A/N: This is some sort of a companion piece to "What She Wanted" and details the events leading up to that—and then some.

I wrote this over two years ago at the height of my Bram obsession and I'm only finding the guts to publish it now. *shrug*

Flashbacks in italics.

Not mine; don't sue. Also unbeta'd so everything is mea culpa.

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"This is not what I wanted."

"This is not what I wanted Brooke, ok just stop."

Their hands touch for a fleeting second.

She sees herself running after her through the restaurant's reception area.

She barely glances back at her, only vaguely shakes her head

"Brooke, wait! Stop! Just stop!" she calls out, reaching out to grab a slender arm.

The blonde, seeming in a daze, barely even glances at her but only vaguely shakes her head and raises an arm out in a quiet attempt to dismiss her and her pleas.

"Brooke...! NO!"

The next scene unfolds before her eyes in what seems to be snippets of a movie.

Brooke stepping off the curb;

The Jaguar, tires screeching and headlights gleaming menacingly, appearing from out of nowhere;

Brooke turning around, her face eerily illuminated by the lights of the approaching vehicle;

And suddenly she is there;

She is barreling into Brooke, her hands pushing the taller girl by the shoulders;

And then, there was nothing.


She hears, rather than sees, another scene unfolding.

"That night I thought I've lost you…"

The voice is Harrison's.

"I cannot believe how close I came to losing you. I can't ever stand the thought of losing you."


"Please, Brooke. Please. All I'm asking is for you to give this-us, a chance."

"I... I don't think...I don't know..."

"Brooke..." Harrison- pleading, imploring.


"Kiss me. Kiss me Harrison." Brooke- softly, finally relenting.


She opens her eyes to find herself staring at the wooden panels on the ceiling. She licks her lips, her eyes begging to focus. A second later, the blaring ring tone of her mobile phone breaks through the stillness of the night and she jumps at the unexpected sound.

She turns to glare at the device perched on her nightstand, her eyes drifting over to the digital time display of the radio beside it.

"Dammit... At 2:45 in the morning?" exasperated, she grabs a pillow to cover her head with and drown out the offending ringing.

"Go away!" voice muffled through.

On the third ring, she reluctantly removes the pillow from over her head to grumble "Ooh, this better be good."

Reaching over, precariously dangling half of her body over the side of the bed, she picks up the phone and all but growled into it.


"Sam...? Sammy is that you?"

She hadn't heard the voice on the other end of line for over two years except in her recurring dreams. It was like a bucket of cold water had unceremoniously been splashed on her sleep-deprived consciousness.

"It's Brooke-"

With a thud, she suddenly finds herself nose to nose with her carpeted floor.

"Hello? Sam, are you there?"

She hears the words, teeny yet still so distinct, coming from the phone still clutched in her right hand.

"Oh shit." She struggles to free herself from the tangle of sheets wrapped in impossible twists around her torso and legs. Finally able to sit herself up on the floor, she leans against the bed to stare incredulously at the phone in her hand.

"Sam, are you ok? Can you hear-?"

"Yeah...yes…ugh. Hello? I'm ok, I'm good."


"Sammy...That IS you, isn't it?" She hears the smile in the voice.

The breath catches in her throat as she hears the voice call her by the familiar term of endearment.

"Brooke-?" she's still breathless, momentarily dazed.

"Sam... Hey." The voice was almost a whisper.

A half-smile grudgingly makes its way through her features.

"Hey yourself," she smirks.

"To what do I owe this pleasant surprise at-" she glances at the radio, "2:46 in the morning?"

"Oh god, I'm so sorry, did I wake you?"

She grins in spite of herself as she tries to wrap her head around the fact that she's actually hearing the voice that had haunted her dreams over the last couple of years.

True, it was her who instigated the distance; it was HER who had changed her number more times than she could ever count; and it was HER who had maintained communication only through short, brief emails. SHE wanted to be away. She needed to and almost up until that very moment, she had thought that she had almost moved on.

"Hardly; I was in the middle of a wrestling match with my sheets and the distraction had been very much welcome- I was losing."

From the other end of the line, she hears the familiar laugh. So achingly sweet in its familiarity, she feels her heart constrict.

"You know I make an awesome tag team partner."

"Yep, you do."


"So...How have you been, Sammy? What've you been up to?" she hears the slight hesitation.

And she can't help the biting sarcasm from creeping in.

"Oh, you know, stuff: college; the paper...normal stuff. And normally, I'd be asleep at 2:46 in the morning."

A sigh.

"I'm sorry; I should call at a later time."

"Oh…No, it's ok...I mean, I..." she falters.

"But then again, you'd probably have changed your number by then."

"Brooke, c'mon, it's not like that..."

"Then tell me what it is, Sam."


"Sam, do you have any idea what you've been putting all of us through for the past two years?"

The words were unexpected but not spoken in any other way but quiet resignation yet Sam finds herself bristling.

"Was there anything you needed Brooke? Or did you just call at, oh, 2:30 in the morning to make me feel guilty over how you have all been inconvenienced by your inability to reach me? Isn't there anybody else you can all blame your inabilities on other than me?"

She knows the moment the words left her mouth that they were truly uncalled for. If truth be told, SHE needed somebody else to blame hers on.

Her words are met by another moment of silence on the other end.

Leaning her head against the side of her bed, she gulps, and takes a deep breath.

"Look, Brooke...I'm sorry...I didn't mean it that way..."

She hears her sigh again, "That was a bit unfair."

"I know. I'm sorry I… I didn't mean that." she runs her hand aimlessly through her hair.

"Neither did I... I didn't mean to say what I said and for it to sound the way it sounded- oh god, did you get that? I mean, yeah, I'm sorry I sounded, I don't know… you know...But we just..."

Brooke was rambling, which she finds rather amusing.

"...I just..."

She hangs on to every word.

"I'm just so glad to hear your voice again," the words are breathed out almost in a rush.