Warning: Some non-con. This gets kind of dark, in retrospect it was probably subconsciously inspire by The Puppeteer's review, hope James lives up to the monster you imagined.

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So this pretty much picks up where the other one left off.

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"So, um, what now?" she asked breathlessly, pulling away from him.

A low contented hum sounded in the back of his throat as he pressed his cheek against hers and she felt his eyelashes flutter closed against her skin.


His face dropped to her neck and his nose ran across her pulse point, nuzzling her skin. That vampiric purr escaped from him again and she giggled happily, twisting her fingers through his hair.

"I love it when you laugh," he whispered in her ear, his hand finally slipping out from under the back of her top as he pulled away to look at her in the flickering lights of the dark alley, lit only sporadically by the passing headlights of cars.

"Damon," she said again, voice turning serious.

"Don't ruin this," he murmured. "Don't ruin this moment."

She nodded against him and tightened her arms around his neck, pulling his lips back to hers.

A few minutes passed before he broke the silence. "So...let's not go back inside."


"Let's go to my place." The smirk on his face told of what she could expect when they did finally reach the boarding house. He was already leading her towards his car before she even had a chance to straighten her clothes.

She stopped him and made him wait as she did up the two buttons on her top she couldn't even remember him undoing. "But Stefan and Elena-"

"Stefan won't disturb us," he assured her.

"My stuff's still inside."

He rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone. "I'll get Stefan and Elena to grab it for you." His fingers flew across the screen as he typed his message.

We need to talk about this, came Stefan's reply.

No we don't Damon sent back before he shut off his phone and shoved it back in his pocket. He grabbed Bonnie's hand and led her across the car park to his car, pausing to press her up against the door and kiss her again.

"Does he know?" Damon asked through peppering kisses against her neck.

It took her a few moments to even register that he'd spoken. "Does who know what?"

"That guy, the one that kept hitting on you." The growl that escaped him made her shiver.

"James? I think so. Caroline knows so it'll be all around school by tomorrow."

"I heard you broke it off with Lockwood."

Bonnie looked away from scanning the parking lot for that familiar car to see James standing beside her. "Yeah...it didn't work out." She turned back to the parking lot and finally found who she was looking for. "I have to go," she said hurriedly over her shoulder as she headed for the blue car and the leather-clad vampire leaning against it. "Bye James."

"Hi," she greeted Damon shyly, still unsure how their relationship worked now that it was out in the light, so to speak.

"Is that him?" Damon asked, jerking his chin in James' direction who, Bonnie then noticed, was blatantly watching their interaction from where she'd left him.

She nodded and shouldn't have been surprised when a second later Damon's lips were fused to hers in a heated possessive kiss. She moaned and he managed to back her against the passenger door of his car, his body pressing fully against hers.

When he let her go she struggled for breath and tried to glare at him. "Damon", she reprimanded breathlessly.

He just smirked at her and slipped one hand around her neck bringing her lips to his for another kiss. This one was all about her though, disregarding their audience completely as he worked at lazily teasing her mouth into opening for him. She was almost dizzy with the lack of oxygen when he finally pulled away and she rested her forehead against his chest for a few moments as she tried to catch her breath. While she did so, Damon sent an almost threatening smirk in James direction. It said: She is mine, stay the fuck away from her. Or else. Then he pulled himself and Bonnie away from the car door and opened it for her.

"Hey Ty," Bonnie said, greeting her friend with a smile.

"Hi Bonnie, you enjoying the dance?"

She rolled her eyes. "School dances are always just this side of lame," she said and he grinned. "But this one is okay."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm leaving actually, gotta set up for the real party," he informed her with a knowing look and a wink. Bonnie smiled, the infamous Lockwood after-parties in the woods always promised a good time. Tyler leant forward to envelop the witch in a hug and she felt a growl reverberate through her boyfriend's chest. She put a restricting hand against his abdomen as she hugged Tyler with the other. "We'll be there," she promised.

"Cool, see you there, bye Damon."

"I hate that guy," Damon muttered as Tyler weaved his way through the crowd toward the exit.

"Damon," Bonnie scolded him. "Tyler's one of my friends."

He snorted. "So? I don't like Caroline, either."


"Hey Bonnie."

Bonnie turned away from the keg Tyler had, of course, managed to attain for the party, cup in hand to find James Van Lewen standing in front of her.

"Oh, hey James," she replied, moving away from the keg and searching the crowd for Damon and her friends.

"So…that guy you were with at the dance, is he a friend of yours? I saw you in the parking lot the other day too."

"He's my boyfriend, actually," she said and couldn't help the smile that came onto her face at the thought of Damon, despite her present company that Damon's silent, yet nonetheless threatening, presence in her life had still failed to dispel.

"Your boyfriend?" he asked, eyebrows raised. "The same way Tyler was your boyfriend?"

Bonnie stopped as she choked on her mouthful of beer. "Wh-what do you mean?"

James put his arm against the tree behind her, caging her in against the bark. "I mean, how you pretended you were dating Tyler to throw me off."

"I didn't pretend to date Tyler, we really-"

"Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie," he cut her off as he reached up with his other hand to brush her hair behind her ear making her shiver. She realised there had been a subtle change in the air, James' demeanour was no longer smitten high school jock, now it held something more sinister. "Don't bother denying it," he continued, "I know the truth."


He shrugged and took half a step closer to her. "People talk, small town."

"Well I really am dating Damon," she told him trying to slip away from him but the hand he'd used to brush her hair away quickly moved to trap her.

"Mmm hm," he murmured, pressing closer to her and breathing in her scent in a way that was a complete contrast to the way Damon did. "Sure, Bennet."

"James I-"

"I know you want me, Bonnie," he said, making her shudder as his lips crawled across her skin towards her own. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and she struggled to push him away from her.

"James, get off me!" she cried, all thoughts of magic disappeared from her brain as she shoved uselessly against the burly footballer's chest.

His hands pressed her hard back against the tree, stopping her struggles and she looked desperately over his shoulder for Damon, cursing herself for heading away from the party in her desperation to escape James. James thrust one hand under her t-shirt, making her skin crawl as his cold hand slid across her skin. His fingers reached for the button of her jeans, forcing them open and she tried to scream but his hand clamped over her mouth, muffling the sound.

"Come on, Bonnie, don't be like this," he urged her, brushing his mouth across her jaw.

As she struggled against him, she spotted Stefan on the other side of the fire and, after managing to dislodge James' hand, cried his name desperately. James forced his mouth onto hers again but a second later he was flying through the air to land 10 feet away from her, Stefan standing over him menacingly. He lifted the teenager by the collar and forced him against a tree, his feet dangling a foot off the ground.

"Don't you ever come anywhere near her again or I will find you and rip you apart. And that'll be good compared to what my brother will do if he ever finds you, " Stefan threatened and even without the compulsion, the murderous glint in Stefan's eye would have been enough to ensure James did as he was told. Stefan let him go and James dropped to the ground before quickly scrambling to his feet and hightailing it into the woods.

"Bonnie, are you okay?" Stefan asked, worriedly, taking in the fear in her eyes and the shakes that wracked her body every few seconds as she stared at the spot James had been a second ago in horror. He approached her cautiously, hands held up in front of him as tears fell from her eyes.

Her fear filled gaze finally flicked to him. "Oh my God, Stefan!" She collapsed against him when he reached her and he scooped her into his arms, heading around the edge of the clearing to find his brother who was entertaining a circle of teenagers.

As soon as he spotted them, the grin fell from his face and he ran over to them, Caroline and Elena right behind him. "What happened?" Damon demanded worriedly as he reached for his sobbing girlfriend.

"Bonnie, what's wrong?" he asked as she settled into his arms, pressing her face against his chest as sobs of relief shuddered through her. She let the familiar and comforting scent of him wash over her as she tried to block out everything except him. Damon forwent his questions to whisper soothing words in her ear. She'd never been so afraid against all the supernatural creatures she'd faced as she had with James trying to force himself on her. Damon pressed a kiss against her head, brushing his fingers against her cheek comfortingly before he turned to his brother.

"Stefan what happened?"

Stefan bit his lip, unwilling to share what had transpired with the large group Damon had managed to surround himself with who were still looking on curiously. "James...he tried...he tried to force himself on her," Stefan told him in a low voice, just loud enough for his vampire hearing to pick up. "I got there in time but...she's a bit shaken."

Damon growled, holding Bonnie tighter against him and Stefan heard Caroline gasp in shock, quickly relying what Stefan had said to Elena.

Elena reached out a comforting hand to her friend only to jump back a second later at Damon's snarl and quick flash of fangs.

"Damon," Stefan cautioned.

"Where is he?" Damon asked dangerously.

"Don't. I took care of it," Stefan promised him. "I swear. Just take her home."

Damon gave a curt nod of thanks to his brother and headed towards his car, soothing words whispered in his girlfriend's ear as his lips brushed against her skin. Elena moved to follow them but Caroline stopped her.

"Don't Elena, let them go."

"But Bonnie-"

"Will be safe with Damon," Stefan informed her. "We'll see her in the morning."

Back at the boarding house he handed her a glass of water but wasn't surprised when she grabbed his glass of bourbon instead and drank it all in one go.

"I just never ever thought…" she couldn't even finish the sentence and just pulled the blanket tighter around her.

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault, it's….I couldn't do anything…my magic. God I'm just so glad Stefan was there."

"Me too." He sat down beside her and handed her the bottle of bourbon.

She took a large gulp from the bottle, relishing the warmth that spread through her body temporarily. She put the bottle back on the table shakily before she crawled into her boyfriend's lap and felt his arms wrap around her. The adrenalin had left her system but the fear remained and she tried to focus on Damon and not the feel of James' hands on her. She closed her eyes and pressed her face against his neck, letting his scent invade her senses and wash away the smell of beer and cheap aftershave. Damon pulled the blanket around her tighter when he felt how cold her skin was.

"I'm no good at this body heat thing," he muttered, lifting her into his arms again and moving to the armchair closest to the fire and letting the heat of the flames warm her in ways he couldn't.

"Just don't let me go," she whispered, so quiet even he struggled to hear her.

Movement beside him woke him and he rolled over to see Bonnie jerking fitfully in her sleep. He reached out to wake her from her nightmare and she screamed when she felt his hands on her and flinched away from him.

"Sh, Bonnie it's me, it's just me, it's okay."

His voice was soothing and seemed to cut through her haze, she stopped flailing around and settled back down beside him, trying to steady her breathing.

"I'm sorry," she murmured, pressing her face against his chest.

He reached for her chin and turned her face towards his. "No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there."

"Every time I close my eyes…"

He pressed a kiss against her lips and wrapped his arms tightly around her, one hand curling through her hair and holding her head against his chest. He stayed awake with her the whole night in silence, letting her know by the feel of his body that he was there, that he'd protect her, that he'd never let anything happen to her again.

That he loved her.

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