Who Do The Dead Envy?

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I've had it written for a while I just couldn't find the right title. As it is…the title kinda sucks but it took me ages to find one. It comes from a quote by William Mulholland 'I envy the dead' and I figured Damon's dead so...

Bonnie sighed as James Van Lewen approached her. He'd been semi-stalking her since term started. It's not that she didn't like the guy…she just didn't like the guy. He was cute and all but she just didn't like him the way he liked her, not that he seemed to catch the hint.

"Not interested, James," she said before he could even open his mouth.

"Sure you're not, Bennett," he replied, with a pathetic attempt at a smirk.

But he left her alone.

"Sup, Bon?"

"Don't call me that."

"Why not? I heard Elena call you that the other day."

"Exactly. Elena." She slammed her locker shut and walked away.

"Hey, Bennett."

Glad he'd stopped calling her 'Bon', she decided to let his latest attempted stalking slide and ignore him instead of making use of another blatant rejection.

"So tomorrow night, after the game-"


"You don't even know what I was going to say. Do you-"

"No. I did know what you were going to say and I'm. Not. Interested."

She turned on her heel and marched away from him.

At cheerleading practice he approached her when Caroline had given them a much needed break.

"Looking good, Bennet," he commented eyeing her short-shorts and tight tank top.

"Not interested," she said over her shoulder in a sing-song voice. It'd almost be endearing, this thing with James, if it wasn't so damn annoying. She put her water bottle down and walked away from him as Caroline called them back in.

One night on one of their non-date-dates Damon turned to look at her on the couch, blatantly ignoring her attempt to watch the movie. "What's this I hear from Stefan about you dating the mutt?"



What is it with guys and using last names? she asked herself. "Ty's just doing me a favour."

"Ty?" he questioned, raising his eyebrows.


"What favour?"

She shrugged uncomfortably and he locked his blue eyed gaze onto hers suspiciously.

"There's this guy at school who wouldn't leave me alone…"

"What do you mean?" he asked, trying calm the urge to find this guy and rip him apart for daring to encroach on his territory.

"He just wouldn't get the hint, that's all. So I told him I was seeing Tyler. I filled Ty in and he's cool with it. Something about taken guys being hotter…" She shook her head, giving up on trying to fathom how Tyler Lockwood's mind worked.

"What about me?"

"What about you, Damon?" she asked, frustrated he was making such a big deal out of this. "You've made it perfectly clear you're not my boyfriend, secret or otherwise. And neither of us wants anyone else knowing about this anyway."

"So you start dating Lockwood?"

"I'm not actually dating him! It's just to get James off my back."

"I could get him off your back," he almost growled.

"Leave it Damon," she warned him. "It's fixed now. Besides, this gets Caroline off my back too, no more setting me up on blind dates." She settled down against his side and turned back to the movie. But he was having none of that. He turned her to face him gently and his lips pressed against hers in a fierce kiss that was such a contradiction to how gentle his actions had been before. She barely had the chance to take in air before his lips were back on hers, his tongue seeking entrance to her mouth. Thinking the matter had been dropped, she let him distract her from the movie as his lips left hers to suck and nibble at her neck. She was slightly ashamed to admit how much it turned her on, having his mouth against her neck, sucking and licking without breaking her skin, no matter how much she knew he wanted to.

It was the next morning when she noticed the results of his ministrations.

A dark bruise adorned the lower part of her neck, just above her collar bone. She chose to wear a low cut top to school that day, displaying her hickey to the world.

James, Elena and Caroline assumed it was Tyler's doing, the girls giggling and teasing as Bonnie approached them. James' comment was slightly more vulgar ("I'd find a better place to put a hickey if it were me, Bennet") but she could see the obvious sign of possession affected him, having the effect she was sure Damon knew it would.

It was only Tyler who pulled her aside and questioned it. She just let a smirk play across her lips and told him not to worry, it was all for show.

It's a few weeks later at the Grille when she discovers the matter of her fake dating Tyler definitely has not been dropped, even though there's been no mention of it since that night.

Damon approaches the table where she's sitting with Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Matt and Tyler, looking slightly frustrated and very pissed, and stops in front of her seat.

"Okay, I'll do it."

He says it like it's something they'd been fighting over for weeks.

Only she has no idea what he's talking about.

"Do what?"

"Be your boyfriend."

"My boy-what? Are you drunk?" she questions him suspiciously.

"Damon… what's going on?" Stefan asks warily, getting up to lead his brother outside. But Bonnie beats him to it, grabbing Damon by the sleeve and yanking him behind her as she heads for the door.

Out in the cool air she lets him go and he stumbles into the wall.

"Wow little witch, I didn't know you liked it rough. I'll keep that in mind for next time." He starts laughing uncontrollably as she stands in front of him, hands on hips. This situation was ridiculous. What he'd just said to her was ridiculous. What he felt when he was around her was ridiculous, what he felt when he wasn't around her...even more so.

"Damon, what the hell is going on?"

"I saw you in there," he says. "With him."

She looks at him leaning heavily against the wall and her brows furrow in confusion."Who's him?"



"Again with the 'Ty'," he mutters. "I saw him, with his arm around you, flirting with you. He took your coat!"

She cuts him off with a small smile, even though she'd tried to hide it, tried to stay annoyed at him. "You're jealous."

He balks at her claim, he was not jealous. Damon Salvatore did not do jealous, especially of teenage werewolves. He opens his mouth to tell her so, to deny her assertion but the look on her face tells him she'd know he was lying. He closes his mouth with a snap and stands up straight. "So what if I am?" He tries for indifferent, snarky, non-feeling Damon but from the smile that spread onto her face he could tell she saw right through him.

I should really do something nice for James, she muses, smiling brightly at Damon as her hands dropped from her hips."If you are…" she trails off, allowing them to continue questioning her statement, even though they both knew it was true. "I know what I could do to make you feel better."

He raises an eyebrow, customary smirk settling on his lips. "Really?"

She nods, moving closer to him. His hands settle on her hips as she slides her own up his chest to wrap around his neck. She leans forward, agonisingly slowly, green eyes staring into blue, before he moves the last few centimetres and captures her lips in a heated kiss. One hand moves up to slide through her chocolate curls while the other presses into her lower back, holding her tight against him. Their tongues dance as they explored each others' mouths in a way they never had before and she moans against him, pressing herself impossibly closer as he moves his hand up the back of her top, drawing circles on her soft skin.

If anyone had told her this morning she'd be ending the night near-sexing it up in a back alley with Damon Salvatore, her boyfriend, she would've laughed in their face. But now she was having trouble distinguishing between where she ended and he began.

When Stefan came out to see if Bonnie had lit his brother on fire yet, he found them locked in a heated kiss. Damon's eyes fluttered open at Stefan's arrival and Stefan heard his voice in his head. Later, baby bro.

Stefan turned away in shocked disbelief and went back inside.

"Have they killed each other yet?" Elena asked him, half amused and half worried.

"Not exactly," was his reply.

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