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When the group returned both Xavid and Daisy ran over to their parents and hugged them tightly.

"I told them you'd keep them safe" Xweet said looking at Spyro.

After a few minutes Sunspot noticed the elderly Magna was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Magna?" she asked.

Xweet sighed.

"His old age finally caught up with him Sunspot, I'm sorry" she said.

"First our king now Magna" Rogg said.

"Oh, Rogg I'm sorry" Xweet said.

"Who will take his place?" Kerchak asked.

"Daisy will take his place, she already has the mark on her palm" Xweet replied.

"Daisy" Kerchak whispered before looking at Daisy.

He blushed and looked down.

"Kerchak" Daisy said looking at Kerchak.

Kerchak looked up still blushing.

Indigo smiled and nudged him forward.

Sunspot did the same with Daisy.

The two walked over to each other and hugged.

Xavid rolled his eyes before getting an idea.

"Don't even think about it" Kerchak said knowing what Xavid was thinking.

"Oh come on Ker please" Xavid said.

Kerchak looked at Sunspot and Rogg.

"Go on" Sunspot said.

"Ok Xavid if you think you can beat me" Kerchak said.

Xavid smiled and tackled Kerchak to the floor, but Kerchak quickly pinned Xavid down.

"Dog pile!" Daisy shouted before leaping on the two.

"Hey get off" Xavid said.

"Get off" Kerchak laughed.

"So how do we get home?" Sparx asked.

"I don't know, but I feel like Scarlife's keeping something from us that we need to know" Spyro said.

Scarlife yawned and walked off.

Spyro was about to follow when Heaver explained that even though she had healed his burn externally, it hadn't healed internally so he needed to rest.

Spyro nodded and sat by the river.

After a few minutes Rogg came to the river.

He sighed heavily.

"You ok big guy?" Sparx asked.

"I guess" Rogg muttered.

"I'm sorry about your dad" Spyro said.

"It's ok I just guess I don't feel ready to take over my dad as King" Rogg replied.

Spyro nodded and took a long drink from the river.

"So how are you going to get home? Sunspot asked coming over.

"I don't know, I don't even know how we got here in the first place" Spyro replied.

Sunspot thought for a few moments before speaking.

"I'd ask Scarlife when he's feeling better" she said.

Spyro nodded.

"I'm going to have a fly for a while" he said.

Sunspot nodded and let Spyro go on his way.

After a few hours of thinking Spyro returned to the pack to see different members making music out of things like hollow trees, rocks and branches while the others were all caught in the groove and were dancing as if there was no tomorrow.

Spyro walked over and found himself grooving to the beat.

"Yo I wanna see all you party animals dance to the beat" one of the drummers said.

Spyro smiled seeing everyone dancing.

After a few moments Spyro flew up and started to dance in the air, however he felt odd without Cynder with him.

He looked down and saw Rogg and Sunspot, Berk and Starlight, Daisy and Kerchak all dancing together.

After a few minutes everyone sat down to rest.

"You're a good dancer" Kerchak said looking at Daisy.

"Thanks" Daisy smiled.

"I 'avent 'ad tha' much fun in years Star" Berk said sitting by the river.

Starlight smiled and wiped the sweat off her head.

"Tell me about it" she said.

"You ok Spyro?" Xavid asked.

"Yeah, I just miss my girlfriend" Spyro replied.

"Oh" Xavid said.

"I just want to go home" Spyro said.

"Can't blame you" Xavid said.

Out of the deepest part of the Swamp a soothing melody started to play.

Both Xavid and Spyro went to see what was making the noise.

However they couldn't find any trace of a creature of what could produce a melody.

Xavid looked in a cave and ran behind Spyro letting out a roaring noise in fear.

Spyro looked to see why Xavid had suddenly become so scared.

He stared open mouthed at who he was looking at.

By them most of the others had come over and froze.

"I-Ignitus?" Spyro asked.

The light blue dragon smiled and nodded.

"But I saw you sacrifice yourself in the Belt of Fire" Spyro said.

Ignitus smiled.

"Did you really expect the master of fire to perish in it?" he asked.

"Now young dragon it is time you returned where you belong" he added before a porthole appeared next to him.

Sparx happily flew back to his home while Spyro stayed behind.

"I guess this is goodbye" Rogg said.

Spyro nodded.

"It's been nice knowing you Spyro, maybe one day our paths will cross again" Daisy said.

Spyro smiled.

"Maybe" he said.

"Spyro before you go, there's something I think you should have" Berk said handing Spyro a book.

"Thank you" Spyro said taking the book from Berk.

He took one last look behind him and returned to his world.

Scarlife smiled.

"Thank you old friend" he whispered and rested his head on the floor.

Ignitus smiled and disappeared, the porthole closing as he went.

Spyro blinked a few times to try to get his eyes to focus in the sunlight.

He groaned sitting up.

"Ah my head" he grumbled placing a paw on his pounding head.

"You ok buddy" Sparx asked.

"Yeah" Spyro replied and noticed the book.

He opened the book and smiled.

"We'd better get back to the Temple" he said standing up, after closing the book.

Sparx nodded and followed Spyro back.

The end.