Spike leaped off the edge of the dresser and landed face-first on the beige rug. "Ow," he said, rubbing a hand made of yarn over his nose. "Or, well, not ow since I don't have any pain receptors, but that was humiliating!"

Wobbling to the window, he bemoaned his lack of a real body. "I don't care how cute a doll I am, I'm still a doll." He climbed up the edge of the curtain and looked out of the open window. "Two stories up. That oughta do it," he said from the edge of the ledge. "Goodbye cruel world," he added as he jumped.

He landed face-first on the green grass. Pushing himself up, Spike said, "Well, that was entertaining for all of ninety seconds." As he looked up the vinyl siding of the house, he thought uh-oh.

"Hey," he shouted towards the house. "I'd like to get back in now! A little help here?" After a few moments, he added, "Hello?"