I know I said I wasn't about to give up on this story, but sadly, it seems I have no choice. I'm up to my nose in work with University and I thought going on hiatus or updating less frequently would help, but as time goes by, it's starting to seem more and more impossible.

And it's not just me (although, it's mostly me), it's the fandom too. I used to adore One Piece, but it just. Doesn't. END! The anime has extended into 600+ episodes and just thinking of writing that much scares me!

Recently, I've realized that I'm beginning to resent anime like that, which go on forever without any end in sight. Naruto, Bleach and One Piece are anime which I will probably never write for, unless it's short drabbles or one-shots or something…

But I'm not writing this author's note to rant about my anime tastes. It's to apologize to you guys, my ever faithful readers. To all 132 of you who have me on their favourites and the 140 who have me on alert and the 245 who were awesome enough to review, I am so, so sorry. I truly am. Even when I was on hiatus, I continued to receive reviews from you guys and that alone pushed me at least complete the current arc, if not go beyond that.

I wish I had the time and motivation to see this story through to the end. I didn't want to say I'm giving it up until I was sure I couldn't write another word of it, but that time has finally come.

Also, I apologize for removing the story, for all those who wished to re-read the 23 chapters which were published. I was going to delete it, but I didn't want to leave an important notice like this on my profile, where you guys may not see it. So I'm leaving only the prologue up for now.

It's a difficult decision to delete the chapters, especially since I don't have any backup of them, but having WitC looming over my head with all its incompleteness makes it difficult for me to start writing again, especially for those anime that have been completed (Death Note, for one, is something I really want to write for).

So, I won't drag this out any longer. Ciao to all my faithful readers (and sorrysorrysorrysorry, I couldn't apologize enough). Writing WitC and getting to know you guys was awesome while it lasted!

I'm only dealing with one-shots right now, but hopefully, when I have a good plot going, I'll be back!

- Zweeni