Prologue Carfax Abbey, London 1996

"Anna, please clam down!"

"I will not calm down Matthew! First, Angelica is raped! Then, you tell me that she is a 'vampire's mate! And now you're telling me that you are almost a hundred and sixty years old!"

"But it's true! You knew that there was something strange about me when we got married!"

"I don't care! I'm leaving and taking Mary with me!"

"What about Angelica?"

"She'll stay here with you. Goodbye Matthew."

Sigh. "Goodbye Anna."


"Oh shit!"


"My water just broke."


"Like I said. Now get me to a hospital."


"Congratulations Miss Van Helsing. You have a healthy baby girl. Do you have a name for her?"

"Aurora. Aurora Claire Van Helsing. Can you please go get my father?"

"Of course. I'll be right back."

"Hi baby. I'm your mommy. I promise I will be the best mommy I can. And I promise to find a daddy for you who will love you with all of his heart."

"Ange? Can I come in?"

"Papa meet your granddaughter, Aurora."

"You named her after the dawn? Why?'

"It just seemed fitting."

A/N: I do not own Dracula 2000 that belongs to Wes Craven. I only own Anna, Angelica and Aurora.