A scholar came to the king. Under his arms was a dusty tome that had been embossed in ruins. "I found the spell you were looking for." He opened the book to a page that had clearly had a lot of use.

"A spell to cause memory loss in humans," the king read slowly. "This isn't exactly what I was looking for, but I'm sure it can be modified."

"I've assigned a team of our best magicians." The scholar replied quickly. "I selected those who are young enough to want to manipulate spells and who are ambitious in serving their king."

"And this is why you're my chief advisor." The scholar brightened at the compliment. "Some nights I swear you get less sleep than I do."

"It's quite possible; my wife nags me constantly for staying too long at the library."

"As much as you complain about her, your wife is your greatest treasure."

"I know." The scholar said proudly. "She takes after her grandmother in her beauty, and she has the spirit of a King's Wife.

"It's a pity that I have to marry a foreigner, or I would have married her myself."

"I am very lucky then, although I think she likes me better than you…"

"I want my wife to be like that." The king sighed and began drifted off into a fantasy in which he had a loving wife who cared about what time he came home.

"You will have a wife like that." He tapped the book knowingly. "She'll be perfect. We just have to perform a few trials, and you have to select your bride."

"I have a few in mind, it's too bad that the harrowing occurred, it's limited my selection."

"Goblin King, think about it, if the harrowing hadn't occurred, you wouldn't have this book. And if our trials work, the Spells of the Elf King will no longer be a purely academic read."