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"Well, if it's alright with you Chi-Chi. I want to surprise Gohan tomorrow, so I'll stay in a hotel tonight, and Gohan and bring me here after school?"

Chi-Chi seemed to be considering the pros and cons, but decide to let Lime stay in a hotel for one night. Gohan will be there if she needs him.

"Ok, sounds good. Now I think its time you studied." Chi-chi said pointing her wooden spoon at the young girl. "Goten is up stairs, Go and study with him."

"Yes, mom." Lime said with a small smile while heading to Goten's room, causing Chi-Chi to beam and go back to cooking for the three stomachs now.

Chapter 3 - Gohan's First Day

Flying towards Satan City, Gohan decided it would be better to let his ears lead the way. He flew higher, to make sure he avoided destroying a building with his head, and closed his eyes. He strained and focused his hearing on the area of the gunshots.

Following the shots to their source, he found him self hovering a couple of hundred feet above a bank. Using his enhanced senses, Gohan was easily able to hear that the robbers were demanding a free escape with the money in return for the safety of the hostages. Signing slightly, he used his ki senses to work out that there were 6 crooks and 10 hostages, 4 of them seemed to be with the hostages, one was out side shouting to the police, and one was also out front but seemed to be getting in to a car or something.

Realising that the police were not going to move in, Gohan instantly dropped his ki that was keeping him floating and plummeted to the ground, feet first.

"Give us the money, and get out of our way and we won't harm any of the hos-"

The crook was instantly cut of by a huge thump, as a golden haired person landed directly in front of him. Gohan had landed in a crouched position, leaning on one knee, and his fist was against the floor. The whole crowed was in shock and awe as there was a boy, no more than 18, kneeling in a crater that he made him self from failing for insane heights.

"Let them go, Now." Was all our young hero said, without lifting his head up.

"HAHAHAHA!" The crook began laughing and shouted to his accomplices inside the bank who began to laugh at the kid too.

This isn't good...Gohan thought. I was afraid of this...Vegeta explained that my Saiyan side was starting to come in to its own as I was becoming stronger, and reaching Saiyan puberty. I hope they don't challenge me...that wont end well.

"Go home and cry to your daddy kid." The main crook taunted.

That's it, I'm ending this now before he pushes me too far. Gohan darted forward, to fast for the human eyes to see. His fist connected with the thugs gut, and Gohan continued driving him forward through the wall of the building. The people in the crowd, along with the police, were stunned as they watched a young kid moving effortlessly between the crooks, hitting them once each, flooring them for good.

Smirking, Gohan carried all of the men out at once and threw them to the police.

"Their all yours." He he said in a cocky voice as he turned and started to walk towards the last crook.

"EAT LEAD!" The final crook shouted as he lifted a machine gun and started firing at the golden haired hero.

"That won't work on me." Gohan tried to warn, as he increased his ki around him to make sure no bullets could pass him and hit the crowd. It was now, that the city's normal hero, appeared.

"What the-" Was all she could say as she pushed her way to the front of the crowd, standing next the the chief.

"What happened chief?" She asked, with out taking her eye's of the golden haired teenager.

"H-H-Him, Videl. He took them out with ease." Was all the chief could say as he watched the crook shoot an entire clip at Gohan. Only for the young Saiyan to start walking slowly forward, scaring the hell out of the crook. In desperation the crook pulled out an RPG and aimed it at Gohan, only for him to keep walking forward.

"LOOK OUT!" Screamed Videl as the crook fired the rocket. The crowd all dived to the floor at once, waiting for the explosion. But it never came.

Regaining her composure first, Videl opened her eyes to see what had happened.

"NO WAY!" She screamed, as Gohan had caught the rocket and was currently crushing it in his right hand. Still not stopping walking forward.

The crook was only 2 foot away from Gohan when he dived on his knees and surrendered. Smirking, Gohan phased behind him and, with one well placed back hand to the back of the crooks head, sent him flying to land at the feel of the chief.

Walking towards the chief, Gohan noticed the crowed back away slightly, s if they were scared of him.

"Fear not." Gohan announced clearly. "I will cause no harm to those who cause no harm to others."

Continuing his walk to the chief, Gohan noticed a girl standing next to him. Noticing that she was talking to the police, Gohan paid her no mind but began to address the chief.

"I trust you can handle things from here?" He asked.

"Y-Yes, thank you son." The chief said, trying to escape, he was clearly still intimidated by Gohan. Turning to leave, Gohan was interrupted by a shout.

"HEY YOU! GOLDEN HAIRED GUY!" Gohan turned to the voice to see the girl he noticed before running towards him. And now that looked at her, her could see that she was rather pretty, but he could sense that she was strong, well by normal human standards any ways.. Gohan's eyes followed the girl as she ran towards him

. Hmmm... she's strong, well not compared to Krillin or Tien but compared to normal humans ...pretty too..wait what?... stupid Saiyan brain...woah she's nearly here...better start paying attention.

"Who are you! And what do you think your doing with all these tricks in public!" She demanded of him.

Feeling his Saiyan side pushing for him to respond, Gohan done what his mother and Bulma had taught him to do . He walked away.

He face became angry, his features sharpened. Growing angrily at the girl in front of him, forcing her to take a step back, Gohan blasted in to the air.

Woahh...that was creepy... but damn he looked good... Wait what? Stupid brain...I don't like boys that way! Videl shook her head as she walked back to the police to see if they needed help, she was allowed to be late for school when out helping the police.

A few hundred feet in the air, Gohan was flying in the direction of his high school. He had flown out the day before to find out its location. It wasn't until he looked down to his watch to check how much time her had left, that he noticed his clothes were loaded with bullet holes. He had moved the ki that naturally protects him to protect the crowd and just let his indestructible skin stop the bullets.

Sighing, he sped up to give him time to change in to his gym clothes. Landing on the roof, Gohan pulled out his gi that he was planing to use in gym. He decided to use a similar variation to his fathers gi, except the dark blue weighted under shirt was long sleeved, like Goten's. Changing in a matter of seconds, Gohan headed towards the main school office to collect his timetable.

Walking to the office, Gohan noticed he was getting looks from almost everyone he walked past. Not caring in the slightest, due to his relatively annoying morning, he just continued through the school. Arriving at the office, Gohan walked up to the lady at the desk. Gohan thought she looked about Bulma's age, whatever that might be, he thought to himself, but he noticed she was looking at him with a small smile.

Hmm... that's weird...He thought as he approached the desk

"Good morning," He said with a smile, "It's my first day and I need a timetable."

"Of course." The lady replied with a smile. "Your name is?"

"Son Gohan."

"Ok, Gohan, here you go, your first class is math in room 205. the rooms are numbered by order so you cant miss them." Smiling at each other, Gohan walked back in to the now empty corridors and stopped to look at him self. He cringed slightly as he realised that his gi showed more of his chest than he wanted, and his weighted under shirt clung very tightly to his muscles. He was hoping to stay unnoticed, but that apparently wasn't going to happen.

Sighing at his own bad luck, Gohan walked towards his classroom.

203..204...205... here we are. Well here goes nothing.

Knocking on the door, Gohan waited for the teacher to come and answer.

Inside the class room, a certain daughter of a hero was sitting listening to her friends argue about the new super hero in the city.

"He's nothing, I bet Mr. Satan could crush him with one hand." A muscular boy named Sharpner announced proudly.

"I head he was cute." Repliedthe best friend of Videl, Erasa appearing that she didn't even here Sharpner's comment.

"What do you think Videl? You saw him." Erasa asked smirking at her best friend.

"What? No way! You know I don't like boys, they only want one thing from the daughter of the man who saved the world." Videl commented while rolling her eyes. "Besides... they-" But she was interrupted by a knock at he door.

The whole class became silent and watched the door as the teacher opened it. They couldn't see who it was, but the all looked towards the smiling teacher as he addressed the class.

"Ok, Ladies and gentlemen. We have a new student joining us today. He achieved perfect scores on every test that the school offers, so you should all try to learn to follow his example." The teacher informed them, he was an older man, who looked like he had been teaching for a long time.

There were several comments about him being a nerd, and a geek, but Gohan didn't care as he was nodded at by the teacher.

"That's your cue, my boy." The teacher said, causing Gohan to walk slowly in to the class. As the young Saiyan passed through the door, the class was suddenly silent. The boys in the class froze in fear as an incredibly well build man walked in to the room. His muscles were not as large as some of the others in the class, however, they seemed to fit his size perfectly, and in his fighting gi, he looked very intimidating.

The girls in the class, however, thought the exact opposite. In front of them was a boy, their age, who looked like he had a body built by a god, an incredibly handsome face and the worlds most carefree smile on his face.

One girl in particular, was memorised by the sight of him.

My god...I-I-I-...I can't even form words in my own mind...he is amazing... He got perfect scores, so he's a genius...he is build like no one I have ever seen... his muscles just work...and that gi just show them off...maybe if it was short sleeve' wait...bad Videl, bad thoughts...Silently scolding herself, Videl listened to him talk.

"Well, tell us a bit about yourself son." The teacher said to him.

"Hi." Gohan said to the class. "I'm Gohan. I like to train martial arts, study, and to eat." He finished with a smile towards the class, who were still staring at him in a mixture of fear, lust and awe.

"You may sit where ever you want, Gohan. I shall be back shortly." The teacher informed him as he left the room and Gohan began looking for a seat.

He's so carefree... and that Wait a minute... what am I doing...I don't like boys in this way...

well you do now..the voice in her head replied for her.

"HEY, cutie, you can sit here." A very cheerful blonde called from the back of the class, pointing to a seat next to her.

"Thank you." Gohan said, as he began to walk up the stairs towards Erasa.

He's walking this way!... erm smile or don't blush... stupid body... just stop looking at him!

Videl quickly put her face in her book as Gohan approached and sat next to Erasa.

"Hi, I'm Erasa." The blonde haired girl introduced, "And this is Sharpner, and this is Videl." The girl announced pointing at both Videl and Sharpner.

"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Gohan."

"Quiet nerd." Sharpner mocked at Gohan, causing Erasa to slap him in the back of the head and for Gohan to chuckle.

Stupid Sharpner... Gohan could beat him if he wanted...wait am I defending him?...stupid Erasa... getting him to sit here..

Being to enthralled in her own thoughts, Videl didn't notice Gohan and Erasa looking at her.

"Err Videl?" The blonde haired girl asked tapping Videl on the shoulder.

"Huh? What?"

"I was introducing Gohan to you and you kinda zoned out."

Looking towards Gohan, Videl saw the smiling on his face as he said hello. She could only blush and mumble a hello as she turned back to her books.

Wooaahhh... she's the girl from the crime scene... I wonder what she as doing there... I have to be careful so she doesn't recognise me Gohan asked him self as he watched Videl, but did not notice her blush.

Erasa, noticing Videl's blush, decided to have some fun.

"Hey, Gohan." She began, getting our heroes attention. "You'll never guess who Videl's father is."

"Erasa!" Videl hissed, trying to silence her friend, but failing miserably as Gohan was already curious.

"Who is it?" He asked Erasa, his eyes flickering between the two girls.

"Mr Satan." Erasa answered with a smirk.

"You mean as in..."

"Hercule Satan!" Sharpner butted in with a smirk.." You know the man who defeated Cell!"

Gohan looked at Sharpner, then to Videl, then to Erasa, then back to Videl. Realising they were telling the truth, Gohan burst in to a fit of laughter.

"HEY!" Both Sharpner and Videl announced. Gohan started to calm down and looked towards Videl.

"My Father beat Cell! He saved your life! You owe him!" Gohan could only look at her for a second before he burst in to more laughter. He laughed for a good five minutes, with Erasa and Videl both sitting looking at him, thinking similar but slightly different things.

Man he's cute when he laughs. Thought Erasa, who couldn't help but smile when Gohan was laughing.

Who does he think he is laughing at me dad like that! But he does look cute when he laughs...WHAT? He just insulted your father!...Stupid body... stupid mind... liking stupid Gohan.

Videl sat down with her arms crossed, annoyed at herself for thinking Gohan was good looking.

Gohan was left to laugh for a couple of minutes before Sharpner stood up quickly, his chair clattering to the floor. Everyone stopped to watch him, except Gohan who was too busy laughing. Falling on the floor, Gohan stood up , his back to Sharpner, but still laughing.

"Oh, Bulma n' Lime are going to love this one." He said out loud to himself, his laughter slowing.

"Stop laughing at Hercule Satan!" Sharpner ordered through gritted teeth., his fist flying towards the back of Gohan's head.

The laughing stopped immediately as Gohan just moved his head to the left slightly, Sharpner's fist passing it by harmlessly. Gohan lifted his right fist up with speeds that no normal human could see and stopped it millimetres from Sharpner's face.

"Never." Gohan growled, in a voice no one would have thought he could make, lowering his had to look at Sharpner who had taken a step back. "Try to hit anyone when their back is turned. Especially when that person is millennia ahead of you." The young Saiyan growled with pure anger in his eyes, causing Sharpner to sit and look down at his desk.

Gohan's face instantly turned carefree and happy again as he sat down and turned back to Erasa.

"Sorry about that," Gohan began with a smile, "Just a in house joke."

Erasa smiled back at Gohan, but Videl blushed furiously when Gohan turned and looked at her.

Why can't I even look at him?...I've never been like this around someone before... I can't even talk to him without blushing like crazy! Videl asked herself in her head

"Hey, Erasa?" Gohan asked leaning closer to the blonde hair girl. "What's up with Videl?"

"I'm not sure, Gohan" Erasa smirked, knowing full well what was up with her best friend.

The teacher returned to the class a few minutes later, and the lesson began. Gohan made it look like he was paying attention, but since he had learned this work when he was 7, he decided to have a little meditate.

Looking up at the clock, Gohan realised he had a good 25 minutes left until the end of the lesson, so he decided now would be as good a time as ever to let Bulma know of his little discovery this morning. Focusing his mind Gohan searched for Bulma's ki signature.

Hey, Bulma? Gohan called out to his life long friend through his telepathy.

Huh? Hello? Gohan? Is that you? The lavender haired genius replied.

Of course it is. How many other people do you know that can talk to you like this?

HA HA HA. Don't get smart with me boy. Bulma smirked as she pretended to tell off some one who was as good as her son.

Sorry Bulma... Gohan replied pretending to be upset. what are you calling for kiddo?

Nothing major, I just have a little revelation that you might like. Gohan smirked knowing he had Bulma's curiosity.

Well it's my first day in high school today, as you know. And as I walked in to the class, I got offered a seat near the back, so I took it.

Bulma nodded, knowing Gohan could not see her, but curious of where this was heading.

And as I sat down, this girl next to me started talking to me...

A gir-

Bulma!.. that's not what I was trying to tell you, now as I was saying...

They both smirked, knowing each other was smirking too.

Well she introduced me to this girl, her best friend. Her name is Videl. Bulma's eyes widened as she had a hunch that she knew where this was going, but she held her laughter in for now.

Well, they asked me if I knew who her dad was, apparently he was famous. I said I had no idea, so they told me it was Mr Satan. With this Bulma began giggling but Gohan hushed her and told her the ending. I asked if they meant THE Mr Satan. And this guy, he was a total idiot, thinks he's strong but is incredibly stupid. But any ways... he leans over to me and goes, "Yeah, Nerd boy. Hercule Satan, The man who defeated Cell. And saved the world!"

Gohan's face turned into a large grin, which did not go unnoticed by Videl and Erasa.

So the daughter of the man who took your credit for beating Cell is in your class? Bulma asked laughing freely now at Gohan.

Yeah... but when they told me I looked at them all, and they were looking at me as if I was crazy... and I laughed, I laughed so hard I cried.

Bulma was openly laughing in her lab as Gohan began explaining how Videl snapped at him.

Oh, it gets even better. Videl snapped at me for laughing, Gohan began. His grin becoming even bigger as he could hear Bulma's laughs coming through his head.

She said, "My Father beat Cell! He saved your life! You owe him!" and I just stopped laughing, looked at her to see that she was totally serious... and I burst out laughing again.

Gohan let out a little chuckled that only Videl, Erasa and Sharpner heard, and they began staring at him with a curious look on their faces.

Back in the class room.

"What do you think ups with him?" Erasa asked waving her hand in front of Gohan, but his mind was totally focused on his conversation with Bulma.

"Beats me, Nerd boy is probably thinking about tests." Sharpner chuckled , forgetting about the scare Gohan gave him earlier.

"Shut up Sharpner." Both Videl and Erasa said in unison.

Back to Gohan and Bulma's conversation.

Gohan was waiting for Bulma to calm down, as he knew she had some questions.

He..he..ha..Oh that was fun Gohan... thank you... but what did they say when you laughed?

Well they all looked like they wanted to kill me...but they don't know that only your husband has a power that comes even close. Gohan smirked as he heard Bulma say something along the line of... Saiyans.

Well, you know that guy I told you about? The idiot?

Yeah? What about him.

Well, him thinking I'm a weak nerd, he tried to punch me, when my back was turned and I was in mid laugh.

Gohan's grin instantly disappeared, so did Bulma's laugh.

What did you do to him Gohan? Bulma asked sighing.

What? I didn't touch him... I might have scared him though... I just dodged an stopped my fist just before it hit him and gave him a look Vegeta would be proud of. Gohan explained like it was nothing, waiting for the reaction he knew was coming from Bulma, his grin returning.

Then he heard it, Bulma's manic laughter. Oh I wish I could have seen his face... WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT WOMAN? Am angry voice demanded, obviously hearing the laughter from the Gravity Room.

Hey Vegeta. Gohan said calmly.


Relax Vegeta, Gohan was just telling me a funny story about his day at school, here I'll tell you. You might even laugh about it.

Hmmppphhh. Was Vegeta's only reply.

Meet me in the kitchen, sour puss and I'll tell you. And I'll see you later Gohan. Thanks for telling me that. Its made my day.

Gohan and Bulma smiled as Gohan cut the connection, and came back to reality, to instantly notice Three pairs of eyes curiously staring at him.

"What?" He asked looking totally confused and innocent. Causing a different reaction from the three pairs of eyes.

He's so cute when he's confused...and hot... Thought Erasa as she just smiled back at Gohan and said nothing.

"Stupid nerd." Sharpner mumbled before turning back to his day dreaming.

Videl just blushed as he turned to her last, looking for answers. Videl tried with all her will power to look at him, or to even say a word to him, but she just blushed bright red and turned back to the front. Causing a evil smirk from Erasa, and a even more confused look from Gohan.

The lesson ended not much longer after that, and the morning followed the same pattern of Gohan, Erasa and Sharpner talking, while Videl sat there and blushed every time Gohan looked at her or tried to talk to her.

Lunch time came around, and the group of four headed out to the school grounds to find a nice place to sit.

Choosing a shaded area under a large tree, they all sat down and started to take their lunches out their bags.

"Where's your lunch, Gohan?" Asked Erasa who had noticed Gohan only had a Capsule in his hand.

"Oh, right here." He said lifting up the Capsule.

"WAIT! Is that a food Capsule!" Videl almost screamed at the young Saiyan. Causing him to grab his ears in pain.

"AHHH. Not so loud." Gohan pouted. "And yes, this is a food capsule."

"But HOW?" Videl screamed again, causing more pain from Gohan's ears.

"SERIOUSLY! Not so loud." Gohan pleaded again.

"But how do you have one? I thought Mrs Briefs only created them for her family?" Videl asked, noticeably quieter and with a sheepish but curious smile.

"She did." Gohan said simply, knowing full well that they would be more curious, but he opened the capsule to reveal a large picnic worth of food, and began to inhale it. Much to the shock of the other three.

"Go-G-Gohan?" Erasa stammered, don't you need to breathe?

Gohan looked up with his mouth full of spaghetti. He looked around at the others and quickly sucked the rest of it down his throat before answering.

"Don't ever do that again, Nerd boy." Sharpner said with a shiver. But Gohan just ignored him and answered Erasa.

"I do breathe, through my nose." He answered with a confused smile that went back to eating.

After a good 20 minutes of Gohan eating like an animal, the four of them sat chatting idly until the end of lunch time. Hearing the buzzer go for their next lesson, Gohan and Sharpner headed off to the class, but Erasa held Videl back for a little chat.

"Girl, what's up? Your going crazy for Gohan right now."

"What? No I'm N-" Videl started but stopped after seeing the amused looked on Erasa's face.

"Is it that obvious?" Videl asked sighing.

"To me, yes. To most of the school, yes. To Gohan, no. He has no idea. So play it cool. And at least try to talk to him without either screaming at him, of blushing like crazy. And try not to beat him up either" Erasa asked with a smile.

Videl smiled at her best friend and walked off towards their next class with another blush on her face.

The rest of the day passed our young hero by with out any incidents or trouble, but it was soon time for Gohan to head home. Sprinting to the roof, Gohan transformed so he would be able to take of at speeds that humans would not be able to see. However, just before take off, his phone began to ring.

He had asked for a phone from Bulma, and requested that people only try and contact him telegraphically if they need to. It wasn't easy for normal humans to link up to a Saiyan mind, unless the Saiyan started the link.

"Hello?" Gohan asked answering his phone.

"Gohan. It's your mother. Goten is over Bulma's, can you pick him up and bring him home for tea. You may stay for a while but don't be late."

"Sure mom, bye"

"Bys son, fly carefully"

"Always do mom." Gohan replied as he hung up the phone and took off in to the air, flying straight up and around in a loop to fly towards Capsule Corp.

Back in the school

"Hey, lets go say bye to Gohan." Videl demanded of Erasa and dragged her best friend up the stairs towards the roof where she saw Gohan head off to.

"Ok, but why do you want to say goodbye Videl? Finally got the courage to talk to him?" Erasa smirked as Videl went bright red and pulled her friend faster.

Following him to the roof, the two girls opened the door, expecting to find Gohan but they were met with nothing.

"Hmm... that's weird. We did follow him up here right, Videl?"

"Yeah... weird."

Looking totally confused, the two girls headed back down the stairs.

Landing in the grounds at Capsule Corp. Gohan was immediately tackled to the ground by his younger brother.

"YEY! I got you Big brother.!"

"You sure did, squirt. Well done, your getting faster everyday." Gohan smiled at his little brother who was sitting on his chest and who instantly began to beam at Gohan's words. Gohan rose to his feet as Goten climbed up his bigger brothers chest and sat on his shoulder.

Gohan had only taken three steps, when he heard a window on the large dome building open above him. Smiling as he sensed the ki of his 'other younger brother', Gohan paused his walk, and waited for Trunks.

"Hey Trunks." Gohan said as the young demi-Saiyan landed on Gohan's spare shoulder.

"How did you know?" Trunks asked, folding his arms, disappointed he had been detected.

"I always know." Gohan replied, grinning up at the little Saiyan. "Don't worry, I'll teach you. You too Goten."

Both the kids jumped up from the shoulders of Gohan and high-fived, before landing back in their places, and riding Gohan's shoulders all the way to Bulma.

Walking through the many corridors of Capsule Corp. Gohan easily found the ki's of both Bulma and Vegeta. Gohan easily found a direct route Bulma's lab.

Walking in to the lab, Gohan noticed Bulma was already waiting for him, and she could not help but smile at the sight of the two kids sitting on Gohan's shoulders playing with his hair. Gohan sat and talked to Bulma for the next hour or so, while the kids ran of to play or destroy something, However, after using the, 'not seeing Lime for a month if your bad' threat, they promised to be good.

It wasn't long until the roar of Gohan's stomach told them it was dinner time. So after a hug and kiss on the cheek from Bulma, a hug from Trunks and a nod from Vegeta, Gohan and Goten took off back home.

"When can you teach me to fly?" Goten asked his big brother from his position on the Flying Nimbus.

"I'll teach you some time this week, alright squirt? Then you and Trunks can come and train with me." Gohan said, smiling at his little brother who was jumping up and down on the little cloud.

"YEY!...I'll race you home Gohan!" Goten exclaimed as the Flying nimbus took of forcing Gohan to speed up to over take his brother.

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