of…" Naya adds making Heather also nod in agreement. "It's funny how simple talking is yet of hard it is at the same time." Naya muses as her hand begins it's ministrations through blonde hair once again. "We have to make sure we talk." Naya says tilting her head to the side, looking down at the blonde in her arms.

Heather places the magazine on the floor next to them and turns around in Naya's arms to where their faces were inches away from each others. "Okay, but right now…" Heather says before placing a kiss on Naya's lips. "I don't want to talk." She says with a suggestive smile, before leaning in placing another kiss on Naya's lips, this time a more passionate kiss.

After a few minutes Naya pulls back panting slightly as Heather rests her forehead against Naya's. "I don't know. I kind of like when you talk during…" Naya says awkwardly, a blush creeping along her cheeks as she looked to the side. She had intended on that coming out much more sexy, but it didn't turn out that way.

Heather smirks and leans down to Naya's ear. "You like when I talk dirty to you?" Heather whispers huskily, making a pool of arousal quickly appear between the brunette's legs as she just nods her head frantically. Heather smirks and sucks Naya's earlobe in between her teeth before moving down placing a trail kisses down Naya's neck. She starts sucking hard on Naya's pulse point, being sure to leave a mark as Naya lets out an embarrassingly loud moan. "You want me to fuck you?" Heather asks in a low sexy voice, making Naya feel as if she was going to cum right then.

"Yes please." Naya pants, tangling her fingers in Heather's blonde locks as Heather begins trailing her kisses lower down her neck. She sits up slightly and before Naya can even protest Heather swiftly pulls off Naya's shirt before leaning in hungrily attacking Naya's exposed body with her lips. She reaches around Naya's back as she continues her attack on her collar bone and unclasps Naya's bra easily sliding it off of her.

The blonde then moves her kisses down Naya's chest before taking her left breast into her mouth sucking hard as her right hand massaged the other breast roughly causing Naya to arch her back up, letting out a loud guttural moan.

Naya slides her hands down Heather's sides until she reaches the hem of the blonde's shirt and pulls it over her head. Before Heather could take the breast back into her mouth Naya's hands cup her cheeks and pull her up to her face, attaching their lips together in a heated kiss. Her hands then make their way to Heather's breasts, squeezing them roughly through the material of the bra. "Take it off." Heather pants against the Latina's lips, before continuing the passionate lip lock.

Naya does as she is told and easily unclasps the bra tossing it to the side with the rest of their clothes. She places her hands back on the blonde's plump breasts squeezing them together as Heather moans into Naya's mouth causing her mouth to vibrate. Naya slides her hands around Heather's back and pulls the blonde into her, both girls letting out moans as their bodies press into each other.

Heather throws her leg over Naya's right leg, straddling it and starts rocking her hips against Naya's. The brunette mirrors Heather's actions and thrusts her hips unpward, the two girls quickly finding a rhythm. "Heather…" Naya pants, pulling away from the kiss trying to catch her breath as heather's lips quickly find the Latina's tanned neck.

"What baby?" Heather asks smiling against Naya's soft flesh before placing a gentle kiss there. She moves her head up and looks deep into Naya's lust filled eyes with a smirk.

"Fuck me." Naya moans out thrusting her hips up harder, trying to relieve some of the tension that was forming in her core. "Please." Naya begs arching her back up off the couch pressing herself even harder against the blonde.

Heather smiles and slides her hands down and unbuttons Naya's pants pushing them down slightly. She leans down capturing Naya's lips with her own as she slides her hand into the brunette's panties, making her moan into the kiss. "You're so wet for me baby." Heather whispers as she moves her finger up and down Naya's heat, feeling her wetness. Naya nods frantically in response and pulls Heather's lips back to her own for another mind blowing kiss.

Without any warning Heather thrusts two of her fingers deep inside of Naya making her gasp and pull away from the kiss as Heather just moves the kisses down the caramel flesh of Naya's neck. Naya's head falls backwards on the couch as she lets out moan after moan, bucking her hips wildly against Heather's hand. "Fuck Heather, I'm so close." Naya moans after a few more thrusts of Heather's expert fingers.

Heather thrusts her fingers in even deeper curling them slightly as he thumb begins rubbing tight circles around Naya's clit. "I want to make you cum so fucking hard baby." Heather moans into Naya's ear as she picks up the pace of her thrusts. White dots begin filling Naya's vision as she feels herself tumbling closer and closer to the edge, "Cum for me baby." Heather coaxes massaging Naya's left breast with her free hand. With a loud scream of Heather's name Naya cums, coating the blonde's hand with her juices.

Heather pulls her fingers out of Naya after a couple of minutes, receiving a whimper from the Latina at the loss of contact. She smiles and leans down peppering soft kisses on Naya's face and neck as she comes down from her high. Naya opens her eyes up a few minutes later and smiles lazily up at Heather who was looking down at her lovingly. "I love you." Naya whispers meeting the blonde's ocean blue eyes.

"I love you too." Heather replies, leaning down placing a soft kiss on Naya's plump lips. Naya pulls the blonde back into her for another kiss, this one more fierce than the last. She slides her hands down the blonde's toned body, and grabs her pants, quickly unbuttoning them, but feels Heather's hand on hers stopping her. "We'll have to finish this later." She whispers making Naya look up at her confused. "We need to be on set." Heather says, looking at the clock on the wall behind Naya.

Naya frowns and looks behind her realizing they were supposed to be on set in less than 2 minutes. "I'll make it up to you tonight, I promise." Naya says with a sly smile before kissing Heather tenderly.

Heather pulls back and smiles down at the Latina, "You better." She says with a smirk before crawling off of Naya so they could both get dressed and go to set.


Dianna walks onto set and spots Lea sipping on some coffee as she stood over the snack table, looking over all the choices. She slowly makes her way up to Lea, standing directly next to her without saying a word. She glances over at the brunette out of the corner of her eye and sees Lea hasn't taken her eyes off of the table. "Hey." Dianna says quietly, turning her head slightly to look at the girl. "You wouldn't answer my calls or anything. I really need to talk to you." Dianna says, turning fully to Lea.

Lea lets out a sigh and turns to look at the blonde briefly, "We have nothing to talk about." She says simply before turning her attention back to the table filled with food. "I was stupid. The end." She says, making Dianna shake her head abruptly.

"You aren't stupid Lea." She says desperately, trying to get the girl to listen to her. "Please look at me." She pleads, only to get no movement out of the smaller girl. Dianna lets out a sigh and looks down as she pulls her bottom lip in between her teeth chewing on it slightly as she thought over what she wanted to say. She had thought all weekend about what she would say, but she somehow managed to forget everything now that it had come down to it. "Lea I love you okay. I've loved you for almost as long as I've known you." Dianna says bluntly. She sees Lea glance over at her as her face softens at the confession. "The other night, I wanted you. You have no idea how hard it was to pull away, but you were wasted and I didn't want to take advantage of you, and also I didn't want to do anything in case you were only doing it because you were drunk. That would have killed me." Dianna admits, looking back down at the table.

A silence falls over the two of them, and Dianna lets out a sigh, before turning to walk away, but she feels a hand wrap around her wrist stopping her. She turns to look at Lea, and the smaller brunette pulls Dianna to her pressing their lips together for a searing kiss. Dianna's eyes widen and she stood still for a moment as she wrapped her head around what was happening. As soon as she did though gave in and began kissing the smaller girl with just as much passion; both girls trying to convey everything they felt for each other in that kiss. "I love you too." Lea whispers against the blonde lips after they pull away.

Dianna slowly opens her eyes, meeting dark brown ones and can't help the wide grin from forming on her face. Lea instantly smiles back and Dianna leans in for another kiss.

They get interrupted a couple of minutes later by something hitting the back of Dianna's head. She pulls away from Lea abruptly and looks down to see a muffin on the ground by her feet. She looks behind her and sees Naya and Heather looking at them with smirks on their faces. "Mature." Dianna quips as Naya just raises an eyebrow at her friend and smiles.

"I'm guessing you guys worked things out." Heather says walking closer to the two, pulling Naya with her because of their interlaced hands.

Dianna looks over at Lea who smiles, before turning her attention back to their friends, "We did." She confirms making the two girls smile. Heather squeals and pulls them into a hug as Naya just rolls her eyes at her girlfriends giddiness. She feels Heather tugging on her hand, and is eventually pulled into the group hug with no room for protest.

Naya couldn't help but let her body relax into the hug as a smile formed on her face though. They had all found their happy endings…

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