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"Here. Your house. Two are heading to Kami's place, so we're assuming they're after Dende and Korin. And Hercule Satan's mansion." Bulma added, watching as Gohan exited the Gravity room.

"Hurcule's place?" Gohan asked, once Lime and Bulma had joined him.

"Trunks thinks they've been monitoring the communication of the planet." Bulma replied. "And they think Satan is..."

"The planets Hero." Gohan finished.

"So what's the pla-" He continued, but he was interrupted by a loud gasp.

"Huh?" Gohan and Bulma turned to see Lime a few feet behind them, her hand over her mouth, panic written all over her face.

"Videl." She whispered, loking straight at Gohan, ignoring another gasp from Bulma. "She left to go home this afternoon. She should be arriving soon."

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Chapter 12 - First Contact

Gohan nodded as he walked over to Vegeta and Piccolo.

"I shall remain here." Vegeta began after a moment of silence. He turned to Piccolo.

"I will head to Dende." Piccolo agreed, turning and slowly flying out the window before blasting on his way.

"Trunks." Vegeta said, turning to his eldest. "Go with him. We need them destroyed as quickly as possible."

Trunks nodded, throwing a quick smile to Lime, as he walked to the window.

"Boy." Vegeta called, regaining his eldest son's attention. Trunks turned just in time, catching what his father had thrown at him. His sword. "Use it well."

Trunks just nodded in thanks as he fastened the blade over his shoulder, blasting out the window after Piccolo.

"Goten. Trunks." Gohan called, turning quickly around to the two youngest warriors. "Right now, a group of Aliens are on their way to our house."

Gohan silenced any reply with a look before the boys could even start.

"They have been watching us since before you both were born. Their only goal is to destroy the families of any Sayian that they find."

The eyes widened on both Goten and Trunks. They glanced at each other, but Gohan brought their attention back to him straight away.

"I can't come with you." He began, raising his hand to keep them from complaining. "There is another group I must deal with. It depends on you."

"Gohan." Goten replied, fear in his voice. "Mom's at home." He finished quietly.

Gohan sighed softly. "I know Goten." He rested his hand on his younger brother's shoulder, his other reached out for Trunks'. "That's why this is so important. You two have to fly there and destroy the invaders before they can blow up our house."

"Then let's go!" Goten cried, heading towards the window.

"Wait." Gohan stopped him, appearing in front of the window. The boy's looked up at him. "They don't know that you two exist. So you must destroy them as quickly as you can."

Goten and Trunks shared a look, and similar grins appeared on their faces.

"This is serious!" Gohan snapped. "As soon as they see you, or think they are under attack, they'll simply fire a Ki blast and blow mom up!"

The grins on the boys' faces was wiped off.

"Use what we've taught you." Gohan continued, in a much quieter tone.

"Sense them from a distance." Vegeta interrupted, coming to stand alongside Gohan. "Power up as much as you can and destroy them instantly."

"Do not give them any time to contact their home, or call for reinforcements." Gohan said as he stepped out of the way of the window.

"Work together, and you'll be fine." He finished, nodding as both boys blasted towards the Son home.

"I shouldn't be long." Gohan muttered to Vegeta, getting a nod in reply before the young Demi-Sayain shot out of the window in a much more graceful way than his younger brother.

(With Piccolo and Trunks)

"I knew they would send you to assist me." Piccolo said as Trunks came within ear shot of the Namek.

"We need to destroy them before they can report on us." Trunks agreed. "It makes sense, as you we're against two groups."

"I'll protect Korin." Trunks began after a small pause, "You go-" He stopped speaking.

"I sense them too." Piccolo said, turning his head towards where their signature was coming from.

"Six of them." Trunks added, flashing as he transformed into the first level of Super Sayain.

Piccolo just nodded, his white aura glowing bright as he blasted off. Trunks grinned, glowing bright gold shooting off after Piccolo.

"They're splitting up." Piccolo shouted, watching as the three who had moved to Kami's place began to split up.

The two warriors nodded at each other, before blasting towards their assigned targets.

Piccolo flew straight up, watching the three aliens split up and surround the palace. Frowning, he aimed his body towards one of them, making sure there was one on each side of him. He held his fists against his chest, charging two powerful ki blasts as he flew straight towards the alien.

He was half way towards his target when he was first noticed. As quick as he could, Piccolo shot his fists out to his sides, firing the powerful Ki blasts at the two opponents at his sides. A quick burst of speed and his fist was slammed into the gut of the third one. He frowned again. These guys were stronger than they had estimated.

Piccolo spun in the air. His hand shot out and grabbed the ankle of the alien he'd punched. Placing his hand against its chest, piccolo began spinning rapidly, another Ki blast forming in his hand. A couple of seconds passed and he released his opponent, launching it towards one of the others, using the charged Ki blast to propel and aim. As soon as the Ki blast had left his hand, Piccolo blasted himself towards the remaining alien.

His foot connected with the alien, still recovering from the Ki blast. Piccolo grabbed the leg of it before his kick sent it flying away and pulled it back towards him, where another Ki blast from point blank range finished it off. He quickly looked over to the other two, just in time to see his explosion and sense they were gone.

"They knew we would come." He muttered to himself as he looked down and saw Trunks on the defensive.

(With Trunks)

The two warriors nodded at each other, before blasting towards their assigned targets.

Trunks' eyes were surveying the scene as he flew towards Korin's place. The aliens had split, trying to surround the area. He appeared to be unnoticed as he shot towards them, but he realised that he stealth had cost him time.

Trunks' eyes widened. His opponents had quickly fired Ki blasts at Korin, not wasting a second. The Sensu Beans! Trunks thought as he flashed bright gold and dived towards Korin. With a yell, Trunks raised his arms the instant he landed, using his energy to create a shield around the place. The aliens didn't stop their attacks, but Trunks couldn't lower the shield without stopping the beams.

With a grunt, he expanded more energy, knocking the beams away from Korin's as he reached behind him. Trunks leaped forward towards one of the aliens, his hand pulling the sword of his back as he twisted in mid-air. With an inch perfect throw, Trunks launched the sword at one of the aliens, Turing back to face the one he was flying towards and using his other hand to fire another Ki blast that eradicated his enemy.

Trunks looked towards where his sword had fell. That was his mistake. The final alien had continued its attack on Korin's place. Trunks moved with all the speed he could and appeared in between the alien and its target, right in front of a wide fire rapid attack. Ki attacks flew all around Trunks, giving him some trouble in deflecting them all.

If they were all aimed at him, he wouldn't have much trouble. But they weren't. The alien was trying to fire around Trunks, which made it a lot harder to defend.

He had to end this now. Before the Alien reported back about meeting resistance. Trunks grunted, quickly rising in power as his right hand defender a blast. He brought his hand down, and thrust it forward in one rapid movement, blasting the alien to pieces.

Then time seemed to slow down.

Trunks watched, helpless as he fired his beam, as a single blast from the rapid fire flew past his head. There was a small explosion behind him, seconds before the alien exploded. Turning around, Trunks breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Korin lean over the exploded area, peering curiously at it.

"One got through." He sighed, feeling Piccolo float down behind him. Placing a hand on his shoulder, Piccolo started towards Korin.

"Come on."

"There doesn't seem to be much damage." Korin announced, once they had flown over close enough. "The only thing is the bag of Sensu beans. They were hit."

"Were they the only ones you had?" Trunks asked.

"That was the only full bag." Koring replied. "I have two bean here." He handed them to Piccolo, "But it will take time to regrow now ones."

"Thank you Korin." Trunks said gratefully, "We'll be in touch." Korin just nodded, turning back to the damage as Trunks dived of the tower for his sword. Piccolo shook his head before heading back to Capsule Corp.

(With Goten and Trunks)

"Come on Trunks!" Goten yelled, flying a few feet in front of his friend.

"Hey. Goten." Trunks replied, ignoring his friends shout. "Let's go super and show everyone just how powerful we really are."

Goten grinned. Quickly transforming and blasting off, leaving Trunks behind.

"Hey!" Trunks shouted, quickly transforming. "Wait for me!"

Trunks had only been flying for a few seconds when he spotted Goten hovering above him.

"Whats up, Goten?" He asked, flying up to his friend.

Goten just pointed down towards the floor, a little way in front of them. Trunks mentally cursed himself. He'd been too focused on following Goten, he didn't bother looking around for the Aliens. They were about 200 yards in front of them, walking across the plains towards Gohan's house.

"Yeah, I knew they were there." Trunks replied. "What you thinking?"

"Gohan says we should work together." Goten replied.

"The other two will see us coming from a mile off." Trunks replied. "Listen." Trunk told Goten his plan.

"Gohan will be so proud of us." Trunks finished, knowing that would get his friend to do anything.

"This had better work." Goten replied, but Trunks could tell he was excited.

Trunks grinned and turned to face the aliens, his right hand extended. Goten mirrored his movements, his left hand in Trunk's right.

"Ready, Goten?" Trunks asked, trying to hide the nerves in his voice.

Goten nodded, and started flying diagonally upwards. The boys flew diagonally up, their hands joined. They used their other hands to fire weak Ki beams to their sides, causing them to spin. They were a couple thousand feet, directly about the aliens, when they arced their flight and began to plummet towards the earth.

Their hands were still joined, they had aimed their Ki blasts behind them, using the joint power of their flight, gravity and the force of their beam to give them great speed on their plummet. They glowed bight gold, their power rising as they fell, and their spin turning them into a bright gold twister.

They were only 15 feet above the aliens when Trunks separated. Pushing them both apart. Their beams stopped as both boys extended their fist and slammed down, directly on top of the two aliens on either side of the group leader.

The leading alien had no idea what had hit them. The instant his two comrades were crushed, Goten and Trunks spun and faced the middle alien, firing Trunks' own version of the final flash and a Kamehameha. It was hit on both sides and stood no chance of surviving such an attack.

They both stood. Grinning stupidly as they fell from Super Sayain back to their normal forms.

"Told you that would work." Trunks said, his grin widening.

"Yeah." Goten agreed, "that was the be-"

He was interrupted as the alien he landed on, wasn't as dead as he thought. Goten was thrown high in the air.

"Goten!" Trunks called, facing the alien in front of him. He was about to charge, when his own alien threw him straight up at Goten.

"Ready, Goten?" Trunks asked, as he straightened his body, flying directly at his friend with his hand stretched in front of him.

Goten nodded, grabbing Trunks' hand as he approached and arched him straight over his head, and launched him back at the ground. Trunk spin in the air, falling feet first and slamming directing into the alien below him. Using the momentum from his fall, Trunks bounced straight back up, accelerating as he came near Goten. Goten held his arms out in front of him, waiting. Trunks grabbed them as he passed, spinning around and arching Goten over his head, launching him down at the ground at the remaining alien.

Goten flipped in the air, falling head first at the remaining alien, who looked up to see an orange blur flying towards it. About 30 feet above the ground, Goten fired an intense beam at the ground. The beam hit the alien directly, engulfing it in energy as the force from the beam slowed Goten's fall. His fall, and the force of the beam compressed the energy. Once he landed, there was nothing left.

Trunks landed next to Goten. "Are they dead?" He asked, keeping alert.

Goten moved over and kicked one in the side.

"I think so."

"Should we take them home?"

"Your mom might want to take a look."

"Alright." Trunks nodded as he bent down and picked one up, Goten did the same with the other.

"Let's stop by and see my mom first." Goten said happily, running towards his house a few miles away.

Trunks rolled his eyes before following.

"Wait for me, Goten!"

(With Vegeta)

"I shouldn't be long." Gohan muttered to Vegeta, getting a nod in reply before the young Demi-Sayain shot out of the window in a much more graceful way than his younger brother.

Vegeta watched the younger warrior leave his home, flying towards the final target. Grunting, he turned back to Bulma.

"Stay here." He ordered. "If they enter the air space over this building, move down to the building with the brats." That should give you time."

Bulma nodded before turning back to her machines. Gasping, she quickly hit a few buttons on her console.

"Vegeta!" She called. "They're not far fro-" She turned around and stopped mid-sentence. "Of course you already know." She grumbled. "Cheater!" She shouted at the window, before she turned back to the console.

Bulma watched with a frown as more aliens were picked up on her screen.

"Seven?" She asked herself with a worry. "Hurry back guys."

Vegeta snorted as the aliens approached his home. He was hovering a couple of hundred feet in the air, and a few miles out. His arms where crossed but he remained in normal form.

He scowled when he saw them. They were all in a line, waiting for an attack. So he charged. Vegeta flew straight between two of them, his arms our wide, catching them straight in the necks. His arms quickly grabbed their tails before they were thrown away. He pulled them back to him, his hands moving to their chests where two high powered blasts through them do for good.

"Two down." Vegeta grinned, before turning to face the other five.

Two of the aliens moved to either side of him, blasting him from either side with energy beams. Vegeta quickly extended his arms, catching the beams in his hands. Smirking, Vegeta began pushing energy out his hands. Small beams began forming in his hands as he easily pushed back the beams of the two aliens. His beams never faultered, they kept pushing back until they were only feet from his opponents. With a yell, the two small beams erupted in energy and fully engulfed the aliens.

"Four down." Vegeta's grin never left his face, his arms crossed back over his chest. He started floating towards the last three, until he was struck in the back by a ki blast.

Whipping around, Vegeta was surprised to see the four aliens he'd attacked, looking a little worse for wear, but still alive.

Growling, Vegeta quickly transformed. He charged again. He sensed the other 6 coming at him from behind and he flipped over the one he charged at, kicking him in the back and into his comrades. A quick ki blast distracted them as he flew underneath the huddled group and flew straight up the middle, grabbing one by the throat and lifting it high above the others. Vegeta held one hand against its chest, and assured it would not be getting up again with a powerful blast.

Looking down at the remaining six, Vegeta grumbled. "This is going to take longer than I thought…." With that, he charged again.

Vegeta flew straight through the group, grabbing the ankles of two aliens and launching them towards the ground. They landed hard, lying close together in a large crater. Vegeta quickly landed between them, pointed a hand at each one and blasted them again. Double checking that they we're going to stay down.

Looking up, Vegeta glared at the remaining four. He quickly flew up to their level as the four charge. Two came straight at him, while the other two tried to fly around him. Vegeta dropped backwards, using the two that charged him and kicked off from them, pushing them back. Hi grabbed the tails of the two that tried to sneak past him and swung them both in front of him. They collided together with a sickening crunch, and slowly fell to the floor.

The two remaining in the air charged him again. Vegeta dropped his shoulders and lifted his arms up to his shoulders, grabbing their tails. He swung the forwards and began flipping in the air, spinning the aliens around him. He spun them for a few moments before launching them at the ground, directly on top of the other two.

"Vegeta." Piccolo's voice called as the Sayain was landing between the bodies.

"Just finishing off." The Prince replied, not bothering to look at the Namek. He quickly blasted the four bodies, finishing them off as Trunks landed next to him.

"The boys are on their way." Trunks said in greeting, before looking over in the direction of Gohan.

(With Gohan)

"I shouldn't be long." Gohan muttered to Vegeta, getting a nod in reply before the young Demi-Sayain shot out of the window in a much more graceful way than his younger brother.

Gohan's senses quickly began searching for Videl's, his body automatically aiming him towards Satan City. His eyes closed in concentration, a slight frown on his face as he lowers his head and rapidly picks up speed.

"There you are." Gohan said to himself, slightly turning his head to where he felt the presence of the group of invaders.

"Where are you though, Videl." His eyes scrunched up a bit more, before opening in shock. "Right in front of them!"

"Please don't do anything stupid." Gohan mumbled to himself, before the air around him started to blur as he focused his energy on pure speed.

"Leave him alone!" Videl grumbled, standing protectively in front of her father, was lying on the ground. She had arrived just in time to see the lead alien throw her father to the floor.

There was a soft chuckle from the aliens. They were hovering a few feet of the ground, arms hanging loosely. The lead alien casually flicked his wrist, a small weak ki blast landed at the feet of Videl. The small explosion, while not enough to hurt her, was enough to shock her and blast her off her feet.

"T-They're not tricks…." She muttered, rolling over to rest on her hands and knees, looking over to her father's prone body. "What are you not telling us… telling me?" Videl asked softly, more to herself that her unconscious dad, a few feet away.

Movement in the corner of her eye, drew Videl's attention back to the aliens. One was still in front of her, but the other two we moving to either side of her. They slowly raised their arms, a small ball of light glowing in their hands. But they weren't aimed at her. Videl's eyes widened as she dived over her father, trying to protect him. He may be egotistical and a moron, but he was still her father.

Time seemed to slow down. She could feel the incredible heat flying towards them asshe ducked her head as low as she could and covered her eyes. Then, just as the heat seemed to be right on top of them, it just stopped.

Not stopped exactly, she could still feel the heat, but it has stopped its advance. She waited for a couple of seconds before daring to open one of her eyes. The sight she saw startled her enough for her to pick her head up and open both eyes. There was a body, crouched in front of her. A male body, by his looks, with his arms bent at his sides, his palms pointed outwards. But the sight that really startled her was the two pulsing beams of light that were pushing against his hands. She could see the boys muscles were relaxed, but the beams seemed to be puling harder and harder.

Videl's eyes followed their way up the boys back. His head was down so she couldn't see anything past his shoulders bar a glimpse of black hair.

There was a sort of silence. Before the air around the boy seemed to begin to spin around him, starting at the ground. There was a pause before a column golden light shot up around him. Once the flight had passed and her eyes refocused, the scene in front of her had changed.

The boy had stood. The wind around him was buffering the grass ar his feet. His arms fully outstretched to his sides, the beams still hopelessly pushing against his hands. His back was straight, but his body gave of a sort of golden glow. Her eyes kept moving up ad where there was a glimpse of black hair, now stood impossibly pointy glowing gold hair.

She knew there were several things more important at that time, but Videl's eyes were locked on the hair as she climbed slowly to her feet.

Gohan was aware that Videl had stood behind her. He was also aware of his friends and brother heading back towards Vegeta, but his eyes were locked on the alien in front of him. His eyes narrowed as he quickly flexed his biceps. Two high focused ki blasts shot out of his hands, Instantly overcoming the beams he was holding and vaporising the aliens holding it.

The one in front of him looked scared. Its eyes were wide and its jaw had dropped. But Gohan just started to walk towards it. Every time it blinked, Gohan phased forward a foot or two, appearing directly in front of it in a matter of moments. They just locked eyes for a moment before Gohan threw his head forward and the alien crumbled to the floor.

Throwing it over his shoulder, Gohan glanced over his shoulder at the stunned Videl before blasting off into the sky, heading back to Capsule Corp.