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It wasn't long until the roar of Gohan's stomach told them it was dinner time. So after a hug and kiss on the cheek from Bulma, a hug from Trunks and a nod from Vegeta, Gohan and Goten took off back home.

"When can you teach me to fly?" Goten asked his big brother from his position on the Flying Nimbus.

"I'll teach you some time this week, alright squirt? Then you and Trunks can come and train with me." Gohan said, smiling at his little brother who was jumping up and down on the little cloud.

"YEY!...I'll race you home Gohan!" Goten exclaimed as the Flying nimbus took of forcing Gohan to speed up to over take his brother.

Chapter 4 - Lime Meets Videl - Part 1

All was quiet upon the plains of the 439 Mountain area in the early hours of Tuesday morning. It was peaceful for all the wild life, until a voice of a small boy echoed it's way across the valley.

"GOHAN! MOM SAYS ITS TIME TO GET UP!" The young Goten screamed as he bounced in to his older brothers room. However, the older demi-Saiyan did not wake.

"Oh oh oh! I know!" Goten said out loud to nobody as he became excited by his own plan. Slowly moving so he was right next to his brothers ears, he began his plan. "GOHAN! YOU MISSED BREAKFAST!"

This caused an immediate reaction as the older Saiyan sat up immediately. It took him a couple of seconds to notice his little brother rolling around on the floor between their beds laughing like crazy.

Not being able to hold back his smile, Gohan set out for revenge. He dived on his brother, before Goten know what to do, and started tickling him. Goten screamed with laughter as his brother continued the assault, and began begging for him to stop.

Gohan wasn't going to give up that easy, however, he did stop when he heard a familiar voice, with the best news a Saiyan could hope for.

"GOHAN! GOTEN! BREAKFAST WILL BE FIVE MINUTES GET WASHED AND READY BY THEN OR THERE WILL BE NONE FOR YOU!" Freezing at their mother voice, both boys just looked at each other and nodded before diving in different directions.

Gohan dived straight in the shower and was out and ready in two minutes. Goten, having already been washed, dived towards his familiar gi and was ready downstairs waiting for his brother.

Breakfast was inhaled within minutes, and Gohan was standing at the door saying goodbye to his mother and brother.

"Ok Goten, Mom agrees that if your really good today, Trunks can come over when I get home and I will train you both. How does that sound?" Gohan asked the beaming face of this little brother.

"Really mom? Trunks can come over and train with Gohan and me?" Trunks asked his mother who was standing beside him holding his hand.

"Of course he can. But only if your good." Chi-Chi answered.

"YEAH!" Goten exclaimed jumping in the air. "I'm going to go call him now!" Goten said as he dived into the house towards the phone. It only took a hand full of seconds for Goten to come flying back out and in to his brothers waiting arms.

"Bye big brother!" Goten said happily before diving back into the house.

"Bye squirt. Bye mom." Gohan said, kissing his mother on the cheek and jumping into the air waving as he flew higher.

"Bye son, be careful. Enjoy you day" Chi-Chi said to herself smirking, as she watched her son fly away, knowing of what was going to happen today. Walking back in the the house, Chi-Chi heard Goten talking, no doubt to Trunks.

"-And my mom says that you can come over after Gohan gets home and he's going to train with us really hard!" Goten exclaimed down the phone happily.

"WOW? Really?" Chi-Chi heard Trunks from the other line. "I'll be there!" Trunks declared as he said bye to Goten.

Hanging up the phone, Goten turned to his mother. "I'm gonna to go study so I can train with big brother!" Goten said excitedly as he ran towards his room.

Flying towards school, Gohan decided to quickly change in the air. Changed in to a black skin tight gi, similar to Vegeta's Saiyan suit, but in black. Vegeta had explained to Gohan that it was important for him to chose a gi that hi was most comfortable wearing, one that was his, and benefited his strengths well.


Gohan and Vegeta had been training the the Gravity room for several hours. Although they both know that Gohan is much stronger, they had admitted that their training together had benefited them both.

For Vegeta, he was forced to push himself to his limit and beyond during every session, this increased his strength dramatically. Although, it was his Saiyan biology that helped him the most. After every training session they had, Vegeta would be unconscious after, and no matter how humiliating it is being knocked out every time, Vegeta was silently pleased. He would strengthen dramatically each time he recovered like all Saiyans do, although this still was not enough to catch Gohan, his natural growth and natural strength were increasing at much a larger rate. He had somewhat became accustomed to being the second strongest living creature in the universe, and the only one who could stand toe to toe with the strongest, albeit only for a few minutes.

For Gohan, Vegeta offered things in his training that no other trainer could offer. Vegeta gave Gohan the knowledge of the Saiyan race, it's people, and even it's language. Gohan learned fast, this also allowed him to welcome his Saiyan side to become more active, as long as he could control it. However, one of the most important things that Vegeta had that Gohan didn't was experience. Yes, Gohan had been fighting for his entire life, but Vegeta had been fighting a lot longer. It was during one of their stamina tests that Vegeta decided to inform Gohan on the importance of a correct gi. They were taking 5 minutes to recover their as much energy as they could before they continued, agreeing that improving their energy restoration would be beneficial.

"You need to chose your own, Gohan. The one you wore in the Cell games does not suit your fighting style. It works best for the Namek, as it is strong and robust, the weights he used on it allow him to form a solid block. As that is his fighting style. Your fathers, although he should have worn Saiyan armour, he chose his own. His gi gave him full movement and flexibility, and for someone his height and build, that s important. The weights he used were strategic, the under shirt allowed non stop training of his entire body, much like this room. And those wrist bands and boots, although they were not enough to bother Kakarot they helped increase his strength over time. My own allows full movement, and allowed increase of muscle mass with out any extra pressure from the suit."

Vegeta paused and looked at Gohan who seemed to be working things out in my head.

"I think..I have an idea." Gohan announced after a few.

"Good, I expect to see it next time. Ask the woman, and she will help you create copies so you can have spare."

They nodded at each other before charging and continuing their training.


He looked down at his spandex fighting suit, and although he could see why Vegeta would like to fight in this, Gohan would always prefer his own personal gi. Smiling, he realised that this would be something he would never wear, and thus when joined with his super Saiyan looks, the perfect disguise for flying around the city.

Happily flying around town, finally enjoying the sensation of flying, having spend most of the past 18 years flying during fights of to fights he started the approach to school, Gohan was interrupted by a shout for help that was quickly quietened.

Hmmm... that sounded like a muffled cry for help...I better check it out...

Flying towards the scene, Gohan froze in anger, about 300 feet above. A girl, no more that 16 was being forced into an alley by a group of 4 men. An image of that girl being Lime came flooding back to him, forcing his Saiyan side to roar inside him.

Struggling to keep his cool, Gohan decided to act quickly before he would do something he would regret. Using all the speed he could muster, while keeping his anger in check, Gohan phased and appeared directly between the group of men and the scared young woman.

He appeared with his back to the men, facing the girl. He could see the fear in her eyes. He walked forward to assure her that she would be safe, but she back away when he took a step.

"Don't worry, I'll help you." Gohan smiled at the girl and waited for her to respond. She looked up at him, and stared in to his eyes. She slowly nodded and tried a weak smile as the men behind Gohan had apparently had enough.

"That's it. Go get her guys." One of the thugs ordered. Two of the men ran each side of Gohan to go after the girl, while the other two grabbed Gohan's shoulders. The girl squealed as they grabbed him, but was silenced as he lifted his arms up level with his shoulders, at a speed no-one could see. The two running either side of Gohan were floored by his out stretched arms and the two who had grabbed Gohan's shoulders were thrown back a few feet, his eyes never leaving the scared girls in front of him..

"Leave now. And you will not be harmed." Gohan said in a tone that send shivers down the spines of the men. However, a quick wink at the girl in front of him, caused her to blush and giggle.

His Saiyan hearing allowed him to hear the whispered plan of the men behind him, and his enhanced ki senses allowed him to know when they were close enough behind him. His eyes never leaving the girls eyes, Gohan threw the elbows back from by his sides, straight into the gut of the men, knocking them out instantly.

There was a moment of silence after Gohan had straightened himself up. He was still looking at the girl when he spoke.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly, not wanting to scare her, but he had no need to worry as she leaped forward and wrapped her arms around his next, thanking him over and over. Smiling, Gohan hugged her back before setting her on her feet and turning around to pull her back in the the street. After they had reached the main streets, Gohan informed the girl that he must set off.

"I have to get to school. Take care of yourself, alright?" He asked looking down at her.

"Of course, Thank you again." She leaned up, kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear.

"My Golden haired angel."

Gohan gulped loudly. He had forgotten to change in to a super Saiyan before saving the girl, and she had no doubt realised when he had flown down and landed in front of her.

"But I don't have gold ha-" She placed her finger on his lips.

"I know it was you...I wont tell a soul, I promise you." She leaned up and kissed him again. But this time a very quick peck on the lips, before she ran away into the crowd, leaving him alone for a second looking in her direction.

Well...I've never been thanked that way before... but I think I can trust her... any ways, school time. Gohan thought to himself before heading to an alley way to fly of towards his school.

Landing on the roof of the school, Gohan changed at super human speed, before running down the stairs towards his class, running into the room just as the bell rings for the beginning of the lesson. Groaning and holding his ears due to the loud noise, Gohan could still hear the calls of 'nerd' and 'loser'.

"That'll do Mr Son, take your seat, we have a new student starting in a couple of minutes." The teacher nodded towards Gohan's seat. The young Saiyan heard the sniggers as he walked up to his seat next to Erasa.

Good, He thought. They seem to have forgotten about my muscles from yesterday... I need to be careful today.

"Hey Gohan!" Erasa said happily as he sat down next to her. "Why you wearing normal clothes? They don't show of them muscles that we all know you have!" She asked with a cheerful tone.

Well at least most people have forgotten. He replied to himself as he turned to greet Erasa. The two chatted idly for a few minutes, until they were interrupted by the door slamming open and a girl panting heavily in the doorway.

"Sorry I'm late sir." The girl said to the teacher as she walked slowly past him.

"That's alright Videl, I know you have duties to the police, but we're waiting for a new student so you have a couple more minutes."

Videl nodded at the teacher and started walking up to her seat. Woahh... it's Gohan...but he's dressed normally. ..still incredibly cute though...and now I know what sort of muscles h has under there...NO YOU DON'T LIKE HIM!...ah who am I kidding... of course I do...damn...

Videl's mind continued arguing with her as she approached he seat. Turning around, she saw Erasa smiling and a concerned but thoughtful look on Gohan's face.

She was about to ask him if he was alright but she was stopped by a knock on the door. Hmm...must be the new student. Videl thought with curiosity as she watched the door, waiting for the new guy.

She's only human...Gohan's mind began. She may be the fourth strongest human alive... but still... she's not bullet proof...I need a way to help her...

Gohan continued to think to himself, ignoring the world around him, not noticing the new student walk in to the room. The girl that walking in to room, was a beautiful young woman, she had brown hair and a very cute carefree smile on her face.

"Class." The teacher announced to the class. "This is Lime, She will be joining our ranks today, she also got full marks on all her entry tests, so that now makes two of us."

Perhaps I could create a copy of myself to help her fight crime...Gohan's mind was still thinking about helping Videl. Maybe I can ask Tien if I can use his 'Multi-Form' technique that wou- wait!...did he say Lime? Gohan snapped out of his thoughts to look down at the new student and his face instantly broke out in to a huge beaming smile.

The class didn't seem to be listening to the teacher, as they were all looking at the new girl in their group in awe. The guys in the group were all thinking of ways to ask her out, while the girls were jealous beyond belief, but they couldn't stay mad at the girl, not with a smile like hers.

"Hi!" The new girl said cheerfully. "My names Lime Son Lao. I like studying, and generally being with my best friend over there." She finished pointing at Gohan, causing the whole room to look at the young Saiyan, only to see him standing on his feet with a huge smile on his face.

Hang on?... This girl know Gohan?... and he seems really happy to see her. But I want him... I have to keep them apart some how... Videl started to think with anger in her head.

"Well Miss Lao, you may go and sit next to Gohan. You both seem smart enough to not distract each other." The teacher informed her, as she nodded with a smile and started walking up to the seat next to Gohan.

The eyes of the whole class followed her up, but neither Gohan or Lime cared, as she jumped in to his arms and kissed him on the cheek, before sitting down and chatting happily with him.

They must be close..Videl thought disappointedly... I hate her.

"What are-? Why the-? When the-? How the-? Where the-?" Gohan spluttered out words causing Lime and Erasa who was sitting wanting to join in the conversation from the other side of Gohan, to giggle.

"Well I'm here to get a diploma I started today. I took the tests the day after you. I told Chi-Chi that I'm starting to day. She refused to let me stay in a hotel until I get a flat, so I'm staying with you, I was allowed to stay in a hotel to surprise you. And you have to fly me home tonight." Lime finished with a smile, which was already placed on Gohan's face.

"Well you basically live there any ways, this just makes it official." Gohan pointed out, before turning to Erasa.

"Hey Erasa, This is Lime, my best friend. Lime this is Erasa." The girls smiled and Lime leaned across Gohan, her elbows resting on his knees, and started chatting at speeds that Gohan could not actually understand, so he just smiled and sat back with his hands behind his head.

As he watched his two friends talk, he couldn't help but laugh as Sharpner attempted to hit on Lime.

The two girls were talking and Erasa was half way through a sentence when Sharpner pushed his head over her shoulder. Lime just lifted her hand, pushed it on to his face and pushed him back, with out taking her eye's from Erasa.

Hearing Gohan laugh, she lifted her hand up beside him waiting for him to high-five her. Gohan did with a grin causing Erasa to giggle at the pair of them.

They're like twins...just perfectly in sync... it's so cute! I have to get some gossip from her! Erasa thought to herself as Lime continued to talk to her.

The teacher called the class back to attention forcing Lime to climb back in to her seat with one last comment from Erasa.

"We'll talk at lunch, Lime." She finished with a smile and a wink before turning back to the front of the class.

The rest of the morning passed without incident and soon it was lunch for Gohan and Lime. Walking out the class, Erasa grabbed Lime by the arm and dragged her outside and towards a large tree that offered shade from the warm sun. Fearing for her sanity, Lime grabbed Gohan's hand and dragged him outside with them, much to the anger of Videl

GET YOUR HANDS OFF HIM! Videl thought furiously as she stomped after the trio with Sharpner in pursuit.

Arriving at the tree, Videl saw Lime and Erasa sitting next to each other talking incredibly quickly and Gohan sitting opposite them with his food capsule in his hand. Throwing the capsule, the area between the chatting girls and Gohan was covered with food, to which Gohan began to inhale instantly.

Sitting down next to Erasa, Videl watched as Sharpner sat next to Lime and placed his arm around her shoulder.

Lime sighed when she noticed his arm, and simply said. "Gohan." That was when an empty bowl flew across the food covered space between Gohan and Lime and smacked Sharpner straight in the face, knocking him about five feet back.

Looking back Videl saw that Gohan had not even looked up from his food. How did he do that? Her mind was working over time while trying to figure these two out, as Sharpner walked back to the group. He sat down next to Lime again, but this time Videl heard a low threatening voice coming from Gohan.

"No one touches Lime with out her say so. Ever." Gohan's voice growled, causing Sharpner to slide a few feet away from the young girl.

"Thank you, Gohan" Lime said with the sweetest voice she could muster as she turned towards him from Erasa, causing Gohan to look up from his food and wink at her before going back to inhaling it all. For the next five minutes, there was a silence between the group, except for the sound of Gohan eating. Videl was watching in suspicion as the other two girls were talking very quietly and very quickly, Sharpner was just trying to keep a low profile.

Having forgot her Lunch, and starting to feel a bit hungry, Videl reached out for some of Gohan's mountains of food, thinking he wouldn't mind her having some, but her hand was stopped quickly by another. Following the arm back to the body, Videl saw Lime looking at her with a serious expression on her face. Lime just lifted a finger to her lips and pointed over to Sharpner.

As if on cue, Sharpner lifted his hand over to the quickly shrinking pile of food, but his hand was instantly slapped down, causing him to grab his hand in pain. Not being able to hide her laughter, Videl looked up at Lime to see her looking back with an amused smile on her face.

"Lesson number one in the school of befriending Son Gohan." Lime announced to the group was an amused smile on her face. "Never! And I mean Never! Try to eat his food... Unless, your one of the few things Gohan loves more than food." She announced while leaning forward and picking up Gohan's last apple and eating it.

"That was nice." Gohan declared finally coming up from his food and smiling around at the group.

"Ho-How do you eat so much?.." Videl managed to ask, looking at Gohan with wide amazed eyes.

"It's genetic." He replied with a wink and a shrug, causing Videl to blush bright red, but she was able to distract everyone with the buzzer going for the end of lunch. Unfortunately, the blush was noticed by both Lime and Erasa who began talking quietly as they walked to their next lesson.

(The beginning of lunch again.)

After being dragged outside and forced to sit on the warm grass, Lime waited for the inevitable stream of questions that she knew Erasa was building up.

"Ok. First up." Erasa started.

Here we go. Lime thought.

"What's up with you and Gohan? You two are insanely close. You must be together? Right?"

"Wrong." Lime smirked at Erasa's look of confusion. "Were much closer than boyfriend and Girlfriend. I'm practicably his family. We've known each other since we I was ten and spent almost everyday together. Both his little brother, and his friend, both believe that me and Gohan are their older brother and sister. We don't mind though, we love them both like crazy."

They were interrupted as Sharpner slid his arm around Lime causing her to sigh and simply say. "Gohan." That was when an empty bowl flew across the food covered space between Gohan and Lime and smacked Sharpner straight in the face, knocking him about five feet back.

"Thank you, Gohan" Lime said sweetly, getting a wink in return from the food loving Demi-Saiyan.

Looking at the awe on Erasa's face Lime shrugged and explained. "He's very protective of me. I'll explain soon.

"Any ways Gohan has a little brother? What's he like? How cute is he?" Erasa asked getting back on topic with a big cheesy smile on her face.

"He is the cutest thing you will ever see...Yes even cuter than Gohan." Lime quickly answered with a smirk knowing what Erasa was going to say. "Although, his best friend Trunks would give him a run for his money. Any ways his name is Goten and he's seven, he idealises Gohan and both him and Trunks love him to death."

"Hang on." Erasa started. "His brothers best friend loves him?"

"Well Trunk's parents are nearly always busy, and he's and only child, and over the years has become a second brother to Gohan, or so he says any ways." Lime finished with a smile thinking of the young chibi.

"Awwww." Erasa replied with a smile. "Right, any ways, where was I?" Erasa said importantly with a small smile on her face. "Just how close exactly are you two?"

"Well for lack of a better word...You could say were like twins. Although, I do wish I could do half of what he could." Lime answered, hoping that Erasa would not ask about the comment she made at the end.

"So why is he so protective of you? Does it not annoy you?" Erasa wondered.

"Not in the slightest." Lime said simply. "Well me and Gohan were both raised in small villages, I the mountains so it's good to have some one like Gohan look after you. He's saved my life a number of times, but they are stories for another day. It's also good to know that you will be protected by the male population until you chose one yourself." Lime finished with a smirk, receiving a knowing nod from Erasa.

"Ok, now the most important question of them all." Lime looked confused and slightly scared at what was coming next. "Well yesterday, Gohan came in wearing a orange fighting thing. You could see his very well build chest and that under shirt clung to him so tightly. It was like a body made by an angel." Erasa stopped herself before she said any more, going bright red from the amused look on Lime's face.

Hmmm... I wonder why he wore his gi...and orange? Sounds like his fathers colours... I'll have to ask him about that later. Lime thought to herself while waiting for Erasa's question.

"OK, since you've spent that long, as best friends, You must have seen his body.. what's it like?"

Lime could only blush before she leaned in to Erasa to reply. "I do honestly think an angel carved his body."

While she was leaning in, Lime noticed Videl reaching for some of Gohan's food, but decided to save the quiet girl before she got hurt. Grabbing the hand of Videl, Lime lifted her finger to her lips and pointed over to Sharpner.

As if on cue, Sharpner lifted his hand over to the quickly shrinking pile of food, but his hand was instantly slapped down, causing him to grab his hand in pain. Not being able to hide her laughter, Videl looked up at Lime to see her looking back with an amused smile on her face.

"Lesson number one in the school of befriending Gohan." Lime announced to the group. "Never! And I mean Never! Try to eat his food... Unless, your one of the few things Gohan loves more than food." She announced while leaning forward and picking up Gohan's last apple and eating it.

"That was nice." Gohan declared finally coming up from his food and smiling around at the group.

Eras and Lime looked at each other. Lime knew what the next question would be and prepared to answer before it was even asked, but she was saved by the bell. Following Gohan back to the school, Erasa pulled Lime back, but Lime just held a hand up and simply said.

"The only things he loves more than fighting are, his mother, his brother, myself, Trunks and Bulma. Oh and fighting, Well half of him does..." Lime added with a thought to the differences between Gohan's Saiyan and human sides. "But any ways, Tell me about this Videl? She seems to be quite taken by Gohan. I wont allow any girl near Gohan unless I can see that she's right for him." Lime asked and explained with a serious look, waiting for Erasa to answer.

"Huh?" Erasa could only respond, with a look of total confusion.

"Listen. I trust you. So this must stay between us, right?" Lime said looking straight in to Erasa's eyes, waiting for her to nod. Seeing the blonde haired girl nod,Lime continued.

"Gohan was brought up in the mountains, and until he was eleven and met me, he had no friends his age. He spent most of his time with his dad and his friends. Now don't get me wrong." Lime added quickly seeing Erasa was about to interrupt. "Gohan has a closer relationship with them all than he could with any friend ,we both love each of them as family, but the point is, I'm the only girl he has ever met who is his age. He doesn't know about relationships and stuff like that. So unless this Videl is willing and wanting to go the whole nine yards, she's not going anywhere." Lime said with a very serious look, However, Erasa just smiled back at her.

"He sure is lucky he has you." She told her new friend with a smile. Lime could only blush and smile back.

"Well I'm luckier I have him. You have no idea how much trouble I would have gotten myself into with out him. Not to mention how I would have to fight Sharpner of myself. But just don't mention anything I've told you to anyone?"

"Not a word. Now lets get to class, its time for gym."

Picking up their pace, Lime and Erasa reached the girls changing room in time to get changed in to their gym clothes with out being to far behind the others. Leaving the changing rooms, they joined the group of students staring straight a head of them, where Gohan was walking towards the teacher with his arm raised in hello.

"Hey, Long time no see." Gohan said cheerfully as he approached the teacher. "What are you doing teaching here?"

Grinning the teacher begun to answer, "Well we need to move so eigh-"

"KRILLIN?" The whole class turned in surprise to see Lime running towards Gohan and the small monk, who had a big grin on his face as Lime ran towards him.

"Brace yourself buddy." Gohan sniggered as Lime hugged the small monk before pulling back and smiling down at him.

"So what are you doing here Krillin?"

"Well, Eighteen wants to move out move out of Master Roshi's, so she sent me here to get a job. But what about you two? I know Chi-Chi makes you both study everyday, so aren't you smarter than everybody in this place any ways?" Krillin asked the pair.

"Yeah, but we can't get good jobs unless we graduate... so here we are." Gohan said with fake enthusiasm. "I started yesterday, and Lime started today, much to my surprise." He finished with a smirk.

"Well that's good, at least your here toge-" "HEY!"

They froze and turned slowly around to see what the noise was for, Gohan holding his ringing ears. "How do you both know him?" Videl demanded.

"Who's this?" Krillin asked, leaning up to Gohan.

"Videl. Mr Satan's daughter."

"Really?" It was then that Krillin burst out laughing, and was soon joined by Lime after she asked Gohan what was so funny. Noticing that Videl was getting angrier by the second, Gohan quickly came up with away to get the lesson started and the attention away form him. Smirking, Gohan lifted the laughing Krillin and threw him into the ring, before moving at inhuman speeds and landing next to him. The ring was a basic size concrete ring, much like the one's used in the 'World Martial Arts' tournaments or the one used in the 'Cell Games'.

"Krillin here has offered to give you a demonstration of his skills, and I will be sparing with him to show you." Gohan announced to the class, and immediately noticed Krillin's laughter had stopped.

"Go-Go-Gohan...I can't...I can't- fight you..." Krillin stammered as he saw the look on Gohan's face. It was the look that all Saiyans got before a spar. He had seen it many times in both Goku and Vegeta, but now it was directed at him.

"Yeah!" A voice called out from the crowd. "Why would we want to see a small guy fight a nerd? Why don't you both step down and let somebody with some strength fight." The voice demanded, in which Gohan instantly recognised as Sharpner.

"You think strength is the only important thing in a fight?" Gohan asked with a slight frown.

"Well yeah! The strongest always wins!" Sharpner explained like it was obvious.

"Well, lets see. Come up here." Gohan said in a voice that offered no other choice. It was now that Krillin had stood up from where Gohan had thrown him into the ring, and he walked towards Lime who was standing with a look of concern on her face.

"Your going to let them fight? Gohan wont stand a chance!" Videl demanded at Krillin.

"Listen up you lot." Krillin shouted as Sharpner and Gohan stared at each other in the ring. "I have entered three 'World martial Arts' tournaments and while I've never won, I reached the semi-finals each time, and I am the best friend of the three winners of said tournaments. However, Gohan here could destroy me without trying. He is a much more accomplished fighter than any of you will ever be. That's why he will be fighting"

"Yeah! Right! How can he be a fighter? He's just a nerd."

Krillin was about to reply, but was interrupted by Lime whispering in his ear. "You need to get this over with, his other side is reacting to their insults and challenges."

Krillin nodded and smiled to her as he came up with a plan. "Lets put it this way. Here is three thousand Zeni. If anyone can beat Gohan, the money is theirs." Krillin said simply as he and Lime walked to the other side of the ring and waited for the fight to start.

"That money's mine nerd boy." Sharpner said in confidence, as he dropped into a clumsy stance that made both Gohan and Krillin snigger.

"Hey, Krillin. Do you mind if I quickly change into my gi?" The young Saiyan asked his life long friend.

"Not at all Gohan, its not like this'll take long." Krillin said simply as Gohan ran into the changing rooms and returned less than two minutes later in his dark blue personal gi. The gi was similar to his fathers, although he wore no under shit when he was at school meaning the majority of his chest was on show, as was most of his arms due to the very short sleeves.

Jumping back into the ring, Gohan didn't notice the stares he was getting from everybody except Lime and Krillin who were talking as if Gohan wore this everyday.

The males in the group were slightly scared to think that the nerd they had been insulting all day was build like a tank. The females however, were looking at a body that was perfect.

Lime wasn't kidding...Videl sure does know how to pick em' Erasa thought to herself as her eyes traced Gohan's muscles.

OK, now I'm sure he was made by angels. He must be strong... but didn't he say strength was not the most important?... there is something about you Gohan... Videl thought with curiosity as she watched Krillin jump up to the ring and walk around Gohan, inspecting his gi.

"Hmmm... interesting gi, Gohan. Designed from the style of mine and your fathers, correct?"

"Yeah, but I wanted it to be personal to me, you know?"

"Light, manoeuvrable, suits your fighting style. Good choice." Krillin complimented as he jumped from the ring next to Lime and began the fight.

Sharpner fell back into his clumsy stance, but Gohan stayed standing, his arms crossed in a Vegeta way.

"Come on nerd boy. Where's your stance?" Sharpner taunted.

"Don't need one. You'll never lay a finger on me." Gohan said in a confident tone, causing both Krillin and Lime to look at each other in concern.

Infuriated, Sharpner darted forward and threw a fist directly at Gohan's face. Sharpner expected the punch to land, however, Gohan just tilted his head to the side at the last second causing the fist to fly past, harmless.

Gohan stood in the same position he was originally, and only moved his head and occasionally ducked, as Sharpner unloaded everything he had into trying to punch the young Saiyan. This went on for about thirty second longer, until Gohan was becoming bored and decided to end things. Ducking a wild punch, Gohan dropped to the ground, swiped Sharpner's feet out from beneath him and quickly kicked him in the gut, sending flying out the ring.

Rising to his feet, Gohan still had his arms crossed, and had a look of shear boredom. "Who's next."

Videl rose and walked slowly to the ring. "You got lucky with Sharpner, I'm a lot stronger than him."

"You think a fight is won just by strength?" Videl nodded causing Gohan to smirk and turn his head towards Krillin who nodded in return and again addressed the class.

"Ok you lot. Time for the first thing I'll be teaching you in today's lesson before I set you some drills. Gohan and Videl will be fighting. You believe Videl is stronger. So who do you think will win? If you think Videl stay where you are. If you think Gohan, come and join me and Lime." The whole class stayed where they were, causing Gohan to smirk and Krillin and Lime to again look in concern, Gohan's Saiyan side was surfacing.

"So be it. Fight." Krillin said in a tone that showed he was disappointed with the knowledge of the class.

Videl, feeling confident, charged Gohan instantly and threw her right fist straight at his face. Moving much faster than she could see, Gohan moved to his left and side-stepped around Videl so he was standing behind her.

"Behind you." Gohan said in a low threatening voice, causing Videl to shiver in fear. He arm still extended, her eyes wide in fear. They both stood perfectly still for a few moments, hearing the mummers of the class.

Hearing someone in her class laugh that she was being beaten by a nerd, Videl's fear was over taken by anger, and she thrust her elbow behind her. Hitting only air, Videl began widely swinging fists at Gohan who easily dodged each one with a smirk on his face. Walking back to the very edge of the ring, while dodging Videl's fists, Gohan flipped over her head and landed behind her, his arms still crossed over his chest, as the momentum of her punch caused her to teeter on the edge of the ring, Gohan just lifted his foot, placed it on her back, and with a small push sent her out of the ring.

There was a silence as the whole class looked in horror at Videl lying on the floor outside the ring. Gohan stood in the same spot he ended the fight in, with a smirk as Lime jumped up and hugged him and Krillin walked to the end of the ring to address the class.

"You need to calm down." Lime told Gohan in a stern voice after she placed her hand on his cheek in a caring way. Staring in to his eyes, she showed how much she cared for him and she could feel him start to relax, as could Krillin.

It still amazes me how she can calm the most powerful force in the known universe, with ease Krillin thought as he turned to the class. "Now, who knows why Gohan won?" The class was silent until a voice behind Krillin spoke up.

"He got lucky! There's no way he could have won, I'm stronger than him." Videl said from on the floor, she had rolled over and was now sitting up, clearly exhausted.

"You had no chance of winning against him, Videl. But your missing the lesson we were teaching you." Krillin replied as he turned to look at the girl sitting on the floor.

"Gohan, don't." Krillin heard Lime whisper to him as he began to walk over to Videl. Lime released his hand after she received a warming smile of innocence, but still held her breath as her Saiyan friend approached Videl.

The whole class as Gohan walked over to Videl and held his hand out to her. Taking it carefully Videl was pulled to her feet.

"You think you should have beaten me?" Gohan asked with an amused smile, causing Videl to blush that he was talking directly to her. Lowering her head, she nodded. Smiling sweetly, Gohan lifted her chin up, causing her to become bright red, but Gohan didn't notice, he just continued to smile at her.

"What good is all your strength, if you can't hit your opponent?" Gohan asked her, loud enough for the class to hear, before turning and jumping back into the ring, only to be jumped on by Lime hugging him again.

"Are you yourself again?" She asked in concern, as she felt him hug her back and hold her so she was level with his face. Lime knew only herself, Chi-Chi, Bulma and the Chibi's could control his Saiyan side. Much to the surprise but relief of the rest of the Z-Gang.

"I'm fine Lime." Gohan replied with a calming smile as he placed her back on the floor but kept an arm around her shoulders. However, this did not go unnoticed by Videl. GET YOUR HANDS OF HIM YOU HORRIBLE LITTLE GIRL! HE'S MINE!...You can't be with him... Videl thought furiously as she walked slowly back around to the front of the class, to see them being addressed by Krillin. Joining the crowd of students, Videl listened to Krillin's words, but kept her eyes' focused on Gohan and Lime who had moved to stand beside Krillin.

"You may not have heard what Gohan explained to Videl, but it's a simple context. One that a very good friend of both myself and Gohan, almost lost his life to. However, he was given a second chance. But think about it. What good is all your strength if you can't catch your opponent?"

With that, the buzzer for the end of the day. "That's all. Dismissed." Krillin called as he turned back to Gohan and Lime.

"Well that wasn't to bad now was it?" Krillin said cheerfully. "At least Bulma didn't make Vegeta get a job." He added causing the other two to laugh and fail to notice that there was one person left in the gym, and she was walking towards them.

God he's cute when he laughs.. so carefree...NO! STOP! BAD VIDEL! He just embarrassed you, like you were nothing, we don't like him...besides...how does he know Krillin? And who's Vegeta and Bulma? Can't be THE Bulma? Surely? He's hiding something, and so is that Lime girl!

Sensing her approach, Krillin sent the two on their way, and turned to ask Videl what she wanted.

"Who is this Bulma? And how do you know them two? And how did Gohan beat me so easily? And explain what you mean about strength not being the most important? Who nearly lost their life!" Videl demanded with a glare that could kill, but to her shock it just made Krillin angrier.

"I'll not answer that, because, mainly, it's none of your business who Bulma is, or where I met them two, or how Gohan is so good. And I'm defiantly not telling you about our friend!" Krillin said in a dangerous tone, causing Videl to take a step back. "But I will tell you how Gohan beat you. Just believe me when I say you will never beat him, and the reason Gohan beat you, is he played to his strengths and your weaknesses."

"What are his strengths? And what are my weaknesses?" Videl asked in a much calmer voice, not wanting to anger her teacher and trainer any more.

"Gohan wont mind me telling you that some of his strengths are his unmatched speed, and his stamina. You could have fought like that for hours and Gohan would not tire. He was using his brain to beat you. He wore you out, made you angry. That is your weakness, your emotions. He enraged you, made your technique sloppy. You burned more energy. It was never really a contest after Gohan decided to let you attack. Think about how you can improve, I want to hear your suggestions next time." And with that Krillin left Videl in the gym on her own, thinking about her weaknesses.

Is he really that much better than me?...he out smarted me..our manoeuvred me..out fought me... and he wasn't even trying... he never once blocked or even hit back...and yet Krillin and that Lime cow weren't surprised... there's something about him... and I'll figure it out and expose it to the world. Videl set her mind to the task and left the gym to head home.

On the roof after Krillin had told them to leave while he distracts Videl, Gohan and Lime were discussing the plans for the evening.

"Well, I promised Goten I'd train him and Trunks if he was good today, so I need to ring home, then go and get Trunks if I'm allowed, then we go home. Sound good?" Gohan asked, looking down to the brown haired beauty standing next to him.

She nodded as Gohan dialled his home number into his phone.

"Hello?" A child's voice answered.

"Hey Goten, it's me."

"BIG BROTHER! Are you coming home yet? Can we train?"

"That depends, have you been a good boy today?"

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I done all my homework and I helped mom around the house ALL DAY!" Goten exclaimed with immense pride in his voice.

"Thatt'a boy. Now go put mom on the phone and I'll be home soon."

"Kay. Bye Big brother." Goten said happily as he handed the phone to Chi-chi.

"Hello Gohan."

"Hey, Mom. Was just calling to ask if you want us to pick Trunks up on the way home?"

"Yes, thank you Gohan, and I'm guessing you enjoyed your surprise today?" Chi-Chi teased with a small laugh.

"Heh heh heh, Yeah I can't complain. I'll be home soon, bye Mom."

"BYE MOM!" Lime shouted from next to Gohan causing Chi-Chi to laugh and return their goodbyes before hanging up the phone.

Looking back down to Lime, Gohan told her they need to find a alley way to take of from, as they had already gained too much attention from the roof. Walking back down the stairs, Lime noticed Videl leaving the gym and making sure Gohan didn't see Videl, Lime put her arms through Gohan's who seemed happy enough to let her do it. Much to the annoyance of Videl.

ARRRGGHH!..Get off him!.. you don't deserve him... wait... she knows I'm here... so she must know I like him... but she's so much closer to him...damn... but she called him her best friend... not boy friend... I need to know more about him... he's hiding something...

Deciding that she needed to know more about the couple, Videl followed them through the streets of Satan City.

They say they live in the mountains, but they are walking home...

Up ahead of Videl, Gohan had already noticed Videl following them and decided to see just how determined she was.

"Come on," Gohan said to his friend, "Lets drive to pick up Trunks, lets see if she's willing to follow us all the way there." Gohan finished with a smirk.

Nodding and grinning evilly, Lime de-capsulised her car and they set off for West City. Although Gohan didn't need a car as he was the fastest thing on the planet, Lime did need one.

Although it was only a twenty minute drive to Capsule Corp. on the edge of West City, Gohan and Lime had huge fun driving through different streets, with Gohan using his senses to locate Videl in her jet copter.

It wasn't until Gohan's stomach told them that is was dinner time, that they headed straight for the large domed building. Stopping outside and de-capsulating their car, Gohan and Lime walked straight up to the reinforced doors. Much to Videl's surprise, they simply high-fived the guards and walked straight into the complex.

So he has a personally build food capsule, they both are allowed to walk into Capsule Corp. like they own the place, and they know the three time 'World martial Championship' Semifinalist like the are best friends...I need to find to more...

As Videl turned her jet copter around, Gohan and Lime reached the door of Capsule Corp. and they were immediately jumped on by Trunks, who then settled himself in Lime's arms.

"Are you guys here to take me to your house? I could have flown myself there." Trunks said proudly from Lime's arms although he was obviously happy they had come to see him.

"Yeah, we know you could have, Trunks, Your getting stronger by the day." Gohan complimented and held his arm out for Trunks to climb up it and sit on his shoulders.

"I wanted to come and say hi to your mom any ways."

"Well lets go. FORWARD!" Trunks commanded his 'horse', causing Gohan to stop and look up at him with an amused smile. "Please?" Trunks added with the cutest face he could muster.

"Your mothers been teaching you well Trunks." Lime giggled as them made their way through the many corridors to Bulma's lab.

"Hey! Bulma!" Gohan called as he opened the door into Bulma's lab.

"Hey Gohan, and Hey Lime." Bulma responded with a smile. "So you enjoyed your surprise Gohan?"

"Was I the only one who didn't know about you joining today?" Gohan asked looking down at Lime who grinned happily.

"I didn't know, Gohan." Trunk declared, high-fiving Gohan's hand after the eldest demi-Saiyan held it in the air.

Laughing at the two boy's antics, Bulma lead them into the kitchen for a quick snack before they headed home.

"Now. You be good Trunks. Listen to Lime, Gohan and Aunt Chi-Chi. Understand?"

Trunks nodded excitedly, clearly wanting to leave.

"Yes. Listen to the boy, son." A much deeper voice said from behind them. "Listen well, and train hard. You are fortunate to have the two strongest living creatures in the known universe teaching you. I expect great things from you. You are a Saiyan after all." Vegeta said as he walked through the room, exiting at the other end, with a nod to Gohan and Lime and a small smile to Bulma.

"Well. Lets go you two." Gohan said as he headed to the door with the other three in tow.

"Bye Bulma." Gohan and Lime both said after hugging their friend and waited for Trunks to say good bye to his mother.

"Bye mom." Trunks waved as he hugged Bulma and jumped up to hover next to Gohan who was holding Lime with her hands around his neck.

As they took off towards Gohan's home, Gohan's face broke out into an evil smirk as he look down to Lime and over to Trunks.

"Hey Trunks?" Gohan called.

"Don't you dare." Lime threatened as Trunks looked over.

"Wanna race?" Gohan's smile became even wider as Trunks blasted off leaving Gohan looking down at Lime.

"I hate you Gohan."

"Hold on tight." Gohan winked and Lime screamed as Gohan took off at speeds that easily made him over take Trunks and land outside his house a few minutes before Trunks came shooting down next to him.

"No fair!" Trunks pouted as they walked into the house only to be tackled to the ground by Goten.

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