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Gohan struggles after Cells defeat and his fathers death. but now he has bigger problems...high school... How will Gohan keep his secrets from the school? How will he make friends with out them knowing who he is? And why can't he remember who Mr Satan is? And how will Gohan react when he finds out?

Teenage Life, Saiyan Style - Chapter 1


The days after Cells defeat were hard on everybody, Goku had sacrificed himself to save the world, and refused to come back as most of the villains that threatened the world were after him. Goku was loved and respected by all who knew him, and his death was taken badly by them all. Although Goku seemed happy when he decided to stay behind in the other world all his friends and family missed him terribly.

Krillin and Bulma were two of the worse hit by the decision by Goku, however, they both decided to remain strong for the sake of Chi-Chi and Gohan, who were taking things much harder. Bulma and Chi-Chi were together for most of the next few months and became even close friends than they were before. Vegeta had left in a spaceship to deal with Goku's death in his own way, even the normally emotionless Saiyan Prince was affected by the selfishness of his rival to save everything important to the prince. Bulma was vital to Chi-Chi, especially after Chi-Chi found out she was pregnant with Goten. Bulma tried everything she could to help her friend, but she knew that Chi-Chi needed Gohan more than she needed her.

Gohan, however, took the death of his father worse than everybody combined. He had silently asked his friend Dende to keep the scar on his left shoulder as a reminder of the loss that his own actions caused, although, Dende disagreed, he left the scar for Gohan.

During the weeks and months after the Cell games, Gohan spent almost the whole time training, promising to his father that he will never let him down again. Krillin and Piccolo, spent days trying to help Gohan come to terms with the death of Goku, they were suffering with the lose of a close friend, and felt they owed Goku by ensuring the safety of his son.

Gohan knew that Krillin and Piccolo were suffering too, his dad was Krillins best friend and a very good friend of Piccolo. The young saiyan tried to act as if he was alright, for the sake of Krillin and Piccolo, but they both knew he was just putting on a straight face, they knew he blamed himself. They both spent as much time as they could with the young hero, training with him, talking with him, but surprisingly it was the return of Vegeta that pulled Gohan out of it.

The saiyan prince visited Gohan immediately upon his return to earth, much to the surprise of everybody, however, his words started Gohan's return to normality.

Landing in the back yard of Capsule Corp. Vegeta took to the skies and headed towards Gohan's ki signature. He knew the boy would be taking the loss hard, he just had to think of his own actions after mirai Trunks was killed by Cell. Bowing his head as he flew, Vegeta knew he owed Gohan, the boy had saved his life, and even know he was humiliated by the son of his rival, Vegeta was relieved that Cell was defeated and even more relieved that it was defeated by a Saiyan.

Sensing that he was near Gohan's position, Vegeta landed behind the young demi-saiyan.

"Gohan," Vegeta said in a soft voice that surprised Gohan causing him to turn. "You should not wallow in self pity. You are a hero of this planet, a hero to your father and everybody who knows you. Your even a hero...to me." This shocked Gohan to no end but Vegeta continued before Gohan could comment. "I shouldn't have to tell you how proud everyone is of you. On our home planet you would be welcomed like a god. And although your only half a saiyan, you would make a better saiyan then I am" There was a pause as Gohan thought about Vegeta's words.

"Go home to your mother, she needs you. As will your little brother when he is born. Look after him, train him, so when the time comes, he will be ready to fight along side you, just like you and your father did, like myself and Trunks have. You may not like fighting Gohan...but I need you to continue training. I can not defend this planet on my own. I need your help to keep our families safe. No doubt the two boys will want to help us. If they are anything like their fathers they will find away to fight even if we forbid them. So we might as well train them to help." Vegeta turned to leave, but looked over his shoulder at Gohan before taking off. "You have made your prince proud." He left as he finished.

The following weeks after Vegeta talked to Gohan, the young demi-saiyan spent the time during the day helping his mother around the house. He still trained during the evening after Chi-Chi wet to bed, but he mostly spent his time with his pregnant mother and helping her with everything. It wasn't until 5 weeks after Vegeta's return that events started happening.

After being taught a saiyan skill of knowing when a baby was ready to be born by its power level, Gohan was prepared to take his mother to Capsule Corp. when the time was right. Bulma had a room prepared with everything that would be needed and even offered the a place to stay for the Son family. However, Chi-Chi wanted to stay in her own home, with the thought of her husband in the home. It was a Tuesday morning when Gohan sensed the level of the child spiking, which is what Vegeta had told him would be around 2 hours until the child was ready to be born.

Sensing this, the young saiyan informed his mother and asked her to fetch her jacket and meet him at the front door. Running out side Gohan's voice could be heard all around the 439 mountain area.

"FLYING NIMBUS!" It only took a couple of seconds for the magical cloud to appear.

"Ok Nimbus, I need you to take mom to Capsule Corp. but I need you to be very careful, its almost time for mom to have her baby, I'll fly along side you. Just keep up with my speed." Gohan smiled and patted the cloud which some how seemed happy with the instructions. Chi0Chi appeared outside a couple of seconds later and was lifted on to the cloud by Gohan.

"Ok Nimbus lets go." Gohan instructed as he began to fly away and was followed by the cloud.

"You alright mom?" Gohan asked looking across at his mother.

"I'm fine Gohan, but my back starting to ache."

"Don't worry mom, here come some help." Gohan finished with a smile after looking at his mothers confused face. Slowing to a stop Gohan began to hover as the cloud stopped next to him.

"What's wrong Gohan?" Chi-Chi asked slightly worried.

"Nothing mom, just waiting for Bulma, she's bringing a car to get you there in more comfort." Just as Gohan was finishing speaking, Bulma appeared next to them in her newest jet car.

"What do you think guys?" Bulma asked after opening the large back door to the jet and allowing Gohan to carry his mother in and place her on the chair that was designed for her.

"Thank you so much Bulma." Chi-Chi smiled as Trunks seemed to be itching for Gohan to pick him up.

"Hey Bulma, can I fly with Trunks?" Gohan asked and was answered with a smile as the blue haired woman turned to her son and started to undo the seat belts.

"What do you say Trunks?" Bulma asked as she picked up her son. "Wanna to fly with Gohan?" Trunks seemed ecstatic with the idea as Gohan took the child from Bulma and walked to the doors at the back.

"Don't worry Bulma I'll be careful."

"I know you will Gohan." Bulma smiled as Gohan flew out the doors with a laughing Trunks and headed towards Capsule Corp.

During the hours after the the group arrived at Capsule Corp., Gohan and Chi-Chi were visited by most of the Z-fighters. Krillin and 18, who was living with Krillin until she could find her own place, were the first to visit and they stayed with the family until the child was born. It was about an hour after Tien and Yamcha arrived, the rest of the gang were already there, that Bulma was rushed in to Chi-Chi's room for the birth.

A little while longer Bulma came out of the room with a big smile on her face and told Gohan to go and see his new brother. What Gohan seen shocked him, but still brought a smile to his face. In his mothers arms was a very small Goku, fussing around in his mothers arms.

"Gohan, Come say hello to your brother, Goten." Chi-Chi smiled beckoning her older son over.

As Gohan walked over, the small Goten instantly stopped fussing and looked up at his big brother. There was a second as they looked at each other, until Goten's face broke out in the biggest smile his little face could make. This almost brought tears to Chi-Chi and Bulma, who had followed Gohan in.

"Goten, this is your big brother Gohan." Chi-Chi said softly to her new baby, as Gohan lifted the small child from his mother. The two boys instantly smiled at each other and Gohan lifted his finger to tickle the nose of his brother. Goten laughed as he tried to catch Gohan's finger, the two of them played for a while unitil Gohan allowed Goten to grab his finger, resulting in a cry of joy from the young Goten and causing Chi-Chi to bust in to tears, and a smiling Bulma to pull Gohan out to show Goten to the others, allowing their grandfather, the OX king, to hug his daughter.

Leaving the room Gohan was rushed by Krillin and Yamcha, who stopped about 2 yards from Gohan as they looked in awe at the small child in his arms.

"My god... he is a little Goku, he's almost identical, even down to the shape of his hair." Krillin nodded in agreement to Yamcha's words and walked over to pat Gohan on the shoulder.

"Your gonna make a hell of a big brother, Gohan." The small monk said, with the rest of the gang nodding and beaming.

Making his way around the group, Gohan showed off his new little brother, who seemed to be amazed by all the new faces. After about half an hour, Gohan noticed his new brother yawn, so headed back in to the ward, giving him back to his mother to rest and he went in search of Bulma.

"Hey Bulma?"

"Yes Gohan?" She replied with a smile that only grew when she say Gohan smiling, something he had not done in a long time.

"Where can the little guy sleep?"

"Put him with Trunks, Gohan, I'm sure them two will get along fine."

"Kay!" Gohan replied happily, before heading of to tell his mother where Goten could sleep.

Taking his little brother back from his mother and odering her to get some sleep while he looks after Goten, Gohan entered the room where Trunks was lying down, half asleep. Placing his brother next to him, the two children instantly looked at each other. The two boys smiled and seemed to be at total ease with each other, and fell asleep almost instantly.

A few hours later, noticing how tired Gohan looked, Yamcha and Krillin offered to take a turn checking on the kids. Walking down one of the many corridoors in the Capsule Corp. Yamcha and Krillin started talking about the two youngest demi-saiyans.

"You know, defending the earth should be easier when these two grow up, it wont be long till their super saiyans i tell you." Yamcha laughed as they both entered the room with the sleeping children.

"I wonder how long it will take before they are stronger than us? i mean Gohan wasonly 6 or 7 when he passed us by." Yamcha whispered only to be replied by a smile and a shrug from Kirllin who looked back down at the sleeping Saiyans.

Seven years later, the young hero, Gohan was now a teenager and, by his mothers wishes, was starting high school today. He was happily sleeping, dreaming about having mountains of food for his breakfast, but it was suddenly interrupted.

"GOHAN! GOHAN! GOHAN!" the little demi-saiyan started bouncing on the stomach of his older brother, causing him to slowly open his eyes. Gohan had learned long ago, due to many destroyed walls and bruises to his little brother, not to react straight away when awoken suddenly. Groggely, Gohan opened his eyes to see a familier sight. Goten just sat on Gohan's stomach looking at his brothers face with a big smile cheering that breakfast is ready.

"Ok squirt, I'm up." Gohan replied yawning, trying to calm his younger brother. "Go and sit at the table and I'll be down soon." Gohan told his little brother as he picked him up of his stomach and placed him on his feet, ruffling his hair.

"He's on his way mom!" Goten shouted as he left the room, with a big smile on his face..

Watching Goten walk normally out the room, Gohan began changing at super speed, and dived out the window of his room and through the front door, appearing with a smile and a wink to his mother who smiled at her older sons antics. Chi-chi had to hide her laughter when a shocked Goten started jumping up and down while shouting.

"How did you do that! That's not fair! I want to be able to do that! Can you teach me? OH OH please Gohan!" Gohan was never able to learn how Goten could go from being angry to totally happy in a couple of seconds but just accepted it and laughed at his little brother.

"Sure thing squirt."

"Yeeeaaaahhh!" Goten shouted and jumped to high-five Gohan, before sitting quickly in his seat and started eating at an inhuman speed. Shaking her said with a small smile, Chi-Chi just said one word, "Saiyans"

Realising the time, Gohan finished his breakfast, kissed his mothers cheek and shouted goodbye to Goten as he ran to the door to make the 500 mile trip to school.

"Be careful Gohan! Fly safe! Keep your powers hidden! And study hard!"Chi-Chi shouted to his back as he left the house.

Gohan could only laugh as he shouted back to his mom. "I will mom, you know me!"

Crouching down outside his door to blast off at a high speed, Gohan felt his brother try to sneak up on him from behind. Standing back up, Gohan waited for Goten to strike.

"Gotcha!" Goten laughed as he dived towards his brothers back. Goten thought he had finally caught his brother only for Gohan to duck at the last second, sending Goten flying over his head and on to the ground.

"Nearly got me that time Goten." Gohan laughed, but seeing the look of disappointment on his brothers face he came up with a plan to cheer him up. "How about we train real hard after I get home from high school, squirt?" Goten's face lit up as he nodded ecclesiastically. "Well you have to help mom out around the house and do all of your studying then we'll train, alright?"

Goten nodded and jumped to hug his brother before running in to the house.

"MOM! Do you need any help today?" Was the last thing he heard as he chuckled before turning and lifting into the air and flying towards Satan City.

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