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**New Year's Eve SPOV**

I pull my truck into the lot of The Black Dog bar in Port Angeles at 10pm on New Year's Eve. It's been just about a week since we disposed of James. All our businesses closed for the week between Christmas and New Year's, a fact that I could not be happier about. We had kept the yard on lockdown for the week, and Bella and I had spent that time fucking each other senseless.

She had called Charlie every couple of days to let him know she was okay, and I of course went to Church last night, and took my mom to the airport 2 days after Christmas, but other than that we had had no contact with the outside world.

Tonight though, is a new beginning, a chance to start fresh, let the old year go, and welcome the new one in. Bella looks amazing in a short black skirt that clings to her ass like second skin, and this gold backless top that ties with two sets of almost invisible strings. From the back it almost looks like she's completely topless, and her legs seem to go on for miles down to a pair of black and gold ankle boots with a ridiculous heel.

Putting the truck in park, I reach over and grasp her upper thigh, "It's not too late to decide to go back home to bed."

She smiles, "Oh no! I got all dressed up, I want you to show me off!"

Laughing, I slide my hand slowly up and down her leg, as I ask, "You sure?"

She lets out a breathy little sigh, placing her hand on mine, and replies, "No, but we have to go in. The guys expect you to be there, they expect us to be there."

I give her thigh a gentle squeeze, exhaling with exasperation, as I say, "You're right. I guess sex can wait a few hours. Besides, it'll be fun right?"

She smiles, "Right. C'mon Big Guy, let's get this over with."

Getting out of the car, I go around, and open her door, helping her out of the car. Wrapping my arm around her waist, I guide her to the door, where Dami is bouncing. He greets us using his bouncer persona, "Sam the man Uley! And the Mrs.! How you's doin tonight?"

I shake his hand passing him a 20, "We're great Dami, any of my guys here yet?"

He nods, and then switches off the Jersey Shore d-bag routine, "I saw Paul and J go in a little while ago with J's girl. I've only been on for about a half hour though, so anyone who went in before that I don't know. I've been meaning to call you, Sam. I have a house you might want to check out. It just went on the market a week ago, been empty for years though. It's in La Push, I know that was important to you, and it has a nice amount of land and space."

Smiling, I reply, "That's great, I'll give you a call tomorrow and we'll set up a meeting."

He holds out an alcohol band, and Bella and I both hold our wrists out. He puts the wristbands on us and waves us inside, saying, "Sounds good man, I think it's just what you're looking for."

Holding Bella firmly against me, we make our way inside to the back of the bar. I see my guys at our usual table. My sister in law, Sophia, is 6 months pregnant now, and she glows as she sits perched on Brady's lap.

J and Kim are two seats down sharing a seat, and as usual are in the midst of a make out session, and in the middle is Paul. He's alone, and looking pretty rough, as he nurses a whisky on the rocks. I sit down, and Bella hops on my lap, giving Paul a sympathetic smile, as she says, "Hey Paul. How's it goin?"

He shrugs, and forces a smile, "Ah, it's okay, kinda sucks to be the only one without a date."

Bella cuts him off, "You're not though. Embry, Jake, and Seth are all here solo too. Plus by the look of the crowd by the bar there's a whole bunch of single ladies here. Why don't you join the other guys and try talkin to some of them?"

He shrugs, "What for?"

She shakes her head in annoyance, and says sarcastically, "I dunno, meaningless sex? Maybe a chance for something more? Maybe just so you stop looking so miserable? Any of those reasons good enough?"

Brady speaks up, "Paul man, if you didn't want to have a good time then why'd you even come out?"

Paul shrugs, scowling, as he snaps back, "No idea! Look, obviously I'm ruinin everyone's night, so I'll just go."

Fed up with his pity party crap, I snap, "Paul man, knock it off! Stay, have a good night with us, it's been too long since we've all had fun together. Its fucking New Years' Eve, time to cut loose, have a crazy fun time, let all the bullshit of the past year go and start fresh! Now, go to the bar and chat up some of those girlies, or sit here and nurse your whiskey, either way man just try and have a good time!"

He looks at me with a mixture of anger, and sadness, as he asks, "Is that an order from my Alpha, or a request from my friend?"

Sighing, I reply, "The latter of course. We are still friends, aren't we?"

He pauses, looking stunned, and it takes him a moment before he replies, "Of course we are. You're right, it's been too long since we've been able to relax and have fun. I'm sorry. It's just been a rough few months. Fuck it, I'm goin to hit the bar."

Downing the rest of his drink, he gets up, and heads for the bar. Bella shakes her head watching him go, "Poor guy. I didn't realize this whole 'Rachel is a cunt' thing had hit him so hard."

Kim tears herself away from J's mouth to say, "Well I mean come on Bella, they were living together! I mean you, Jake, and Sam kind of torpedoed his whole world. I mean obviously it's not your fault, or anyone's fault besides Rachel, but look at it from his side of it. I know you guys only told him the truth, and obviously it was better he know now before things got deeper, but he was in pretty deep already."

J pulls her back and they go back to their make out session leaving the rest of us to feel like guilty pieces of shit. Brady shrugs, "He'll be okay. Soon as he gets lucky again he'll be fine. I mean he was still half hung up on Bella even with Rachel bangin him on the regular. He'll get over this quick."

Shrugging, I add, "We can't change anything that's already done. Brady's right, Paul will be fine once he gets back on the proverbial horse."

The bar goes a little darker, and the music starts going. It's loud but not overly so, and the beat is heavy and fast. J and Kim make their way out to the floor, and Bella leans back against me, her breath tickling my ear as she asks, "Do you wanna dance?"

Nodding, I stand up, setting her down on her feet, "Sure, let's go."

We make our way out to the dance floor and find a spot near J and Kim. The music is fast but with a good rhythm, and I grab Bella's hand, spinning her in a sexy little twirl before pulling her against me, and grinding against her ass.

She reaches up to cup the back of my neck, moving against me with the beat, as I run my hands over her hips, wrapping my arms around her waist, before spinning her around, and pulling her in close. We dance close, cheek to cheek now, and I whisper in her ear, "I don't think I can wait a few more hours."

She purrs low in her throat, her breath tickling my ear, as she replies, "Your choice Babe. We've made our appearance, though we did give Paul all that shit before."

Bella's right, I know she's right, doesn't mean I have to like it, and I tell her so, "I guess you're right. Sucks to be right sometimes, doesn't it?"

She nods against my cheek, and moans a little, as I move my hands down to cup and massage her ass, as she moans, "Oh God, it really does!"

**Almost two hours later Bella PoV**

Eleven Fifty-Five comes fast, and the music fades to background, as the DJ says, "Alright people! We are down to the last five minutes of the year! So everybody find your friends, guys, find that lucky lady, and get ready!"

Sam leads me off the dance floor back to our table where the rest of the group is already waiting. Sophia looks tired, but happy, on Brady's lap, J and Kim don't seem to have any intention of breaking their marathon make-out session to count down into the New Year. Embry, Jake, and Seth have all had luck finding girls, the only one nowhere in sight is Paul.

Sam takes his seat at the head of the table and pulls me down onto his lap, shrugging as he says, "I guess Paul decided to take off after all."

Laying my head on his shoulder I brush my lips over the skin of his next, delighting in the feel of him hardening beneath me, as I say into his neck, "I guess so."

Moving upwards I kiss his neck lightly again, saying, "Oh well. Maybe he found a girl to go home with."

Sam's hands move around, stroking lightly up and down my bare back. He moves one hand up, grabbing a handful of my hair, pulling my head back for a moment, and locking his silver grey eyes to mine, before pulling me back in and kissing me.

He starts out slow, all full soft lips contrasting with the short scruff that I find so fucking sexy. My eyes close and I moan, which turns into a groan of disappointment as he pulls away, smirking, "Not yet babe, we're only 2 minutes out."

Jared finally tears himself off of Kim's face at that comment, and Sam grabs his whiskey off the table, "Ok guys, I just want to say, you guys are family, I couldn't ask for more. I love you guys. There's a lot more that I would like to say, but here's not the place. So, I'll leave it at this; here's to the upcoming year!"

The guys all raise their glasses, and slam their shots, banging their glasses down on the table and we all count down along with the DJ as he launches into the final ten count of the year, "Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one…HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Confetti cannons go off from the rafters, noisemakers and people shouting, but it all fades to background as Sam pulls me close, his arms going around me, and his lips connecting to mine. Again he starts out soft and loving, this time though, I'm not going to let him dictate the pace.

I bury my hands in his hair, getting aggressive as I nip his lip, causing him to moan, and arch lightly in the chair. He bites me lightly before pulling back, "Let's get out of here."

I nod, and he takes one more shot, knocking it back quickly, and taking a ragged breath as he slams the glass on the table, before shaking hands with his brother and nodding to the rest, "Alright guys, my tab is good till you're ready to leave, get home safe, see you all tomorrow."

Sam lifts me gently and sets me down on the floor. I teeter a little in my heels, but manage to stay upright as he stands up, and puts his hand proprietarily on the small of my back, and guides me through the club and out the door.

We make it to the truck without incident, and he helps me into the cab before going around and getting in the driver's seat. I look at him, his eyes seem clear, but I know he has had a good bit to drink tonight, so I ask, "Are you okay to drive? I haven't had much to drink tonight babe."

He thinks for a minute, and replies, "I'm not going far. I'm not gonna be able to hold out till we get home. I know a little spot a few miles from here, it's behind a warehouse, and it's always empty this time of night."

He starts the truck and pulls out of the lot, one hand on the wheel, the other stroking teasingly from my knee to just under the hem of my skirt. His touch sends tingles straight to my pussy, and I lean back in the seat pulling the bowl that Sam keeps in the center console out, and taking a big hit.

He smiles at me as I exhale, and start coughing, as he pulls into an almost hidden driveway, and behind a building, and parks. Finally I get control of myself, pulling in a big gasp of air, as Sam gets out and into the back seat.

He reaches forward, lifting me easily and bringing me into the back seat with him, as he says, "I love when you smoke, if only because I get to watch your tits bounce when you cough. You're so fucking sexy Bella. Do you know what you do to me?"

Sam grabs my wrist, bringing my hand to his crotch, and pressing it against his straining cock, "This is what you do to me Bella. With just one look, one movement, just by kissing me, you do this to me. And I know what I do to you."

Sitting back in the seat, he pulls me onto his lap, and his hands move up, undoing the fastening that secures the ties on my top. He leans back, putting space between us as he tells me, "Take it off."

I pull it over my head, depositing it on the seat next to us, and leaning back pushing my chest out towards him. Sam's hands are on my hips, he strokes them up and over my abdomen to just under my breasts, cupping them, and flicking his thumbs over the nipples making me arch my back.

He moves one hand up, burying it in my hair, and pulling back so that I'm completely exposed. His mouth is on my neck now, leaving his brand on me before he moves lower, kissing gently, and running his tongue over the skin leaving a fine trail of saliva which brings goose bumps as it cools on my skin in the tepid air of the cab of his truck.

I gasp as he rings the outer edge of the nipple, the touch of his tongue feather light, and the reaction is instantaneous, it puckers and hardens and he sucks it into his mouth, making me moan.

Moving my hands up his arms I grab his broad shoulders as he moves the hand that isn't holding me firmly by the hair down my side, to the front of my body. It moves lower, and he pushes my skirt up till he has it rolled up around my waist.

He keeps his hand busy, bringing it back down and rubbing my pussy through the transparent material of my thong, I can hear the authoritative smirk in his voice as he says, "I can tell you like what I'm doing, but I don't want to wait anymore, I need to be inside you. Now."

The hand that has held my hair releases, and he tears my panties off with one quick yank. I hear the sound of his zipper lowering, and a moment later he arches up, and I feel his jeans bunch against my thighs. His hands are on my hips again, and I feel like I'm on a roller coaster as he maneuvers me higher and in one quick movement positions himself and brings me down again, filling me to the hilt, and making me cry out, "God!"

He grips my hips tighter, as he whispers in my ear, his voice a ragged husky whisper, "Nah Baby, not God. Say my name Baby Girl."

He pumps his hips, moving mine in tandem, and this time I scream out, "SAM! Please!"

Sam works the rhythm, pulling back until only the fat head of his cock is inside me, and then plunging back in with such control that I can feel every inch of him driving me crazy, as I moan, "Please, please fuck me."

He grabs my hair again, his voice is rough and slightly mocking, "Fuck you? Is that what you want? You want to get fucked?"

I whimper, "Mhm, please Sam!"

He grabs me roughly, spinning me around, I land on all fours and he's behind me now, positioning himself, and entering me with one quick thrust.

Wasting no time, he pistons in and out of me, eliciting cries of passion, "Yes! Yeah, that's it, fuck me baby fuck! Feels so fucking good! Harder!"

His thrusts come harder, driving me up, taking my pleasure higher, and higher, before I go crashing over the edge with a scream.

Sam keeps going, and the waves of pleasure keep crashing over me until all I know is darkness.

**Sam POV**

Bella passes out as I drive myself into her one last time, burying myself deep inside her and letting go.

Gently, I lower her down onto the seat. There's a blanket on the floor and I use it to cover her sleeping form. She continues to sleep as I quietly get out of the backseat and shut the door.

Getting back into the driver's seat, I know Bella will sleep at least until we get back to the clubhouse. Some of the guys may be in the common area with whatever girl they'd hooked at the bar, but as long as I pull around the back no one will see me carry her in wrapped in the blanket, not that I give a shit if they do, but she might.

**Short time skip still SPOV**

I hit the automatic gate opener, and pull through the gate as it opens. I wait for it to close behind me, and pull around to the back of the lot. Parking by the back door, I kill the engine and make my way to the backseat.

Bella is still sleeping soundly, and I pick her up gently, making sure that she's cocooned in the blanket. Stepping back I kick the door closed and carry her through the back door and up the stairs into the apartment.

Tink looks up as I enter and immediately goes to sit at the door. I carry Bella through to the bedroom and place her gently on the bed. She shifts, and her eyes open, "Sam? We home baby?"

Leaning down I kiss her forehead, "Yeah Baby, we're home. I'm gonna take Tink out, I'll be right back. Stay awake for me?"

She nods, "Mhm."

I take Tink out, thankful that she doesn't decide to play around, and quickly make my way back inside.

Tink goes back to her cushion, and I make my way back to the bedroom. Bella smiles when I come in, she yawns a little, and I say, "I'm glad you stayed awake."

Her eyes are half closed, and her hair is tousled from a combination of sleep and our earlier sex, she looks so fucking sexy. From the start sex with Bella has been hot, rough, and fuckin fantastic, right now though, I want to take it slow.

Crossing to the bed, I climb up, throwing aside the blanket, and settling myself between her legs. I look down at her face, "You're so fucking gorgeous, Bella. I'm so thankful to have you in my life, to start this New Year with you."

She smiles, tearing up a little, as she responds, "Thank you. I feel the same way about you Sam. I don't know where I would be without you. I love you."

I brush her hair away from her face, and kiss her gently, pulling back to stare in her eyes, "I love you too Bella. So much more than I thought possible."

Leaning in, I kiss her deeply, infusing the depth of my emotions into the kiss as I move my hands down to gently stroke her full tits. Grasping the nipple, gently tweaking, rolling it between my thumb and forefinger as she sighs into my mouth.

Moving down, I replace my fingers with my mouth, again eliciting quiet moans as I trace the outer edge of her nipple with my tongue. It hardens under my tongue, and I suck it into my mouth alternating between sucking gently, and lightly scraping my teeth over the pebbled tip.

Moving up, I kneel between her legs, placing myself at her entrance, as I look deep into her eyes, "You ready to go again, Bella?"

She moans, "Mhm"

I grasp my cock firmly, moving the head up and down through her wet folds, circling her clit, making her mewl with pleasure. Moving the head down I enter her, holding still with just the head of my dick in her pussy.

Her eyes close, and I withdraw again, "Open your eyes Bella."

They flutter open, locking with mine, as I enter her again, "Keep em open, Baby."

She moans and her eyes roll back a little, as I rock my hips slowly forward, feeling every gasp and sigh directly as her pussy spasms and contracts around my cock gripping like a hot, wet, velvet vice.

Staring directly into her eyes I start a smooth slow thrust with just a slight rotation of my hips. She shifts a little, opening her legs wider, and bringing her feet up to rest on my shoulders giving her leverage to thrust her hips up to meet me as she moans, "Sam, Baby, fuck me, please!"

I shake my head, smirking at her a little, "No baby, not this time. I'm going to drive you absolutely crazy and I want to see your eyes while I do it."

**Bella POV**

Moans spill from my lips as Sam fills me to the hilt, moving his hips from side to side grinding his pelvic bone against my clit, before withdrawing about halfway. My senses are kicking into overdrive, I can feel every inch of Sam with every inch of me.

A new sensation as he lovingly caresses my forehead, down to cup the side of my face, the calloused skin on his hands shoots little sparks of electricity all through me, as his thumb lightly strokes over my full lips. I moan and dart my tongue out to circle the tip of his finger as if it was his cock. His silver eyes burn with lust, they captivate me, as he moves within me, filling me again.

His hand continues moving down, over my tits, stroking, kneading, squeezing. I move now, grabbing his ass as he attempts to withdraw again, squeezing, as I thrust myself up against his retreating hips. The pleasure driving me to a point, making me crazy with lust, I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling myself up so I can attach my lips to his neck.

Kissing, licking, sucking, biting, I thrust my hips against him, fucking him as he changes his hold on me, his arms supporting my back, his hands tangled in my hair, whispering roughly in my ear, "I know baby, I know, this is how you like it, you want it rough, I love you Bella, I love you so damn much. I'll give you anything you want. Tell me how you like it."

Moaning into his ear, I respond, "I love you Sam, I just want you so damn bad, when you're in me, I just want more and more and more. You're amazing. I love you. I love the way you touch me, the way you kiss me, the way your mouth feels on every fucking inch of me, how every inch of your cock feels inside me. I don't care if other people call what we do fucking, I love you, and you love me, so love me, love me, love me"

He flips us over now laying on his back, smirking lustily up at me, as he growls, "Your turn Baby Girl, take it however you want it. Love me, Bella. Love me as hard as you want, as long as you want. All I want is to be buried inside you for the rest of my fucking life!"

He slides his hands up my sides, cupping my breasts, thumbing the nipples as I grant him his wish, slamming myself down onto his hard throbbing cock, letting out a loud, "Ohh!"

Sam groans, "Bellaaa, so fucking hot, tight, god so good."

It's my turn to smirk wickedly down at him, "Oh, Baby. We're only just getting started!"

He grips my tits tighter, and the noise spilling from my lips gets higher pitched as I clench down on his cock, slowly raising up moving my hips lightly side to side, then front to back, before thrusting quickly back down as he times it perfectly thrusting his hips up to meet me halfway.

We work the rhythm, both of us panting, my hips undulating against him. He slides his hands back down, stroking over my hips, and around to cup my ass, pulling me down hard.

I know he meant for me to take control, but his alpha nature takes over, and he holds me in place as he bucks his hips up and down, burying himself in me over and over again, and making me scream with pleasure.

Sam pushes me higher and higher, bringing me right to the edge, stopping with just the head of his perfect cock in my pussy as he looks up, locking his eyes to mine, he says, "I love you, Bella. Always.", before plunging into me fully, knocking me over into a freefall of pleasure. He drives into me over and over again, pushing me higher and higher, until I collapse onto his chest.

He wraps his arms around me, and I whisper with my last bit of consciousness, before falling over into the darkness of sleep, "I love you too, Sam. Always."

**Meanwhile Paul POV from back at the bar**

The bar is crowded, but I find my way to the front easily enough. Sam was right, in a way, it had been a long ass time since we had all had fun together.

Honestly though I'm just not interested in fun right now. Rachel leaving La Push didn't bother me, as much as I loved her in the moment, when push came to shove she was a gash, a hole to stick it in. Jake's sister or not, you fuck with your own family who's also my family, you need to take a walk.

The bartender sees the cut, and almost literally drops what he's doing to rush over, "What can I get you, Sir?"

Tommy Arrowly, I had gone to high school with his older sister, from what I remember she'd been a half decent fuck. Scanning around, I answer, "The strongest whiskey you got, on the rocks, and make it a double. Actually, you know what Tommy, make that two doubles."

Booze was the drug of choice in my family, had been for generations, when that bug bit, it bit hard. It was one of the reasons I tried to stick mainly with weed, though the fact of the matter being that with no less than 3 generations of alcoholics on both sides it was near to impossible for me to get drunk. I mean I've heard of people with high tolerances, but mine is ridiculous.

It's why Bella was so pissed at my stupidity on the whole Rachel thing, and she was right. I mean I know what I can handle, I had drank whole bottles of vodka and barely been stumbling, so how fucking stupid was I to not realize I'd been drugged.

Tommy puts the drinks on the bar, and I knock back one, pound the glass on the bar, and then down the other. Exhaling mightily I feel the burn work its way through my body, and I gesture to the glasses, "Hit me again."

He looks like he wants to object, hesitates, and I say a little more firmly, "I said hit me!"

Hesitantly he pours the next two drinks, lines them up, and says, "I'll be back with you in a few minutes. This is going on Mr. Uley's tab?"

I nod, and he walks away. I slam the drinks, and let my mind wander….


What a cunt. She had played me, like a fucking fiddle, but for what? She had cost me dearly. I knew even back then that Bella wasn't meant to be my wife. That I wasn't the guy that could break down those emotional walls, mostly because God knows that I have my own shit, but God I had loved that girl.

Sometimes I wished that it wasn't Sam that had broken her walls down, then at least I wouldn't have to see her so fucking happy with someone else. Looking around I see them, they're still at the table. Her body is on display tonight. God, I remember the feel of that body, under me, on top of me, surrounding me…

Sam looks in my direction, catches my eye, I hastily look away… and there she is… Tall for a girl, smooth skin, long dark hair, beautiful brown eyes with long thick lashes, my eyes trail lower, nice tits not too big definitely more than a handful though, hot ass, and best of all, long sexy legs.

I signal Tommy he comes over, and I say, "Just one more for me, double. And get that girl over there whatever she wants, and put it on our tab too."

He nods, sets up the shot, and goes over to find out what the lady is drinking. I do my shot, take a breath, and go over to meet this goddess.

I come up behind her, as she's downing her drink. I wrap my arms around her waist, grinding my cock against her ass, and nuzzle her neck, as I whisper against her ear, "You wanna get out of here Babe?"

Her hand snakes up my neck, into my hair, as she answers, "Fuck yes!"

She grabs my hand and leads me out of the club, the last drink is kicking in a bit, but I'm still steady as I try to take control and lead her to my bike, "Over here, honey."

She pulls back, "No, I have an apartment a couple blocks over, we'll take my car, I'll bring you back for the bike later."

I nod, "Okay, I'll drive."

She shakes her head, "It'll be quicker if you let me drive, I mean after all, I know where I live."

Giving in, I nod, "Okay, let's go."

We get into the car, and she drives a couple blocks quickly and parks on the street. I get out, and run around the car to open her door, grabbing her ass as she moves past me, and asking, "So, where to now, Gorgeous?"

She gives me a sexy smirk, "Follow me."

I follow her into a rundown apartment building, up the rickety stairs, and into a sparsely furnished apartment. The walls are bare, there's very little furniture, nothing personal, like she had just moved in recently.

She turns and I grab her, pulling her to me, and fusing my mouth to hers. Her hands in my hair, mine on her ass, squeezing the firm globes. She moans against my mouth, as I pick her up easily, her legs wrapping around my waist as I carry her through to the bedroom…

**The Next Morning Still PPOV**

I open one eye as late morning light filters in through the uncovered window, the scent of strong coffee hits my nostrils, clearing the fog out of my brain.

The woman whose bed I spent the night in hands me a cup, leaning against the wall next to the window, "Paul, we need to talk…It's important…"

I take a sip of the good strong brew, I know this can't be good. Hell, I knew last night that I wasn't making a good decision, I knew that this was going to make waves. There are going to people who are very upset about it.

Truth be told though, I could give about a shit about what anyone else thinks about me and the goddess standing before me. So I look her straight in the face, and I tell her, "You can talk to me about anything. What's going on that has you looking so worried, Leah?"