A/N: This is some sort of a companion piece to "What She Wanted" and details the events leading up to that—and then some.

I wrote this over two years ago at the height of my Bram obsession and I'm only finding the guts to publish it now. *shrug*

Flashbacks in italics.

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She found herself yet again glancing over at the slumped figure on the armchair across the room. Long legs were tucked beneath her, her right arm on the back of the seat with her head resting on the palm of her hand. She was angled towards the television, her eyes focused on the movie. But she knew better; she knew that she must be deep in thought based on the way her tongue restlessly played around in her mouth, the way her smooth forehead was creased in a slight frown.

And she wondered what she must be thinking about. Again, she found herself holding back a sigh at the thought for what must have been the umpteenth time that afternoon.

"Are you getting tired, babe?"

She dazedly turned her attention back to Harrison. She felt his hand stroking her left shoulder as he pulled her closer. For the past half hour, they had been lounging on the couch, his left arm around her, cuddling her, as they watched the movie Sam had been "watching" when they came in the living room.

"Mind if we join you, Sammy?" she had asked when they found her reclined on the couch.

She barely looked up as she shrugged, "Suit yourselves."

She had seated herself beside Sam as Harrison settled himself on her other side, his left arm almost immediately encircling her as he makes himself comfortable.

Sam had stood up abruptly, went around the coffee table, plopped herself on the armchair across from her, and assumed the position she had been in for the past half hour. She had barely said a word; barely even so much as glanced at them.

Finally letting out the sigh she had been holding back, she gently put some distance between herself and Harrison. "I'm really not getting the movie."

"Brooke, baby, it's an Adam Sandler movie. What is there to get?" Harrison grinned at her. "Are you getting bored, we can always go back to my place, Mom said she'd be picking up some stuff and won't be back till before dinner."

That should have at least perked her up a bit- hell, she hadn't even noticed the obvious drop in her mood- but it didn't.

"Well…" she began.

Sam stood up again. Her eyes immediately flew to the girl putting her hoodie on.

"That was a really stupid flick. I'm gonna go, you guys go ahead and watch whatever."

At that, the other girl left the room. Her eyes drifted back to the armchair Sam had been in with a slight frown. It seemed lately that that was all she had been seeing of her— her back as she turns and leaves.

It wasn't always that difficult.

Well, it used to be, considering at the beginning they were all but lashing at each other's throat every chance they had.

But she liked to think that they have been able to make some serious inroads in their relationship over the past year. They had begun to be genuinely nice to each other, the cat fights had been toned down to occasional bickering, and arguments had minimized to almost non-existence. They had been hanging out more often, and she had actually begun to feel they were actually becoming real friends.

In fact, I can even allow myself to believe that her friendship means a lot more to me than all of my other so-called friends' combined.

Now, Sam seemed too distant. Where had they gone wrong?

Oh psh! I should know; it was my 'brilliant' idea in the first place.

She still could not figure out what urged her to bring it up. It was not like she ever really wanted Harrison for herself, did she? No, before the prom, she had never even seriously contemplated on having Harrison as a boyfriend. What was it then? Surely, whatever it was, it could never have been worth losing Sam like this.

That night, she looked up from the line of text she had been reading when she heard the faint knock on her door from their shared bathroom. She frowned, confused, as she unexpectedly felt her heart thump just a little bit faster in her chest.

She swallowed the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat, "Yeah? Come in!"

The door slowly opened and she saw her peek in with a sheepish look on her face. "Hey, you got a minute?"

Unceremoniously flinging the book she had been reading to the floor, she grinned. "For you, Sammy, I've got a whole day."

Chuckling softly, Sam made her way over to her bed and gingerly sat at the foot of it, a few feet over from where she was leaning against the headboard.

"Listen," Sam was inspecting her bed sheets, fingers playing idly with the fabric. "I…know I haven't really been too good lately…"

She couldn't help saying, bemused, "You might wanna elaborate on that…"

A breath escaped soundly from Sam, and a reluctant smirk tugged at the corners of her lips. She looked up to meet her gaze finally. What she saw in the brunette's eyes took her breath away. There were so much emotions swirling, dancing within the pools of her chocolate orbs.

She stared back entranced, captivated.

All too soon, Sam looked away.


The girl before her kept her gaze on the sheets beneath her palms. "Brooke, I just wanted to say…"

"Look at me."

Sam brought her head up with a slight smile on her face.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry," she bit on her lower lip. "I've been such an ass lately. And I really have no explanation for my actions, so I'd like to ask you not to request for any because I really, really don't. I'd like to think that I do, but I really don't at the moment. And I…well-"

Sam sighed a little.

"I missed you. I don't know what I was thinking. I hit myself over the head now for being selfish when I can see you are obviously very happy with… with… this."

She scooted over closer to Sam, placing her right hand lightly against the small of the other girl's back.

"I'm certainly not happy that we've barely spoken with each other for over six months," she leans forward to hesitantly rest her chin on Sam's left shoulder. "And this…thing…with Harrison is…nice. If that's what you meant."

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her lick her lips. "You are happy, aren't you?"

She threw her a sidelong glance. "Are we friends again?"

A slow smile formed on Sam's lips. "In a manner of speaking."

She turned her face towards her, her face now only inches away. "Then yes—Yes, I'm extremely happy."