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20 Bucks

Sasuke and Sakura were just hanging out at the park.
Then, an idea popped into his head.
"I bet I can kiss you without using my lips."


It was a beautiful sun-shiny day. Kids were chasing each other across the green grass as Sakura leaned against a tree's trunk reading her book.

Sasuke was beside her, just a few feet away.

The two were waiting for their blonde friend to arrive since he had been the one to invite them in the first place.

Sasuke looked around. Only a few people were here today. The kids all ran off to their parents, probably because it was almost lunch time. He continued to look around. Everything seemed so peaceful unlike the city. His eyes landed on Sakura.

She was wearing a baby blue dress that reached mid-thigh with a long white cardigan. Her hair was down, but she made sure to wear that usual pink hairclip on her bangs. She looked absolutely stunning even without make-up. Damn, he was drooling. He wanted her so badly.

He glanced at her soft, nice-shaped lips. They looked so luscious. They looked so..inviting as if they were telling him to kiss it. He smirked.

A plan popped in his head.

Sakura took a quick glance at him and noticed that smirk.

"What're you plotting again, Sasuke?" she asked with a raised brow.

"What makes you think I'm plotting?" his smirk not leaving his gorgeous features.

"Dude, I've like known you since we were 8, how could I not know you're plotting?" she smirked back.


"So what are you planning exactly?" she questioned as she sat up and faced him with her book on her lap.

He suddenly leaned in closer. Her face just inches away.

"A bet."

"What bet?"

"I bet 20 bucks that I can kiss you without using my lips." He smirked. Okay, that confused her. So much. How was he going to that? What does a man use other than his lips to kiss a girl? Well, that made her really curious.

"I bet you can't." She said proudly with her arms crossed on her chest.

"Deal." And without any hesitation, he pressed his lips against hers and pushed her against the tree she leaned on awhile ago. His slips glided against hers with much experience, begging for entrance. Sakura moaned, letting Sasuke have access to her mouth.

Their tongues danced and they pulled apart for the need for air was vital.

"Damn, I lost. Well, I did try." Sasuke said with a sarcastic tone, the smirk on his face said it was all just a part of his plan. Sakura blushed mad. She never expected that to happen.

He was still leaning against her. Their faces still so close.

A loud laugh interrupted their moment. They looked to the side to see Naruto rolling on the grass, laughing his ass out.

"Geez, guys. I was only late for a couple of minutes. Try controlling your hormones for once!"

And Naruto continued on with his laughter not knowing that hell was just a few seconds away.



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