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Ok this is a Bella/Sam and is kind of an alternate reality counterpart to How Do We Take Our Path to Happiness but you DON'T have to have read that to read this. In this story Sam, Emily, Leah, and Paul are 29. Jared, Brady, Kim, Embry, and Jake, are all 23. Seth and Bella are 21. Bella and Kim are cousins, which is how she meets our favorite Alpha Wolf.

**Intro: Sam POV**

My name is Sam Uley; I'm 29, married to my high school sweetheart for 8 years now, no kids though. I own my own construction company and am a licensed contractor. I'm also Club President or 'Alpha Wolf' of the Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club. My brother Brady and I founded the Club along with our friends Jake Black and Paul Dixon. Brady's friend Jared Thompkins became our fifth patched member last year. We also have 2 Prospects Seth Clearwater and Embry Call.

We aren't a bunch of criminals although we do have some shady dealings and connections. We're mostly small town boys with small town dreams, find a good woman and have a family, work hard, and play harder, but mostly to have a fucking blast while doing it.

We run the small Reservation of La Push, Washington. Most of us are sons or grandsons of prominent tribal members; Jake Black's father is the chief of our tribe so it's safe to say that we're involved in everything. We keep hard drugs out and by way of Jake we control the weed business in La Push and neighboring Forks. All in all life is pretty decent.

**End Intro**

I have that weird feeling like I'm falling, and jolting awake open my eyes and look bleary eyed at the time, 3:00am. Rolling over I find my wife Emily's side of the bed cold and empty. What the fuck? I get up and grab my cell phone and see a txt from around midnight that said, 'Staying with Leah tonight, See you tomorrow after work ~Em'.

Fucking seriously? That's fucking fabulous, it's also fucking typical though, Emily is out or staying over at Leah's more often than not these days. I gotta be the only 28yr old dude who's married and hasn't been laid in the better part of a year. It was kind of a running joke in the clubhouse, most of the guys were on me about handling my business, but I guess it's just a testament to how bad shit has gotten that I just honestly don't even feel like trying to fuck her anymore. At the same time I'm fucking tired of not getting fucked.

I know that the Black Dog, a bar we hang out at down in Port Angeles, is having a local metal showcase tomorrow night so maybe I'll check that out. See if I meet anyone, I love my wife honestly I do, but we're barely even in the same place at all anymore. Generally I'm lucky if she even comes home 3 or 4 nights a week. She's been going back to her parent's on the Makah Res lately 2 or 3 nights a week and then there's usually a night that she spends with her cousin Leah, or at least that's where she says she is. I've caught her smiling to herself lately and I'm fairly certain she's been having an affair. It would make sense since she certainly hasn't been fucking me the last 10 months.

The room is sweltering and I realize Emily must have come home and turned the heat on before going out again and not turning it down. I don't understand why she does that! If she's only going to be home for 5 damn minutes why bother turning on the fucking heat?

Getting up I stumble around in the dark in my boxers until I get to the light switch. Hitting it the lamps on the nightstands turn on and I squint my eyes waiting for them to adjust. As soon as I'm able to handle the light I move into the hallway and head out to the living room where the thermostat is. Cursing to myself I see that Emily has it up to 75, what the fuck? Really? 75? Our house is fairly small and cottage like and it heats up quickly even when the temp is set 10 degrees lower.

I turn the damn thing off because it'll be all day before this amount of heat dissipates. Looking around I see just how pathetic my life has really become. My house is nice but it's filthy, not messy I mean actually dirty. I don't think Emily has done any of the mundane household chores that stay at home wives do in the last few months and honestly I get home late most nights and I guess I haven't really taken stock of the place in a while.

If I didn't know better I'd say I'm the only one living here because it doesn't even look like Em's been home in a month or more. That's ridiculous though, I know she was here just…Christ, I have no idea when the last time I physically saw her here during the day was. I go back into the bedroom and open up her closet and breath a sigh of relief when I see her clothes are still there. How fucking stupid would I feel if my wife had moved out and I hadn't even noticed?

I flop back onto the bed on my stomach and bury my face under the pillow. Not bothering to pull the sheet or anything over me I try to go back to sleep.

**Bella POV Much later that day**

I'm lounging around my house bored and thinking about calling my cousin Kim hoping that she is up to doing something with me. Kim's mom and my mom are sisters but they could not be more different; where Aunt Rita is sweet, and maternal. Renee is, well to be quite frank Renee is a fucking bitch!

She walked out on my dad and me when I was 6 and hasn't been seen or even really heard from since. She would only speak to me if I happened to be at Aunt Rita's when she called, I stopped letting her manipulate my emotions when I was around 11, if she called while I was at Aunt Rita's I pretended I didn't notice. If Aunt Rita asked me if I wanted to speak to her I would politely decline.

I found out second hand from Aunt Rita when I was 12 that Renee had remarried and had twin boys. I told Aunt Rita to tell her that I was glad she had found a replacement family and that I hoped she was a better mom to her other kids than she was to her first born, I tried to make it seem like it hadn't bothered me but I had gone home to Charlie and cried my heart out for the next two days at the betrayal.

After that Dad had called Aunt Rita and told her not to mention Renee to me anymore, sometimes she did anyway though. Not to be mean or anything but just to tell me when I had a new sibling. At last count I had 3 half brothers and 2 half sisters, usually I wondered if they even knew I existed. Apparently Renee had turned into a baby machine with her new husband, who apparently is Navajo.

I remember when I was 5 I had begged her for a little brother or sister, she had told me that she had just about enough responsibility with me. Not that she was ever the one who took care of me. I think I was just too much like dad for her, you would NEVER even think that I had Quileute blood in me. My skin is creamy porcelain with just a hint of peachy undertones, my eyes are a rich chocolate brown, and my hair's natural color is a mahogany brown that came directly from my Grandma Swan. Sometimes I think that Charlie and I just ended up being too white for her. Maybe she hadn't thought that Dad's genes would be so strong and when I came out looking 100% like his side of the family she just couldn't take another chance like that. I don't know.

Growing up with just my dad wasn't the easiest, but I would've rather had just him than just Renee, even if sometimes I thought he would have been happier if I had frozen at 10 and not grown up anymore. When boys started getting interested in me at 15 he had taken me down to the target range and given me 3 things that he told me to never be without ever again; the first was a can of mace to put on my keychain, the second was a pink and black Glock 9mm, and the third was a cell phone.

He told me that the mace was what I should use first, but that I shouldn't ever hesitate to shoot a bastard if the mace didn't stop them from trying anything stupid, and that in the event of an emergency he was speed dial #2 on my phone. He took me to the range every weekend after that, and I was a damn good shot.

I was Daddy's girl through and through. When we found out 6 months ago that he had cancer it was probably the worst day of my life. Dad had been diagnosed with stage 2 liver cancer, and while his prognosis was excellent it was still just so hard to accept that my dad was sick. Charlie was always the strongest man I knew he raised me on his own even before Renee left.

I guess I had never really noticed just how much he drank but he probably went through the better part of a 6 pack a day not to mention a bottle or two of hard stuff a week, I wouldn't classify him as an alcoholic but he definitely drank way more than his fair share. As soon as he found out about the cancer though he quit drinking immediately, just done, over.

After the first round of chemo he had been so sick he had gone to see his doctor and the doctor had given him a medicinal marijuana card. He came home and we talked about it he said he had no idea where he was supposed to go to get weed, obviously he couldn't go into Seattle all the time to go to a dispensary.

I told him honestly that I sometimes smoked and that his friend Billy's son Jake operated a legal grow op that did business with the local med-card holders and also did some side business with the local stoners. He honestly couldn't bring himself to go buy weed and I guess I could understand that, I mean Dad's been a cop since before I was even born, so the man has been the law for almost 3 decades. He ended up asking me if I would mind picking up for him. I told him I would do it if he would smoke a bowl with me. He was reluctant but agreed and since then we've smoked together at least once a week.

I didn't think that Dad and I could get closer but smoking together had really allowed us to open up to each other, we had had a long discussion about Renee and how I felt about her other kids. I told him that I had always wanted a sibling but that I had Jake and that he was enough big brother for me. I really didn't care about Renee's kids, they weren't my family, they were just people I had never met who happened to share half the same DNA that I did. Really I just wondered if they knew about me, about the daughter that their mother abandoned. What did she tell them if they asked why they had never met their oldest sister?

Shaking myself out of my memories and musings I picked up my cell and called Kimie, she picked up after about 2 rings, "Hey Bella-boo! What are you up to?"

Laughing at her nickname for me I replied, "not much Kimie. Shit is boring here, I wondered if you wanted to go out tonight if you're not busy with Jared or anything?"

She thought for a minute before replying, "I'm supposed to meet J down in PA at that bar The Black Dog, they're having a local metal showcase tonight that he wanted to check out. You should totally come! I'll come and pick you up on the way, this way you can drink! Finally get to use that ID for its intended purpose!"

I laughed, "That sounds like fun, I only have enough money for like 2 drinks though Kimie."

"Shit Girl, you'll be fine! Your fine ass will have men lookin to buy you drinks from the moment you walk in the place!" Kim laughed and told me to be ready by 7 and she'd be by to pick me up.

I showered and got ready to go, I was flat ironing my hair when I realized I was going to finally meet Kim's elusive boyfriend Jared or as she called him, J. The only thing I knew about him was that he was part of the Wolf Pack MC down in La Push. I hadn't met him to this point because Kim had been very careful about not bringing him by to meet her parents. She really liked J but she was scared that they would hate him because he was part of the Pack.

Dad had told me that they weren't bad guys just into everything down in La Push. He knew Jake was one of them and he knew that they had some shady dealings but he wouldn't elaborate on how he knew that. I had never been one to pry into my dads work stuff and I figured he was just keeping tabs on them in case they one day decided to really go into the whole criminal enterprise side of the MC life.

My hair is black with thick bright blue streaks, I left it down and flat ironed it straight and shiny. My eye shadow was a dark navy blue/purple color with silver glitter in it; it reminded me of a midnight sky in the middle of nowhere, the kind where there are no streetlights for miles. I did it up with heavy black eyeliner on the top and bottom lids and a light coat of mascara. I coated my lips with Urban Decay's Confession lipstick, which was a deep burgundy.

Going over to my closet I found a short purple and black gingham mini, I loved it, it was distressed at the hemline and the top layer fell over a couple of other layers of a thin black material it wasn't poufy just flouncy with a sexy edge. I paired the skirt with a black and purple corset top the front had purple ribbon that laced down through the D-rings to the bottom and was really just for show, the back had black lacings that had at first given me fits to do by myself but I had eventually gotten it down to a science. Cinching it tight I got it situated and tied and grabbed my jacket which was kind of blazer like but with lace up decorations on either side of the zipper.

Pulling on my black 20 eye docs I sat on my bed and was doing the laces when there was a knock on my door, "Come in!"

Dad pushed the door open and his eyes just about bugged out of his head as he took in my outfit, "Where the hell are you going dressed like THAT!"

Laughing I answered, "I'm going down to The Black Dog with Kimie, Dad, she's picking me up in about 10 minutes if that's cool with you. If you aren't feeling well I'll call her and cancel. Do you need me to cook something up for you before I go? I can make you some eggs or a grilled cheese or something."

He shook his head, "Nah, honey I think I'll order in a pizza or something, thanks though. Honestly Bella I feel fine today, you go out and have yourself a good time. Just make sure you take your mace, I'd prefer you took the gun too but I guess that depends on what purse your taking."

He finished with a mocking laugh and I just shook my head and picked up my green pocketbook with the graffiti print, it had enough room for my Glock, my makeup so that I could touch up periodically throughout the night, my keys complete with Mace, and my cell phone. He laughed again but it was relieved instead of mocking as he came over and gave me a big hug.

I snuggled into his arms and said, "I love you Dad, and if you need me to come home at any point during the night, just call and I'll tell Kim we have to leave."

Squeezing me tight he kissed the top of my head and said, "I love you too kid, don't worry about your old man, I'll be fine."

He took a step back as we heard the front door open and Kim yell out, "Bella! Are you ready? You better be ready because J hates to wait!"

She came up the steps and into my room as Dad fixed a scowl onto his face and said to her, "Who's 'J', Kimie?"

Kim laughed nervously as she replied, "Jared Thompkins, Chief! You done sweating me about my love life?"

He laughed and smacked her lightly on the shoulder saying, "Yeah, yeah. I heard you were goin around with him. Gunna be an old lady, huh?"

I looked at them confused as Kim gave me a look that said she'd explain later and said, "We'll see. I'm not one yet. He hasn't even met Rita and Ray yet. Chances are I'd be better off having him meet Aunt bitch face than the two of them."

Dad scowled a bit as he replied, "You know Kimie; your dad owned a Harley when he was your age, as I remember it Rita loved to ride with him. I think they'd be more understanding than you're giving them credit for."

Kim looked shocked as she nodded and replied, "Thanks for the heads up Uncle Charlie, that actually makes me feel a lot better."

He nodded and told her, "You stick close to Bells Kim. She'll take care of you if anything gets out of hand."

Kim nods and we head out the door. We get into Kim's jeep and head into PA. About halfway there she tells me to go in her purse and get her pack of Marlboro's, I take it out and open it and see why she had me get it. I pull the joint that she had tucked in amongst what was left of her pack of cigs out, and pop the end between my lips, I take my lighter out of my purse and light it taking a deep drag. The weed is good shit that she probably got from J who probably got it from Jake. I hold it in my lungs for 5 seconds before exhaling and passing it over to Kim. She hits it and passes it back.

By the time Kim pulls into the parking lot the joint is a roach and I put it out on the outside of the door. She pulls into a spot and we head for the bar. Kim is wearing hot pink rave pants that sit low on her hips with a black baby tee that shows off her taught stomach and belly ring. Approaching the bar we see that the line is around the corner, I huff and say, "Fuck the line, Kimie! Lets just go to the door, the bouncer will definitely let us in."

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