There comes a time in a marriage when every wife figures out their husband is up to something. For the assembled Potter wives that day was today. Harry was calmly sitting at the Gryffindor table with a clear view of the Staff table. He wasn't trying to engage anyone in conversation, nor was he particularly eating anything unusual. It looked too normal, almost staged. All in all it screamed up to something. Hermione, by way of being forcibly volunteered, launched the first salvo, "Hey Harry, whatcha doing?"

"Waiting," was his response.

"Waiting for what?" asked Susan as she sat down next to him, it was Thursday after all. As the other wives and assorted friends took their usual seats.

Today the elves were offering a choice of soup and salad or something they called The Special. No one really questioned this as everyone knows house elves are inherently weird. Filius was ordering the special while Hagrid finally decided on soup and salad.

At the staff table, the teachers were eating lunch as normal when Severus Snape commented, "is it just me or does the soup taste off today."

A wrinkled house elf popped onto the staff table holding a younger elf by his ear in an obviously painful manner. "Busby is being sorry, Professor Snappy," the elder elf said while dragging the younger elf into a bow. "This is being young Tippy's first time making Professor Snappy's meals and he is being rather... lax in preperation."

The older house elf smacked the younger elf in the back of the head, "What being Busby telling you? Now be fixing the soup."

The little elf walked up to Professor Snape's soup bowl and moved his tea towel to the side. The little elf gave a sigh as he let fly directly into the aforementioned soup. The elf gave a little shake as he finished.

"There, Professor Snappy's soup being fixed."

"Change my order to the special," called Hagrid.

The older elf nodded, "soup being number one, special being number two, and salads being number three, Tippy being understanding now?"

The little elf nodded so hard he almost lifted off the ground.

Shape achieved a new shade of green as he looked in horror at his half eaten salad with what he adamantly hoped was ranch dressing. Hagrid shoved his chair back as he looked at his special, Salisbury steak with brown gravy, "Check please!" called the largest and smallest professors.

Hermione leveled a LOOK at Harry, "This is why you don't get to see more movies."

Harry grinned innocently, "I had nothing to do with this and you can't prove otherwise."

"What is a number trois?" asked Gabrielle.

The assorted Potter wives glared at their husband.

Dumbledore shrugged at the floor show and took another bite of his salad.

Author note: I'm still alive. i haven't felt like writing in a long time but I'm trying to find my muse. i hope to continue all my stories but it will be slow, yes i know its been slow already. still i love y'all. thanks for all you review both good and bad. i can't please you all but i still try.

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