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Mike's POV

It had been a few minutes since I had seen that orange rat and I was starting to wonder what it was doing here but I was interrupted by that voice in my head; Michael.

"The time has come for us to escape Mike. We need to get out of this prison and back to the fight against Barron Praxis"

"How am I supposed to get out Michael? Those are precursor metal bars. They are indestructible" I thought to Michael.

"'why' are they indestructible, Mike?" Michael replied. "They are indestructible because people 'believe' that they are. If you believe that they are not indestructible and that they can be bent then it will be so... We are only limited by our beliefs of what is possible and what is impossible" Michael concluded; rather philosophically.

I stood up and walked over to the bars again just as I had done the last time when Jak had challenged me. I looked over the bars with one thought in my head.

Nothing is impossible.

I picked what I thought was the weakest bar and I locked onto it with my hand. With my other hand I gripped the bar opposite and then decided that it would be fine.

"Are you sure this will work, Michael?" I questioned, still not too sure about the idea myself.

"If you believe that you can bend them then you will; you certainly have the strength to do it." Michael replied.

I believed what Michael said I could do. I could bend these bars. I could escape. Most importantly though... I could get Tess back.

With these thoughts in my mind I gripped the cell bars and locked my hands onto them. I started to pull my arms apart, gradually at first, then with all my strength I ripped my arms outwards.

"ARRRGGGHHH!" I shouted out with all the force I could muster up. I could hear my arms being stretched and pulled by the sheer strength from the force of the pull. I felt that Primal sensation again as I started to pull harder at the bars when they started to give way.

Little by little the bars were starting to bend and move out of place. Then with one last almighty pull, the bars bent and I had finally made a hole that was now big enough for me to fit through. "Did I just bend precursor metal?" I said out loud, marvelling at my own strength and at what I had just achieved.

I walked out of the hole that I had made through the bars. I was out of that stupid cage. I could escape and I will get out of this accursed place. I was starting to feel so very joyous with these thoughts running through my head. Then I heard them.

The footsteps; creeping around the corner to my cell. Who I saw was not what I was expecting.

She walked around the corner and noticed me. For a few seconds she was in a shocked silence but then she regained herself and interacted with me.

"The doctor will like to see you in lab 80. He sent me to collect you from you're… Cell?" Tess looked at the bent Precursor bars that were an integral part of my cell. "Mike, how… did you?" she paused and took in all the facts. She turned away from the bars in my cell, but also turned away from me. "Mike, you were right. You are a monster. No normal elf could do that, not even your old-self could do this. I can't… I won't look at you! At what you have become!"

"Tess" I cooed to her while trying to lovingly take her hand. I moved up her arm to her shoulder. "Tess" I cooed again, this time I turned her around by her shoulders. "Look at me".

Her eyes locked onto mine, my gaze entrapped by her breathlessly beautiful sapphire orbs that could lose me from time itself. Her gaze was not of love but of the shock at seeing me for my-self again and so she stared longingly at my eyes, they were just as she had remembered them; as golden as the sunset in autumn, as bright as the midday sun on a summers day and still as fierce as the harsh cold in winter. This was how Tess remembered Mike.

Tess took a step back, with me still holding onto her, for I feared that I would lose her again, so she could look at me again and see how I had changed. As she looked at me she noticed that I was not a feral beast anymore that looked as if I would kill any thing on sight. I was now the Mike that she loved: with my long and flowing dark brown hair, so dark that is was like looking into twilight - not so dark that it was midnight but not so light that it would be mistaken for dawn. With my smile not contorted into a thing of rage but a picture of a loving embrace. Tess started to descend her focus down from my face to the rest of my body with her eyes lingering on the sight of my un-buttoned shirt. Her gaze carefully inspected my toned and shapely muscles but her eyes lingered on one place in particular… my abs. Then her focus descended once more to just underneath my stomach, her thoughts lingering on memories of what she had seen down there.

Suddenly I pulled her into an embrace, as if to make up for the lost time, and I tilted her head with a small nudge from my hand which was now resting on her chin. Before we could engage in another love filled gaze of equal admiration, Tess placed her hands at the back of my head and pulled. She pulled me right onto her lips, kissing me with so much passion that it felt like she was trying to devour my tongue. I responded in earnest, moving my hand from her chin so that it could rest on her shoulder, joining my other hand, as we began our long overdue contentment for each other through the medium of a kiss.

We started our kiss slowly and lovingly as we enjoyed the feeling of being with each other but soon the kiss started to slowly descend into a passionate, firey, ensemble of feeling and intimacy that could only be shared by us. After 2 years of me being taken away from Tess my feelings were being poured into this passion-fest that was our kiss but… it had to end soon. We both pulled away from each other, our eyes half closed in a daze but then we remembered where we were.

"We could have been caught Mike" Tess said with a shrill point to her voice. I responded still quite dazed from the kiss with passion still pumping through my veins:

"Tess, if anyone had interrupted our kiss I would have no problem tearing them in half"

"Mike how you could say such a thing! I thought you were rid of your bloodlust but no… I thought you were still you" Tess said with shock and pain in her voice.

"It's not like that Tess. I would do it to protect you. I would do anything to protect you, Tess. Look me in the eyes and tell me if I am lying." I pulled her into another embrace but this time it was not one of passion or love; it was one of complete sincerity.

Tess looked right into my eyes again and as she looked she seemed to find herself again. "Oh, Mike" she sighed, "Kiss me… Please"

I looked into her sapphire orbs again and could not find the strength to resist her request. But someone else could…

"HEY" A small orange rat shouted at me. "Get away from MY girl. Tess is he doing anything you don't want him to. YOU SHOULD HAVE SHOUTED ON ME." The little rat shouted while trying to punch my leg. "Don't worry I'll deal with him, Tess, just get out of here"

"Daxter" Tess said to the orange creature. "This is Mike. He is the other one we were supposed to rescue. He hasn't done anything wrong. Well he hasn't done much wrong" Tess smirked.

"What is that supposed to mean?" me and Daxter both asked a now giggling Tess.

"I don't care what it means. We still need to get out of here. Daxter, is it? Do you know the way out of this prison" I asked the small, orange creature.

"Yeah I know the way out, we will need to get Jak as well though; he is still changing into his new clothes."

"Did you say, Jak? Like… Jak with blonde hair, small guy and a fierce temper?" I questioned the small creature. "I would rather not go with him. Will you mind if I stay behind and follow you after?"

"Fine. I wouldn't want you standing anywhere near me with the way you smell! It's a joke by the way so don't… y'know get all pissy with me. " Daxter responded. "But Eh…Tess will you still be able to fulfil you're part of the plan"

"Yes. I will leave now and go do it" Tess said with an adamant amount of patraism in her voice.

"What is you're part Tess?" I asked worried about Tess' safety.

"I need to distract Errol so that you will be able to escape." Tess said firmly.

"WHAT" I burst out. "Did Torn agree to this?" I asked

"It was his idea" Tess responded

"I'll be having words with Torn when I get back"

I felt an unnatural weight on my left shoulder as Daxter had hopped up to there. "We better get moving, Mike. Jak will be waiting and no offense but I will be swapping to his shoulder as soon as we see him. Kay."

We headed off in the direction that Daxter said Jak was in while Tess headed off to go see Errol. As me and Daxter walked towards the chair/table thing Daxter struck me with a question. "Are you like, Jak? Y'know do you transform when you get annoyed and stuff?"

"No I don't transform when I get pissed but… I didn't get the Eco like Jak did. Although if I hadn't been in a coma, it would have been me; not Jak." I decided to tell Daxter the truth about what my fate would have been if that accident hadn't happened. I still feel a pang of guilt about what they done to Jak because of this.

Suddenly Daxter jumped of my shoulder and ran round the corner, I presume it was to find Jak, my suspicions were confirmed when I heard a familiar voice call out.

"Daxter! Did you find Mike? Did you actually have to go find him and help him escape? Why could you not just rescue me? Just me and you; like old times."

"I had to rescue him because they wanted him rescued, okay, Jak. But you will never believe what I caught him doing. He was…"

"That's all the info he needs Daxter, I would prefer if some randomer did not know about my love life." I said cutting Daxter off.

Me and Jak both regarded each other; him with his change of clothes and altogether Badass attitude; me with my changed form - for I was no longer a monster but he also saw me with my un-buttoned prison shirt and flowing hair. We both held each-others gaze until Daxter broke the tension by interrupting us again.

"Right Jak its time to go. Mike will be following from behind us. To escape we will have to make it through a few vents and jump a few small gorges. There might also be some guards but I'm sure that you guys can deal with them… We better move now." Daxter jumped onto Jak's shoulder and told him where to go. He led us towards a large open vent that led into a store room type place.

"You guys go ahead. I'm gonna hang back a bit" I said, stopping to look around. I managed to find a few health packs that were in some random boxes, I also managed to find some ammo that was for a scatter gun and in one of the older boxes I found what I was looking for… It was a knife.

The knife had a curved blade with a brass-knuckle style handle, it suited me perfectly. It was not like I didn't use guns but I much preferred fighting with close-combat style weapons. I had been training with a blade of some kind for years; at the underground I had a wicked Long Sword that was serrated on one side and it was a pretty hefty thing as well. But the only way I would ever get to it again was if I escaped from this prison fortress.

Suddenly the alarms went off. Red lights and sirens were going off everywhere; all I could think of was how I am going to injure those idiots for setting the alarm off. I ran at the nearest exit I could find which was another vent opening.

It led out to a massive hallway but there was a huge gorge in the way, I had to jump it. I gathered up all my speed and ran full-pelt at the gap. I had to time my jump perfectly otherwise I would fall what looked like 200 ft.

The gap came up and I launched myself over the edge, cannon-balling forward over to the other side. I was less than 3ft away from the edge but I was falling fast. I reached my arm out and grabbed the ledge and with a sickening noise I heard my arm dislocate as it bared the full force of my weight pulling it down. I flung my other arm to catch onto the ledge and pulled myself up grimacing in pain as I did so.

When I was finally over the ledge I stood up and looked back at the jump that I had made; it was about 18ft by my guess. Then I gave another grimace of pain as my dislocated shoulder grinded against the bone.

I crunched my teeth together as I started to push my shoulder back into place. It had to be quick but that did not mean that the pain was; as I snapped my shoulder back into place there was a distinct popping noise. I moved it around experimentally to see if it was definitely set properly.

Then I heard it. A shout. A call.

The Krimson Guard were after me now so I done the only thing I could. I ran. I ran so fast down this hallway that all I could see where random blotches of crimson as I ran past them all. My feet were pounding against the metallic floor. My heart was pounding in my chest. I could hear the percussive pounding of blood in my ears. All I could do was run.

I was panting, my breath escaping me as I desperately tried to recover it. I could no longer go on. It was the end. I turned into a door way that led to somewhere I didn't care about as the guards started to pile up behind me.

I turned to face them.

There were at least 26 guards; all with guns pointing at me, which brought back memories of how I actually got to the prison in the first place. I looked down to my only weapon; the knife that I had found earlier. There was a silent tension between me and the guards, both of us questioning who would go first. I took a deep breath and I charged at them all.

I let my left fist fly into the closet guard to me, crunching his jawbone, as he fell to the ground another 2 guards came flying at me. I sliced one of the guard's legs, just under the knee, with my knife. I flipped the other guard over my back and snapped his arm in the process. I picked up the fallen guards gun as I ran into the rest of the pack. I was firing randomly at anything that moved; the scatter gun carving through 5 guards who got close enough.

The guards at the back started to fire their riffles with a complete loss of accuracy; they had never had this pressure of death on them before. I looked around for some kind of shield against the bullets but more guards started to swarm towards me although they did not look like they wanted to come any closer, it looked more as if they were being pushed by their comrades. This small group started to shoot at me as well, firing so close, the blast barely missing me.

I fired my gun with an unobstructed aim towards the chests of this small pack. The shot takes out 3 guards and at least wounds the 2 others. I ran up to the wounded soldiers and gave them the easier death. I sliced their necks with my knife. They died quickly.

A riffle bullet scuffed across my right arm causing me to cry out in a rage-filled pain. I started to walk venomously towards the remaining 18 guards, tearing at the flesh of any who got in my way.

I had begun to transform again, fingernails growing into claws, teeth growing into fangs, my eyes changed back into their slitted pupils and my muscles nearly tripled in size. With my new eyes I could almost see the blood pumping through all the guard's veins and it looked… intoxicating.

"Your blood calls out to me, you petty scum. It wants to be free. And who am I to deny a request" I lunged at the nearest guard, tearing his throat out of his neck.

I leapt from guard to guard, ripping and tearing, as I thinned them all out. Although another riffle shot hit me, this time it was in my chest, grazing of the bone of my ribcage. I stumbled slightly as this shot hit me causing me to miss my target; a guard who was currently reloading a gun. I landed on top of this guard, instead of putting my claws through him. This had angered me so I picked the guard up and threw him at another 5 guards with riffles. The five guards did not survive from the impact of having the guard thrown at them.

I looked at what was left of the group; 6 trembling guards. In the blink of an eye I had already picked my targets and in another second I had chosen my method of killing them. The first guard tasted the business end of my knife as it impaled itself through his armour and skull. The second guard had his arm snapped off from one quick movement; changing from throwing the knife and using the force created form the throw to grab the guards arm and pull it free. The third and fourth guard got their skulls crushed from a shattering punch that connected perfectly to their temples. The fifth guard fell from the same knife as I had recovered it from the first body; it had carved through his ribcage cutting any organs that were unfortunate enough to face the taste of my blade.

I staggered towards the last guard. In a desperate attempt to kill me he shot directly at my arm; I could not tell if this was a deliberate attempt to incapacitate me or if he just couldn't aim. The shot to my arm did not faze me though as I tried to complete the set, what did happen though is I felt a sudden consciousness in my mind.

"MICHAEL! Stop this now. This man has suffered enough seeing his comrades die by your hand. Just let him go."

Michael grabbed the man by his throat and lifted him off the ground, squeezing as much air out of him as possible. "You have been given a chance, you pathetic piece of meat. So run away. NOW!" I dropped the guard as he started sprinting away; running from what looked like death himself.

When the guard was clear of me I sat down onto the floor and hunched my knees into my chest and I looked over the amassing dead guards. "What did I do?" I questioned myself hoping not to find an answer even though it was in front of me.

Then something really weird happened. The bodies started to ooze out Dark Eco but that wasn't what was odd. The Eco had begun to form into clumps and those clumps were beginning to approach me. The clumps of Eco were getting larger and starting to get faster, pulling themselves towards me. I tried to move out the way but I was stuck in place, I could not move; not even an inch.

The first clump of Dark Eco attached to me and as my skin started to absorb it. I felt a massive pain wrench through my body as what felt like a hundred knifes sliced into me. The pain was too great, I started to pass out but as I fell to the ground I felt it again only it was 20 times as bad as the first time. More clumps of Eco started to creep towards me; it must have been 15 kg of Dark Eco and it was all heading straight to me.

I felt each clump of Dark Eco as they absorbed into me but the pain was starting to lessen. After the 6th clump of the Eco had been taken in by my body I stopped feeling the intense pain and now it was more of a tingle. The feeling was actually… Nice? I began to enjoy the slowly intoxicating feeling of Dark Eco in my veins; the Eco had satisfied what could only be called a thirst and as I slowly stood up, the power that I felt from the Eco began to infest in my mind and I started to think how Jak must feel; he got so much more of this precious ichor than me. Although he suffered for the overuse of Dark Eco that had been forced on him, it had messed with his head and his true power could only be revealed in his anger.

As I looked around this alcove that I had been trapped in I noticed several things: The Dark Eco had all been absorbed by me, the Guards bodies had all disappeared and there was a huge window at the end of this alcove that led outside. I went over to it and looked out. I was 2 stories above the ground but that was not the most important thing I noticed.

I saw Jak, fully transformed, fighting a small pack of guards and protecting what looked like a small boy, 3 years old at the most. But also in the corner, was an old man trying desperately to protect himself from the random stray bullets. Seeing this man like this ignited a strange feeling in me; it was compassion. I took a few steps away from the window and I done it.

I jumped. Straight through the window.

The glass in the window shattered as I smashed through it; my mind set on trying to help this old man protect himself. When I landed, the ground underneath me buckled and made a crater. I saw Jak turn around to acknowledge me as he returned to his fighting; but he done a double take. I was still transformed into my Beast self; my claws glinting eerily, my muscles tensing as I looked around for threats and my slitted eyes scanning all aspects of everything. Beast Jak did not care about my appearance he was more worried about my motives; I could smell the fear radiating off him. As I approached him he tensed, his mouth twisted into a constant snarl.

"Relax, Jak, I don't want to kill you… Yet" These words reassured him, sort-of. Jak began the transformation back into his old self and left me so he could walk back over to the kid who was now hiding behind an abandoned zoomer.

"It's okay, kid. I'll give you back to your old friend over there and then you can go back to where ever you want" Jak said in an oddly friendly tone. Jak gave the kid back to this old man.

"Thank you, kind sir for protecting this boy. He is very important. I will help you like you asked, go to the slums and find a dead end. There you will find a group of fighters who are rebelling against Barron Praxis. They will help you, ask to see the shadow."

"Thanks, Kor" Jak turned around and left with Daxter on his shoulder walking away to a place that was their own business.

I walked up to this, Kor forgetting that I was still in my beast form and I tried to talk to him. "Are you okay, old man." I put a clawed hand on his shoulder. He turned around and faced me.

"Is this the look that you kids dress up in now? Would you mind if you could get your claws off me please." I looked down at my hands and visibly cringed at the sight of my claws.

"I'm sorry. Just give me a second" I began the transformation that I had first tried in my cell; I made my claws change back into fingernails, I made my teeth change from fangs back into teeth, I made my muscles lessen in size and finally I changed my eyes back into their normal orb shape with their characteristic golden colours.

"Is this better for you, sir?" the man in front of me suddenly became speechless until he uttered a small word. A name.

"Michael?" he whispered.

I glanced at him briefly. It was a coincidence that he knew that name, no one else knew of Michael and I was keeping it that way. "What did you say, old man? My name is Mike"

He looked at me again, as if looking for an answer to an unbearable question. "Why of course your name is Mike. My name is Kor and it would be best if I was to leave now. I trust you know the way to the underground, Mike. I'm sure that if their best agent didn't know where his own H.Q is then he would be quite embarrassed." Kor looked sceptically at me. "I think we will see each other again soon. Now goodbye" Kor walked off in a random direction to a random street.

"Do you have any idea who that was Mike? He was…"

"I don't care Michael. I don't want to talk about it and I certainly don't want to talk to you after what you done."

"That was as much you as it was me and you know it, Mike. The reward at the end was quite nice though. All that Eco!"

"Just go away for a bit Michael. I have things to do and people to see". I had to go see an old friend at the Hogs Head.

As I walked through the slums of haven I saw that it was so much worse than when I was here before; the residency of the slums had doubled and almost tripled by the look of it. It was a shock to me to see how Haven's Economy had worsened because of that heartless bastard Barron Praxis not caring about the welfare of his people; his focus was only on this war with the metal heads. It almost made me retch thinking about it.

The walking was starting to get boring. I spied nearby zoomer and decided that I might as well use it if had just been abandoned. I switched to the higher hover zone as I merged with the near-by traffic, although as I tried to get out the slums there was a massive force field blocking my entry to the Industrial part of Haven. As I moved the zoomer towards it a guard approached me telling me this was off limits to those without a pass.

"A Pass? What do I need a pass for; I only want to go to the Hogs Head."

"Sorry sir. You need a pass to get through the force field; it's been this way for a year now." The guard tried to wave me away with his arm.

I grabbed the guards arm and forced him into a handshake. "Well that's a pity I can't get through. I better let you return to you duty." I let the guard's arm go and the guard walked away to another part of Haven. "Idiot" I held the guards pass in my hand. "He should guard his pocket better"

I then tried again to get through this stupid barrier with my zoomer; the pass in my hand. The force field instantly died away the moment I try to get through. As soon as I was through the barrier I went full pelt straight to the Hogs Head zooming through traffic and speeding past the stupid KG.

I reached the end of the Industrial section and the beginning of the waterfront. There was a few KG on patrol but they would not be a problem if they caused any trouble. As I got to the waterfront I decided to take a shortcut; straight over the water. What was the point of a zoomer if I couldn't do that?

The Hogs Head loomed closer and I began to think of how this meeting was going to go; it could go terribly well and we would all laugh at the end of it or I would get shot as soon as I opened my mouth.

I opened the door of the bar and walked in cautiously, looking for any potential guns pointing at me, as I went to the bar to order a drink. Then I saw him; the one I was most afraid of. He was sitting at the bar in the stool next to me.

"Sig" I said nonchalantly as I picked up the drink that I ordered and took a sip.

"Mike" Sig said with the same amount of nonchalance as me when he also took a sip of his drink. Then I noticed it; a small tear in the corner of his eye. Whether from joy or anger I could not tell yet.

Unconsciously I moved my hand up to my eye and rubbed my eye. Then suddenly Sig burst forth with a shout. He had noticed my hand at my eye

"Are you trying to say something, MIKE. Are you thinking that I'm crying" Sig Lunged at me from his barstool; I was expecting to get shot but it was pretty much the same result. Sig grabbed me and… hugged me? "I missed you, Cherrie" I grabbed onto Sig's shoulder.

"I know Sig, I missed you to". We broke apart, the moment now over, then we finished our drinks and went into the backroom of the Hogs Head.

"What happened to you Mike; last time I saw you, you said that you were going back to the underground… That was 3 years ago Mike! What happened?"

I looked into Sig's caring eyes. "I got held up. I was in prison for 2 years more recently but for one year, one full year… I fell in love."

"You left the underground and being a wastelander for a girl? Why, Mike. Why?"

I turned around and venomously glared at Sig. "She is not just a girl Sig. She is MY Girl." I sighed at the memory of her. "She is Tess, Sig"

He stared at me open mouthed at the name of my love. "Tess?" he questioned me.

"Yes, Tess, with orbs of burning sapphire, her beautiful blonde hair, her shining smile and her voluptuously entrancing body. That Tess Sig, that Tess" I sat down on a chair lost in the memory of her.

"You mean, Tess who is now dating Torn?"

"WHAT. I'm going over to the underground Sig. I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you any longer"

"Mike. You might want to put a shirt on before you leave"

I looked down at myself and indeed, I was now shirtless. My prison shirt had been torn and ripped up and all that was left was in tatters. "Do you mind if I borrow…?" Sig tossed me a shirt from one of the crates. It was my old Underground Jumper with my badge and rank as well.

"Don't let them forget who you are, Mike. But don't you forget who you are as well. I'll see you soon anyway, there have been many more metalhead sightings and we need to kill 'em all. Just like old times" Sig gave me a slight wink as he remembered the first time I ever went against a metalhead.

I walked out the door of the storeroom with Sig as I put on my old jumper but as he stopped at the bar I kept walking and I walked out the door of the Hogs Head. "It was weird how I never saw Krew" just then Krew flew out the door of the Hogs Head. "Here's your Gun back ayy. I was going to sell it to a collector hmm. But… here have it back you lucky boy ayy." Krew tossed me my old Dark Eco shotgun; it really packed a punch but Dark Eco bullets are so hard to come by so it only gets used on occasion.

"Thanks Krew". After I put the gun back into my…dammit, I don't have my holster anymore. I walked back over to my zoomer that I had parked outside the bar. I had to put my gun in an improvised holster on the zoomer; it was between my leg and the foot pedal.

It only took me 10 minutes to get to the underground H.Q and what I saw made me laugh; Torn was trying to act detached as he always did, with a varying amount of success on Jak. I walked up behind Torn but Tess noticed me. I signalled her to stay quiet as I snuck up behind him. "Get the Flag" Torn flung his knife up in the air; so predictable. "And then we'll…" Torn's had grasped air as he tried to catch his knife.

"Torn. You and I have to talk…" I gripped the hilt of his knife in one hand and the blade in the other and snapped it in half; the knife blade severed from the hilt. "About Tess". Torn winced as I mentioned Tess' name.

Jak now looked at me with a bit of respect. The fact that I was talking to Torn with no fear in my voice obviously impressed him. Jak left for his mission so that he could see the shadow; as soon as he left I engaged Torn in another bout of shouting again. "What gives you the permission to give orders to newbies Torn? Last I knew that was Geoff's Job"

Torn cut me off as I was about to start on another point. "Geoff is dead, Mike. Most of them are dead or quit. There is only me to give the orders to newbies. We're all that's left, me, Tess, Ashelin, The Shadow, Brian and now you, Mike."

"Fine that explains most things but… what about Tess. If you ever send her on a mission to the prison or any Life-threatening mission at all; I. Will. Make. You. Suffer." I walked closer to Torn and grabbed him by his collar and with every word I lifted him higher off the ground.

"She chose that mission as soon as she heard that you were there. I did try to stop her; but I couldn't." I let him go and then I walked over to Tess.

"Sorry, Mike. I'm so…" I put my finger onto her lips.

"We will talk later, babe" I walked over to the entrance to the Underground and went through the corridors to my bunk. As I was walking through though I did notice Torn was right; the place was much emptier.

I sat down on my bunk, contemplating what has happened and what has happened to me, when I began to fall asleep but before I could get any sleep I heard that annoying voice in my head again.

"I'm going to tell you who Kor is now. He is you're…"

"Well who is he?"

"He is you're… But he is also you're… and you're only…"

"What? What the hell is he, Michael?"

"I don't think I'm allowed to tell you. I think some stupid Precursor has put a ban on me telling you; so that it doesn't upset some prophecy I think."

"So you definitely can't tell me?"


"Then can you please let me go to sleep; you annoying prick"

"Fine but that is no language for a Prince to use… Ohh so I can tell you something"

With that thought bouncing around my head, I went to sleep.

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