Loneliness of Perfection


Naruto x Miranda


Author's Note


I'm also looking for anyone with a deviantart account or something similar who is good at drawing and likes the draw and is willing to draw the scenes and pairings I suggest to help enrich the story.


Story Start


''When is this man supposed to show up?'' Miranda Lawson asked as the Illusive Man had finished informing her the details of her new assignment.

''1500 Hours. This mission is of unparalleled importance. I've had heard rumors about a man by the name of Maldin. The person volunteered for this little 'union' is his associate. Having this man as an ally would boost Cerberus resources considerably.''

''And if he becomes an enemy?''

''It's imperative we gain an leverage we can and terminate them. From my sources they have abilities that make even the greatest advances in biotics, look like child's play in comparison.''

''And this man and his brother having to pop up out of nowhere?''

''They seem good at covering their tracks. My information points to them coming from an unknown system. There is no telling what kind of danger they can pose if left unchecked. All I know is the man who called himself Kuiinshi has been snooping his knows into Shepard's whereabouts.''

Said Commander who was currently being resurrected so to speak. It had been almost a year since the attack on the Normandy and the unfortunate death of John Shepard. This bit of information asked got Miranda curious. She always wondered why the Illusive man was putting so much of Cerberus's resources into resurrected one man and now this mysterious man was also interested in Sheppard as well.

''What about my work with the Lazarus Project?''

''I was insured that your duties with the Tentai won't draw you away from your other duties. Are there any other questions? Are your orders clear?''

Miranda shook her head. ''Crystal clear.'' she replied as the Illusive Man presented a folder to her. ''This is all the information I have as well as a photo Mr. Uzumaki was so gracious to send.''

Miranda opened the folder and focused on the picture. 'Well, at least he's relative attractive,' she thought as the photo only focused on the neck up. This was going to be a simply and quick, well not too quick hopefully but well relatively smooth mission. What could possibly go wrong?


Author's note


I'm just letting you guys know this story is going to be put on a pretty long Hiatus as I plan on going over the Mass Effect universe and study the characters more before I update this fic. So don't expect this one to be updated for quite a while.