Lonliness of Perfection


Naruto x Miranda


Author's Note


I'm also looking for anyone with a deviantart account or something similar who is good at drawing and likes the draw and is willing to draw the scenes and pairings I suggest to help enrich the story.


Story Start


''So what am I doing again? And why the hell am I wearing a suit?'' Naruto asked in annoyance as he pulled at the collar.

''I've told you in this galaxy far, far away I'd come across this interesting character. He's called Illusive Man and he's in charge of this pro-human organization. He has information and resources that I like to acquire either through an alliance or kill him and take control. It's easier just to do former since I don't know a lot about this universe.''

''And why am I involved again?'' Naruto asked as his partner, Maldin did a spin and avoided a meteor.

''To be quite honest. I have to pimp you out.'' He answered as Naruto scowled.''I've also hired Kiba to take some pictures of the chick your suppose to have a baby with!''

''Whoa!"' Naruto cried out as he threw up his hands. ''You sent Kiba! Not the best choice of a covert operation. He's likely to get lost.''

''I know...I sent his ass six months ago. The assignment was supposed to be two weeks.''

''Huh...though I was wondering what he meant by blue chicks. Well other then the five different types we met. Is she ugly? Because she is I'm getting my shades.''

''Actually take a look,'' Maldin said taking a folder out of the back seat and throwing it unto Naruto's lap.

''Whoaaa! Good god...and she's human? Not a demon? Angel? Hybrid or Goddesses? But an actual human, human?''

''I think she was genetically engineered.''

''There we go...'' Naruto's eyes gaze upon the lovely specimen of perfection. Her skin perfection was a lovely shade of complexion that could only be described lighter then peace yet a smidge darker then pale. She had a lovely crop of raven hair with nice large breasts, a well fit torso, wide hips and large rear. Her waist line was also small and the woman was simply built like that one chick from Tripping the Rift. ''Hey Maldin what's the name of that one chick from Tripping the Rift? The one voiced by that chick from that one Marvel movie?''

''Six of one I think? No wait that's not right...I know it's Six though.''

''Yeah, and damn...I surprised you didn't volunteer yourself.''

''I'm married remember jackass.'' The man snapped with an annoyed scowl.

''Oh yeah, how's Susan doing?''

''Pretty good...so don't screw this up.''

''How can I screw up getting a woman pregnant?''

''I've seen it happen.''

''Man whatever, I'm just going to read the damn file.'' Naruto grumbled, just knowing this whole damn thing was going to be a headache.


Chapter End


Just a short story I have in mind before I try an attempt at a Mass Effect 2 fic. The idea was inspired by the Fic the Red Biotic and while it'll draw some ideas and a few missions from Mass Effect 2 there will be quite a bit of original material.