His fingers are so pale against my throat. They snaked their way up the shoulders and ended on my neck silently before I had the time to react. He shrugs his coat off clumsily, the neckline delicately pulling at his hair, locks spilling over some violet tie I see for the very first time on him. Nice colour. Suits him just fine.

"I thought we agreed. We agreed, didn't we?" the coat falls to the floor noiselessly, a cloud of chalk-like powder making small clouds around the place. My voice breaks a little at the end and I know, I just know it's the end. Lips so dry when I snatch a glance at him. I begin to smile, nothingness drowning in his eyes.

He shushes my whisper with a fist to the cheekbone. I feel it breaking at the impact and my smile grows only wider, tears stinging in the corners.

"I thought we agreed it had been for the best, love." I giggle helplessly, trying tiredly to pry off his fingers. It's a game, just a game that won't end even after going across the horizont. His face is hollow, eyes dark with things I thought he'd never guess. It's only fair that he learnt them himself though and I'm so proud of him in that one fleeting moment when my head lolls back and forth in his hands. The air smells of his cologne and I laugh with tears falling down his fingertips.

"You were worth it, love. You were so worth it!" I gurgle, air escaping my eyes.